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  1. Absolix Loyal Player

    That was actually asked for by people on the forums as they were complaining that it was too hard to make sure you were hitting two enemies with it.

    I didn't really see a reason as there is easily enough mobility to reposition yourself imo, but that I wasn't one of the people screaming on the forums.

    Also, that was hardly the reason there had to be another wave of rebalancing. Sore showed a thread showing the how the devs testing methods were missing the mark for the additional context players were seeing. They still haven't fixed the scaling issues the thread showed for any powers except Gadgets despite saying that step would be done before the mid-range updates.
  2. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I recall all those threads. The Ice change was one of many factors at the time but one of the first. Everything pointed back to Tunso in some form or another.

    Nevertheless I surmise some of the changes the Devs have planned is because Tunso is no longer a Dev, and they are looking for ways to undo and improve at the same time. Weapon rebalance>compound power rebalance>undo CR differential>new progression.
  3. Sore Steadfast Player

    I just hit your typical MMO burnout. Five years is a long time to be OCD about a single interest. Nature being updated last was a tipping point for me as perhaps a last straw but not as a singular dealbreaker. I think this is a great source of entertainment for a great many gamers. I just realized I was a relic of an earlier era of the game. I couldn't see myself moving forward with the game any longer without being polluted by the rose colored lens of the pre-AM / pre-WM mechanics. I haven't played for the last 6 months other than a couple days at Xbox launch to check it out and claim my name. I lurk the forums maybe once a month to see what's going on. I've been focusing more on my original love, shooting pool.
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  4. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Sore, nature update coming in 2026 its right around the corner lol
  5. Sore Steadfast Player

    It's a no-win for me. 1234 is here to stay. Nature either (A) gets dumbed down for same results, (b) takes more effort for same results, or (c) takes more effort for better results (making it FOTM and getting an inevitable nerf). The only way I'd come back is if all powersets had a simple mechanic for acceptable results and a challenge mechanic for moderately better results. I don't see that happening so I just view it as a gaming experience setup to entertain many to come but no longer me. I don't have the patience to see that delivered nor the optimism that they'll choose to go down that path anyway.
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  6. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Agreed, for example i liked how ice was when the AM first came out AG spam was easy to do but didn't produce the best dps. Then you had ice WM which took a bit more skill but it did better damage, same with sorcery the pet was ok but WM did better dps. I don't know how or why one day they decided to make easiest things the best.

    Another thing that always got me was when WM came out it was supposed to be about equal to a clipping type play style but WM came out far superior which killed a lot of variety in dps'ing. Then AM's came out and far surpassed WM killing off that play style too and sealing the deal on variety of what you can use. To me all those things where implemented wrong and just undid months of time and work they put in on previous methods of dps'ing. Its like they just wanted to waste time and effort. If WM dropped equal to reg weapon combos/clipping things would have been great. Then when AM's came out they should have been at least equal to the two previous styles of dps not surpassed them and made that the only viable thing you could use. All that wasted what the heck, and not to mention how messed up things got....ugh:confused:
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  7. silikyan Well-Known Player

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  8. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Any word on when they plan to fix nature in pvp? The faCT that you can drink gold sodas for precision buffs and upper cut people for 5-10k as a healer is getting really old. I think you can actually drink both a Reg precision cola and a gold cola, sigh.
  9. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Fight for trash damage is brutal. I went specing full precision and doing Flip slash clipped with whatever. DOTs just have no time to tick its only weapon damage that can register something at the scoreboard. Stacking Might seem to scale very poorly compared to Precion.
  10. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Sry for the double post, my phone net was on and off today and ended up posting twice. Ill use this space to post the loadout:

    So my trash damage LO is: Swarm, ThornBurst, Carnage, SavageGrowth, Briar, VineLash
    What I would do is:
    Pre cast Swarm and Carnage then lunge clipped with > Savage Growth >FlipSlash> Briar (clipped with Carnage if its off cooldown already) > ThornBurst (at this point usually adds are dead but if some are alive) > FlipSlash > Vine Lash/ ThornBurst.

    This seem to register more damage than establishing 3 DoTs from the start.
    I rarely ever get to finish a rotation at adds so I dropped VPlants from my normal loadout and replced it with Swarm which can be pre casted. In good days I can do about 2/3 of the damage top dps is doing, far from great but with regular spreading DoTs I was barely doing half of others' damage.
  11. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    If you need to do quick dps cause things die fast in raids what i use is I just lunge in and hit SG/carnage that way i get a dot on things and a pi for voracious plants then i do flip slash voracious plants. You can also use swarm and precast it like you said.
  12. Dheal New Player

    Hi guys, (Sorry for my bad english :/) I'm Nature DPS and i Wanna know if I Use the good loadout...

    I use : Savage Growth, Vine Lash, Briar, Harvest, Swarm, Dog form.

    I clippling All buff and tronsform dog and press 1-2 8x

    Tell me if I used the good loadout Please :)

  13. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Sore, can you hear me?

    Damage modifiers are being eliminated. The Wolf will have his shackles removed.
  14. Sore Steadfast Player

    Melter Nature with Thorn Burst? I miss those days. Impaling Thorns get a chance to shine again? Otherwise I'm not sure Nature will be much different than pre-AM / pre-WM since you probably still need to stack and buff. Your loadout cuts you short pretty quick and there's not a lot of damage moves in the trees. There's so many pure heals.
  15. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Since they will be flagging all abilities as either melee or non-melee, good chance Thorn Burst will be melee so it could prove interesting.
  16. Streven Dedicated Player

    From out of the shadows, the legend returns...if only for a moment.
  17. Remander Steadfast Player

    What's up, Sore? Looks like there'll be lots of testing to be done soon. You in? ;)
  18. Sore Steadfast Player

    I'm just a lurker. I'm still out. While this is reminiscent of a direction that might have never made me leave, I've moved on in terms of where I spend my limited time.
  19. Remander Steadfast Player

    I can understand and appreciate that. Honestly, if not for my new PC and the recent sale, I probably wouldn't be back. Hope you've been well. ;)
  20. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    That's sad to hear :(