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  1. The Jelly Bean Dedicated Player

    Best part I think, no more hassle trying to spec into nature.
  2. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Unfortunately, Thorn Burst is the only point black damage ability for Nature. If only we had some sort of an aura DoT around the player like BitterWinds, Enflame or Cryo Field. I suspect these kind of powers will get a giant buff, at least I hope they do.
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  3. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    That's my hope and the request I've sent to the Devs. WE should have the poisons on us, making it easier to spread.
  4. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Dog Form.

    If those DoTs you mentioned are stronger I still believe they won't be stronger than the full DoTs of Nature and Electricity.
  5. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Just to clarify for new people: Wolf form(ability) can clip a power as long as you have it both at Human form and at Wolf form load outs.

    For example if u have Harvest at both load outs, what you do is press Wolf form and then very fast press Harvest too.
    Because of the little delay, Harvest's animation is actually clipped by turning into Wolf animation.
    Now when you get into Wolf you will notice that Harvest is in cooldown and Spores are spread to multiple targets.

    This thing doesnt work when Returning to Human form.
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  6. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    It can but I wouldn't discourage anyone to do this though since you need to exactly how to do it and if you miss timing you miss out on a potentially crucial refresh. Besides I also wouldn't use Primal Wolf at all really. A normal form loadout with the 3 Poison Spores, Swarm, Carnage, etc. with a melee weapon will give you more consistency due to delays, target loss because of ko, etc.
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  7. JZtheDragon Well-Known Player

    Started nature and really enjoying it. Something I need clarified: does the crit mag and cc resist buff from getting a WM affect transformations? I'll be getting to that point regardless with more sp, but just curious if wolf and dog get that benefit.
  8. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Few weeks ago, Mepps asked if there is anything that could be done as a temporary fix and Devs couldnt come up with anything?
    Further buffing weapons would have affected all power sets but I just cant help wondering what was THE BIG PROBLEM with buffing all DoTs' base damage a little as a temporary fix? :confused:

    Im not sure if Forms get WM bonuses, other Might based and Combos AMs got updated to get similar bonus if you dont have WM specced but not sure about compound power sets. In any case you are better with using Human form with 1Handed for melee and HBlasters for range, both weapons get some of their attacks' damage reduced if you have WM specced, so DONT do it!
  9. JZtheDragon Well-Known Player

    Forgive my cluelessness; there's something I'm not understanding yet and it's hard to find specifics from this site. Please correct any misconceptions; I'll phrase this as possible statements you might have meant:

    a: "Use flip slash/solar flare *until* i'm higher in SP"
    - do you mean that reaching enough Sp to need WM bonuses later on means i'll then be focusing on dog bites if melee or using Lupine Darts if range? If so I can just use wolf/dog just to get used to the mechanic and forego flip slash/solar flare, yes?

    b: "There is something common to 1h/hb that reduces attack damage if WM is specced"
    - please expand on this; I'm quite lost.

    c: "A WM combo's boost is counteracted by AM/PBM being active"
    - I think I heard something to this effect, however a WM might still be attractive for the regen from combo counter options, so long as you don't care about 'red ring' boosting, right? Not an immediate concern either way due to dog's nifty regeneration trait. Unless the following is true...

    d: "Speccing WM at all is always detrimental to nature AM users"
    - if so, where do the SP go after you have all the relevant nodes filled?

    There wasn't really a breakdown of ideal skill point allocations in the OP. I went crit chance/crit mag, then might, then started on defense/toughness since I felt a bit at risk. I was leaning toward WM for might/prec next, pending what I can learn from here. I'm a bit behind on the metagame so I don't know about how or why WM might be detrimental.
  10. Tilz Loyal Player

    a) 1h flipslash / HB solarflame (or scissor kick) are the best options nature has atm. Using wolf or dog atm is just a waste of time and loss of damage. sad but true.

    b) if you activate WM (that field in the top right corner of the weapon trees) things like flipslash will do less damage. Just don't bother with the field in the top right corner.

    c) WM is jsut a waste of time atm. If it doesn't hit harder than flipslash form 1h or solarflame from HB, it's a waste.

    About your spec:

    1. Movement (to fly faster, run faster, etc.) 1 sp
    2. Getting all the damage crit (magn- + chance) 77 sp
    --> just go 4 skills down in weapon tree and then get the 3 crits. 7 sp per weapon tree * 11 Weapons = 77 sp
    3. All prec you can get. Atm your weapon damage nets most of the damage you do. On fast dying stuff like adds the dot's can't reach their full potential. And even on bossfights the weapon nets more damage. Nature dps jsut sucks .

    Forget on defense/toughness and all other stuff. Won't help you in content actually.
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  11. JZtheDragon Well-Known Player

    Thanks for the correction; I had the completely wrong idea. Fingers crossed on the stat revamp, huh?

    So what's the loadout that's most functional? Go for Voracious or use Wolf for a second bar on setup? Does Rampage get use?
  12. Tilz Loyal Player

    I doubt nature will be different with the stat revamp.. just hoping powers are more close then.

    I'm currenty not nature (last time it was at the beginning of DWF to get some feats easier).

    ANd from what I see know you completly editet the message :D saw something about swarm/SG earlier. :D sneeky.

    Ok about the loadouts:
    I would hold the the standart DoT-Loadout.
    I know ppl using Swarm over SG. Idk if there is a big difference.. just test yourself.
    Wolf is a damage loss atm (still really fun to play) and Ramapge is not worth.

    I used:
    SG, VL, Briar, Harvest, Carnage, VP

    But i'm a healer and just dps from time to time ;)
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  13. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    I agree with everything Tilz answered, I use Scissor Kick cause it lines up better with Voracious plants' cooldown time. Currently, stacking Precision scales ways better for Nature.

    Once things are revamped we could use Wolf to spread DoTs and then Human form for VPlants, Harvest, Buffs and a Supercharge, kinda reversed method..
    Rampage is only worth if you play melee since you can use the additional DoT which has small point blank range. I believe Chaotic Growth will see more play.
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  14. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Are you using the Voracious Plants mod?
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  15. JZtheDragon Well-Known Player

    Tried it just now and quite happy with it. Fits solar flare exactly.
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  16. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Make nature great again!!!!
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  17. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    No but i will probably use it from now on. Scissor Kick allows me more free movement and saves a bit of power plus it was even longer than VPlants' normal cooldown.

    With all the changes, it seems that Solar Flare/FlipSlash will do more damage than longer combos so VPlants mod will be a must. Unless!! , these Generator Mod abilities that help u gain Supercharge faster are worth spamming in which case we can rotate VPlants and a SC generator ability and still use Berserker back mod. Will see soon.. :D
  18. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I have a feeling voracious is gonna have a 15 or 18 second cooldown similar to some moves like whats on test for elec :( and our dots.....i'm really fearing for whats gonna happen to nature.
  19. G-PRYME Active Player

    I'm Gonna Start Doing My PVP Feats Whats A Good Loadout For DPS/HEAL And How Do I Spec My SP
  20. comrade sonya Committed Player


    Any nature users left?