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  1. SkullGang Devoted Player

    If melee combos become the only option for high damage we will have the same issue HL and Rage have. Being countered and having to hug the boss.
  2. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    I didn't say 0m I said 7m; as in if you know your spacing you could do what players using melee combos already do and "step" back to keep you roughly 7m away from the boss. The cone of the melee attack will kick in and you will damage your targets that are 7m away. This would be akin to most melee range Advanced Mechanics.

    Regardless being in 7m (melee) will always be the best way to do damage since that has been the plan for every retune of Advanced Mechanics. Even if the cone of melee attacks remains at 12-13m it will still surely scale differently if used at 7m (midrange vs melee) and any trait damage (Poison Spores for example) will also scale better at 7m compared to 13m.

    However even though I don't know the vision of the weapon update I am almost certain weapon combos that don't attempt to move you forward will not get melee level increases in damage. I say this because the "melee" combos that are in place now already scale higher than the "range" combos. The melee combos attempt to move you forward as is. I don't see this movement completely changing since it would mean vast changes to animation framing.
  3. Tacca Well-Known Player

    Which is better to have the two iconic attack buffs or carnage? I'd be using it as a healer instead of blossom, because I don't even use that power as a bug healer.
  4. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    Carnage if you keep it up 100% of the time.
  5. Dr Diabeto New Player

    hey guys, fairly new to nature. i want to be able to solo heal raids, what is the best loadout to do so?
  6. The Jelly Bean Dedicated Player

    I use hive mind as you need to keep active. Use savage growth as an 8 player dot heal. Harvest as a big 8 player heal burst with dot. Metabolism as a 3 player heal clipped with harvest or savage growth for extra dot heals. Swarm shield to protect you and 3 other players. And blossom as an 'oh crap' heal for the tank or if someone drops very low in health. Just keep the pheromones up and you will be good.

    I solo everything with this loadout as it works for me. I'm also in bug form if wondering.
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  7. xProfessional New Player

    Best loadout for healers just switched 2 this hope was good idea .
  8. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    You're going to need to supply a lot more information than that. Do you play mostly 4-Mans or 8-Mans? Do you like playing as yourself? Are you on a PS3? Do you like being able to switch Armories? Do you have a problem with shifting forms? Are you good at timing heals? Are you a proactive or reactive player (Healer)? Do you like to solo heal 8-Mans? Are you willing to use a constant supply of soders? Access to Mainframe trinkets? Do you like using a particular weapon? Do you want to battle heal? Would you like to use melee combos if applicable? Are you healing PvE, PvP or both? Which Healer powerset did you come from (if you did) and would you like to replicate it that powerset?

    There are several ways to heal with Nature and they can all be optimized if you provide as much detail as possible about what you would like to actually do in-game while healing.
  9. xProfessional New Player

    I like playing 8 man raids I also like playing as myself. I'm on ps4 not ps3. I am willing to switch armories I have all 4. I don't have a problem with shifting forms. I am good at timing heals. I don't know what proactive or reactive player means. Yes I like solo healing here and there I want to get better. I am willing to use a lot of constant supply of soders. I have access to my mainframe . I like using hand blasters . Battle heal ? no clue . I use weapon masterys but I don't think i need that for nature . I also came from sorcery
  10. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    Proactive versus reactive simply means you either anticipate that damage will be coming by pay attention to NPCs and environment or you heal only after damage has been done. So for example casting Bloom just before a "pulse" attack hits which heals the whole group almost exactly when the pulse hits. That would be proactive healing. Reactive healing would mean waiting until it hits and then figuring out how to heal with, for example, using Harvest or Blossom.

    Battle healing is balancing both damage and healing to get the benefits of both.

    Based on your answers I would use this in human form:

    Savage Growth - Harvest - Bloom - Metabolism - Regeneration - Swarm Shield

    Savage Growth and Metabolism will act very similarly to Circle of Protection and Ritualistic Word respectively with the same kind of clipping rules.

    Bloom is almost exactly like Invocation of Renewal. The difference is that while Invocation of Renewal will heal better if your targets are less than 35% Health Bloom will release Pheromones. Pheromones are important for the effectiveness of your main spender Harvest. If you are not timing this heal proactively you should at least use it every 20 seconds with a jump cancel for the Pheromones.

    When setup Harvest will allow you to heal similarly to Rejuvenation - as in it is an independent heal that could be spammed if needed and doesn't mess up any other heal. With 4 Pheromone layers it will be extremely effectiveness to the point where it should equal both Rejuvenation and Watcher in terms of heal spread (how many targets you heal).

    Regeneration is basically Transcendence and and Swarm Shield is basically Boon of Souls.

    Pheromones are your main Power Interaction. These are required to make Harvest a very potent heal. You should make sure to rotate the Pheromone supplies at least once every 20 seconds. These are Savage Growth, Metabolism, Harvest and Bloom. You will likely use the first 3 fairly often so you would only need to mentally keep track of Bloom. Pheromones do not disappear from all targets when you got knocked out but they do disappear when you or a group member gets knocked out from that player only. So you have some wiggle room, in general, and don't need to spam all 4 every time someone goes down. However this also means you can't effective use just Harvest to "revive heal" a group member. In this case I would use Savage Growth + Metabolism and if they did not use a soder then use Harvest. This will setup 3 Pheromone stacks on that target (or you). Your fourth would come in during your next 20 second rotation of Bloom.

    Using what I described in human form will allow you to use Weapon Mastery combos which will also help you reduce Power costs. It would also retain your movement. However since you like Hand Blasts you may like this alternative used in Insectoid form:

    Savage Growth - Harvest - Hive Mind - Metabolism - Regeneration - Swarm Shield

    You don't have a fourth Pheromone stack but the Restoration buff from Hive Mind helps to even that out. However because of Hive Mind you also get Power return which helps with Power management if you need it. Your use of Hive Mind should be to keep it off cooldown at all times. Think of it as your Watcher but instead it healing your targets HIve Mind helps you heal better passively.

    Insectoid has a modified variant of Hand Blasts but does not have an alternative to Meteor Blast, Solar Flare, Power Discharge or Scissor Kick. It also doesn't have any Weapon Mastery combos either. In addition, as I mentioned, it would change your movement mode. In this case to Flight.

    If you can live with the drawbacks then healing in Insectoid might be a better option for you. If not then stick to human form.

    You should be able to solo heal using either loadout effectively.

    Now you said you like playing by yourself (solo). Do you intend to be a Healer while solo or do you intend to be in the Damage role? I can explain how you could either of them but I just want to make sure I give you the relevant information since the explanation could be as long or longer than I what I have already provided.
  11. Unida Dedicated Player

    i rock the same loadout in all content pretty much.


    savage - meta - cross poll - harvest - swarm - hive

    havent really seen a need for bloom in ages, and that most of the new content is fairly close groupings, so Xpoll is great.
    saying that, bloom is great in sm.
  12. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    Close quarters or not Cross Pollination won't apply Pheromones to all 8 group members on a single cast. That is why, if you want the maximum potency for Harvest, you should really use Bloom. Since a wave heal doesn't exist with Sorcery, and the poster came from Sorcery, Bloom would match up better with them.

    I didn't want to provide cookie loadouts. That's why I asked the questions I did so that I could tailor the loadout to them.

    This is another approach for healing, and it is not a bad one necessarily, but it wasn't just right for them considering their background and gameplay wants.
  13. xProfessional New Player

    im fine with switching to instecoid i like it better . Plus I don't think you need weapon masterys for that ? Also im a reactive healer
  14. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    You do not and if you like then by all means use the loadout I mentioned for it.
  15. Absolix Loyal Player

    I believe Cross Polination can apply pheromones on up to 16 allies, 4 on the initial heal and then up to 4 from each of the possible 4 echo heals. It is by no means mandatory, but I think it is a pretty good option for spreading pheromones to a player's group.

    Edit: It would be 20 not 16, 4 + 4*4 = 20
  16. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    Pheromones layers =/= wave heals in this case. Also echoes are simply heals from the target that gets healed back to the other targets. So if you have 4 targets in range of you you heal all 4 targets, target 1 heals all 4 targets, target 2 heals all 4 targets, etc. Totaling a maximum of 4 heals per target (this is actually the cap too). So at most only 16 targets can be healed (8 players, 8 non-group members - pets or player) each 4 times. However Pheromones should only apply to the targets from the initial activation (the heal that comes the caster). Echoes (heals originating from the targets and not the caster) shouldn't be able to apply Pheromones.

    Also Cross Pollination is midrange (12m). Even in modern content's "tight" spaces it is still possible to go beyond 12m with the only real exception being the first boss in Prison Break.

    In general though Bloom is as reliable as Savage Growth and Harvest in that they all apply Pheromones at 25m. You shouldn't need more than a 4 layer potency Harvest + Metabolism to heal your entire group. If you combined Harvest + Cross Pollination in today's meta you'd actually be significantly overhealing (8 ticks of equal strength wave/Pheromone heal per character = 2 Blossom primary heals per character). Cross Pollination is not a bad heal option (I've used it too) but you should ultimately avoid too many "large active group heals" since you'd be overhealing for no reason in the current meta.

    Overhealing in the current meta is extremely possible so if you can optimize somehow else you will overall be better off. In the case of the original question being able to reliably apply 3 Pheromone layers at max range is best with the option of maintaining Power/heals while controlled via Regeneration.

    P.S. This is why I asked the questions that I did BTW (for those curious) so that I can try and avoid unnecessary healing options and optimize the loadout I suggest.
  17. xProfessional New Player

    also what would a be a rotation for this ?
  18. xProfessional New Player

    also what would be my loadout for my third build ? because im willing to switch builds in raids .
  19. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    There really is no clear cut rotation when healing (even with other powersets). However you'll want to make sure Savage Growth, Harvest and Bloom are used once every 20 seconds for Pheromones at the very least. If damage is steady use Savage Growth -> (clip) Metabolism. If you need to burst heal (spike damage) use Harvest -> (clip) Metabolism. If damage is small use Savage Growth (its healing over time is spread out to deal with intermittent damage) If you want to mitigate damage use Swarm Shield. If you are controlled or do not have sufficient Power use Regeneration.

    If you're using Hive Mind keep it off cooldown either clip after or before another heal if needed. Never go Hive Mind -> (wait for animation) heal if you ever need to heal. There is no "delayed application effect" that you might see with other Power return/regeneration mechanics (I could name them for examples if needed).
  20. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    As in what you may do for Damage?