(Sorry, I'm New) How do I break into the Economy?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by TheUnderking, Oct 19, 2020.

  1. TheUnderking New Player

    Heyo! So I'm really enjoying the game so far and I know that I know little to nothing so some help would be appreciated here. My main toon is just level 23 (and I know the first 30 levels are basically a tutorial) but I want to start decorating a base. Everything on the market is expensive due to (I imagine) the age of the economy- now I have some seasonal event items that I could put on the Broker and (going off of other listings) make a few million- but I can't afford the Broker fee. So.. am I just kinda screwed and have to wait a long time until I can enter the economy or is there another way/something I'm missing? I appreciate the help/any info! =D <3
  2. the solowing Devoted Player

    A blunt answer, time capsule contents is where the money is, buy stabilizers keys, open the time capsules and sell its contents on the auction house thats how you really break into it quickly and effectively

    You can get 500 million upward of 1 billion+ for a good item in a TC

    (Not so much the age, its hyper-inflation as well as TC putting a Psudo cash selling, money2currency system in the game.)
  3. TheUnderking New Player

    Gotcha, yeah but what about the broker fee :3

    I have a few goodies but its like 50k to list it lol
  4. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    Hello. Welcome to DCUO. :)
    I made this not long ago.... it might be a first step to get you started. ;) If you have any questions... do not hesitate to ask.... or search in my videos.... I have videos for almost anything. ;)
  5. the solowing Devoted Player

    Take it to WT/HoD shout or even brave Trade chat
  6. Jcal Committed Player

    You'll have to subscribe to the game if you want full usage of the Broker. Without a subscription, you are limited to $3,000 in-game Cash. You can't do much with that.

    Once you are subscribed, you'll have access to all of your Cash and you can sell various things on the Broker for your first 10k-100k. Once you are there, you can start listing things like Seasonal items and whatnot. That'll make you your first Millions. And on and on you go. But it all starts with subscribing to the game or buying "Unlimited Escrow Access: 7 Days" (which I don't recommend).
  7. KneelBeforeZodd Well-Known Player

    Since you know the fees I'm assuming you're either all acess, premium or playstation plus pack premium (which is the same as premium except that u never paid $10 in the MP).

    In case you are all acess, once u get to a higher CR it's pretty easy to get some millions and ofc money to pay 4 the broker's fee, because you'll drop items that can be sold in the vendor for thousands of cash (plans, gear), or u can just ask some1 for a few thousands. If you are premium, then you just cant sell anything for more than 60k and 57k will go to your escrow until u buy membership or Unlimited Escrow Access (which is a bad idea, because in the end it'll cost u more than the membership and u wont be able to trade the cash, just buy things from the broker or vendors).

    PS: If you have all access (membership) on USPSPC (America's server, PS/PC platform) just reply with your character's name and I'll give u some cash.
  8. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    Exo material and Collections can be farmed in open world Gotham and Metropolis, you could sell those on the broker for a reasonable price. Literally anything you find that you don't need but can be traded on the broker, throw it up there.
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  9. TheUnderking New Player

    Thanks for the info, peeps! <3

    And I appreciate the offer Zodd! I am indeed an access member. If it's just a small grind to get those early thousands I'll just deal with it, don't wanna be a charity case lol. I'll stow the goodies in the bank for now.
  10. Reinheld Loyal Player

    BTW...if you are looking to decorate, depending on what you want, you can always run content to find the items. There are some which are completely out of bounds price wise, as they were from events or periods of time which are passed so maybe very rare now, but a LOT of it drops frequently and easily if you run the content. If you are looking for something in particular and can't find it in the blog guide, post about it here and someone can probably tell you where it drops.

    But yeah, if you want in the broker game, farming TCs (save your stabilizers...the new TC is coming soon and even the 'cheap' items will be worth more on day 1 vs day 70 or 80 like we are on now with this TC), or farming OP collections will get you there fastest. To get those initial 100's of Ks to do the listings, make sure to run the daily stuff from like JLD-WV. Sell any plans you get that you won't use...most sell for 30-35K, so you'll have millions in no time just from that....then the 'fun' begins.
  11. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    Research the broker. See what goes for what.

    Do a little extra grinding. Turn those source marks into a few catalysts you buy from Constantine in the Watchtower and sell them on the broker.

    Grind the current Wonderverse bounties. Turn those Empyreon aethers into things you can sell on the broker.

    Grind current seasonal events. Buy the popular base items and things you can sell on the broker. These things have a curve. They'll usually sell quick during the event, they'll drop in price as the event is ending and they'll be a premium sale six month after the event ends.

    Its been a while since I leveled up a toon. Usually on the road to 30 you will come across a few rare items you can sell on the broker.

    None of these things will get you that 500 mil plus score they way a rare time capsule collection or style will but it will let you start to build a cushion so you have enough money to list a big ticket item as you come across them and it will give you income do buy things on the broker you may want that aren't in the 500 mil range (emblems, old tc gear, auras, styles etc etc).
  12. TheUnderking New Player

    Just hit 500k through selling some exo-material! Should be able to snowball it a bit from here. Thanks again, ya'll! <3
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  13. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Exo-mats on US PC/PS (the only economy I can speak to) are currently going for between 29,999 to 40,000 apiece. You can collect several hundred thousand game-dollars's worth in just a few places if you know spawn places. If you use a R&D detector, you can collection a few million's worth in fifteen minutes.

    If you don't know spawn locations, there are plenty of maps you can find via Google, or if you prefer, YouTube; it's easy to memorize a route; you don't have to learn all of Gotham or Metropolis.
  14. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    To build up a bank that allows you to pay vendor fees , you need to start small. Collect EXO-Materials and sell them at low prices, gradually building up stack sizes for sale (10,100,200 etc). Sell them at the LOWEST price on the MP (sort by price ascending on your search).

    And remember that exo-material is ALWAYS a good way to raise money. A full stack of 999 can go for up to 40Mil.

    Also, when you reach the current DLC level (right now that is Wonderverse) sell building materials for the OP item as you get them. I was able to raise nearly two billion doing that in this DLC and STILL wound up with enough to build my own.
  15. Solarbound Well-Known Player

    Sounds like a question that should be answered by the Great MattSuper:D
  16. Reinheld Loyal Player

    Not approving of the blacklist, but I think the answer from him would be "just set the price of anything to 5x it's value and wait for a sucker all day". Can't wait till this 2x week to see the shouts for "60 million for raid reset, 2x coins...get yours today!"...you know because the cost of a raid reset on 2x week is 174 replays....vs the regular 87...right?
  17. Imaginos Committed Player

    You can run the yellow question marks that are around the city for small, easy cash. Build that up enough to list your bigger items and realize that an item's listing doesn't mean that's what it'll sell for. You'll see the same item listed for various prices over the week, though the rarer ones are usually snatched up if the price is reasonable.
  18. Solarbound Well-Known Player

    It's not a blacklist. Matt Super is the homie.
  19. Reinheld Loyal Player

    Yeah...wasn't really his name in game either. I know you guys are with the 'Lords of 5' and stuff...no worries. How is the 'Lord' anyway...haven't seen him around lately.

    Yeah, and I like the plumber....he posts stuff high so I can raise my prices to 2% below what he shouts all day and still be a bargin.
  20. Dragon Power Well-Known Player

    1. Exos, 2. Collections, 3. Walk-in open world missions in Metropolis/Gotham that have treasure chests and Iconic hero/villain gear drops (Bane's belt and Supergirl's boots for example). You can do all at the same time if you pick and memorize a good route. Once you are inside the mission building look for a white glowing metal treasure chest, that will give you a fourth source of income because it drops random items that you can sell on broker and then go the final boss fight and see if the iconic gear drops. Also, open up time capsules and sell the contents. Lastly, sell Omega Compounds consumables or base item that you find in promethium lockboxes. On side-note, I can't imagine playing without selling stuff on broker, it just makes the game easier being able to buy what you need and not waste hours grinding for something. I couldn't play without it, it literally shaves off hundreds of playtime hours.

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