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    Specializing in this tree grants +5% critical attack damage and +2% critical healing chance.

    Vine Lash:Pulls a single target towards you and establishes poison. 11 x [11-14] DoT (35% Modifier)
    Thorn Burst: Pops out sphere of thorns for an initial attack to enemies in melee range, knocks down nearby enemies and spreads poisons. 5 x [7-10] DoT per Poison and [20-25] Burst AoE (35% Modifier)
    Savage Growth: Spikes come from the ground around you, knocking down nearby enemies. DPS establish poison. Healers establish 39 ticks of pheromones. DAMAGE: 11 x [11-14] AoE DoT or HEAL: 4 x [14-17] Heal and 39 x [1-3] HoT (35% modifier)
    Blossom: Removes all pheromones from nearby allies and provides a larger heal for each stack of pheromones on that person. [68-83] Heal + [20-30] Heal per Pheromone
    Briar: Ranged attack emerging spikes from the ground, stunning the enemy, and establishing poison. 11 x [11-14] DoT and [14-24] Burst Dmg (50% Modifier). Burst damage changes to [78-94] Burst AoE after one refund, or [132-162] Burst AoE after two refunds.
    Harvest: Ranged attack encasing an enemy, refreshes and spreads poisons. Healers establish 39 ticks of pheromones. DAMAGE: [22-25] Burst Dmg and 12 x [11-14] DoT per Poison or HEAL: 39 x [1-3] HoT and [20-30] Heal per Pheromone (45% modifier)
    Chaotic Growth: 100% supercharge doing massive damage around the player. Be worth it if it was a 50% supercharge.
    Carnivorous Plants: 100% supercharge to encase enemies. Not worth it.
    Bloom: Heal with slow cast time. Healers establish pheromones. 39 x [1-3] HoT and [68-83] Heal (60% modifier)
    Impaling Thorns: Spikes emerge from you to damage an enemy at range. Enemies under 35% health take extra damage. DAMAGE: [10-14] + [39-45] Dmg or UNDER35%: [20-29] + [77-100] Dmg (50% modifier)
    Voracious Plants: Ranged AoE with base damage of [20-28] ([30-42] if poisons on target) followed by 2 ticks of [1-3] base damage. (50% modifier)
    Cross Pollination: Creates a heal that hits up to 4 people in range, each person it hits will echo that heal to up to 8 people. The echo starts to split after 4 people. Nice when allies are within relative close quarters. Healers establish 39 ticks of pheromones. 39 x [1-3] HoT and ([32-42] x Number of people initially healed) Heal (50% modifier)

    Specializing in this tree grants +1% critical attack chances and +5% critical healing magnitude.

    Roar: A roar fires out an interruptible cone of effect. For DPS this is 3 ticks damage to enemies in the cone. For a healer it is 3 ticks of health to allies in the cone. One enemy target will be stunned. DAMAGE: 3 x [25-36] Dmg and WOLF CARNAGE: [69-84] base damage followed by 11 ticks of [10-17] base damage. HEAL: 3 x [20-27] Heal (35% modifier)
    Serpents Call: AoE ranged attack of [20-28] base damage followed by 4 ticks of [1-4] base damage. (35% modifier). In Wolf Form with Carnage active 11 ticks of [10-17] base damage and initial attch switches to [69-84] base damage.
    Metabolism: 5 ticks of primary healing. Healers establish 39 ticks of pheromones. 5 x [10-13] Heal and 39 x [1-3] HoT (35% modifier)
    Canine Form: +0.3 Run Speed; +25% Damage Bonus; +3 Perception; +15 Critical Ability Attack Damage; 22-23 Power Per Second to Self; +200 Control Resistance. I have very little exposure with this.
    Regeneration: 50% supercharge restoring health and power to the group. It is great for healers and can be useful for DPS as well. 12 x [48-58] Heal and 4 x 100 Power.
    Gorilla Form: 35% supercharge turning you into an acrobatics Gorilla with increased health, defense, healing, and new weapon combos. This is a common alternative to Regeneration for PvP healers.
    Rampage: 50% supercharge providing 11 ticks of healing and more notably granting 25% Critical Weapon Attack Chance and 50% Critical Weapon Attack Damage. Some DPS opt for this supercharge. Consider buffing yourself with Carnage and then hitting a 50% modifier before laying into weapon attacks. 11 x [11-14] Heal
    Swarm Shield: Provides a shield to you and the three party members most injured. Protects 125% of your restoration in healer stance, 60% of your restoration in DPS stance, 3 hits (1 hit counting every 0.75 seconds), or 15 seconds (whichever comes first). 22s cooldown. (45% modifier)
    Carnage: Buffs your and three nearest players with a +15% Precision boost, 10% Critical Weapon Attack Chance, and 10% Critical Ability Attack Chance. 12s cooldown. 12s duration. (45% modifier)
    Hive Mind: Buffs you and the three nearest players with +15% might and 270 restoration. Enables power refunds in Insectoid Form. 12s cooldown. 12s duration. (50% modifier)
    Insectoid Form: See dedicated heading in the HEALING section below.
    Primal Wolf Form: See dedicated heading in the DPS section below.
    Swarm: Summons a pet that follows you and puts out a field of damage that ticks for similar damage, speed and duration as a poison. (50% modifier)
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    Playstyles - DPS

    Nature has a bunch of play styles. They compliment each other to round out the ability of the class to execute burst and sustained damage. The rotations section of the guide provides additional details. With the use of armories, multiple play styles may be leveraged in a single instance.

    Human Poison-Based (Advanced Mechanic) Melee + Midrange + Range
    This play style is meant to provide a damage option to Nature by focusing on it's defining power uniqueness. It is a sustained-damage approach by stacking DoTs, effective against strong mobs and bosses. You get a power refund if you cast the following abilities in this order quickly: Savage Growth, Vine Lash, Briar, Swarm and finally Harvest. Harvest will also refresh the three poison-based DoTs on your target and spread those DoTs to nearby targets. Swarm is a pet that should be re-cast when it's cooldown is up.

    Melee/Midrange: Savage Growth, Vine Lash, Briar, Swarm, Harvest, Carnage

    Melee/Midrange: Savage Growth, Vine Lash, Briar, Swarm, Harvest, Voracious Plants

    Range: Vine Lash, Briar, Swarm, Harvest, Carnage, Voracious Plants

    4 Second Melee Combos e.g. Dual Wield Ultra Flurry
    Setup: WeaponCombo/SavageGrowth, VineLash, Briar, Harvest/Carnage
    Main: WeaponCombo/Swarm, WeaponCombo/Harvest, WeaponCombo/Harvest/Carnage
    Rotation: Setup->Main->Main->Main->Main->Main->Main

    3 Second Melee Combos e.g. 1H Flip Slash
    Setup: WeaponCombo/SavageGrowth, VineLash, Briar, Harvest/Carnage
    Main: WeaponCombo/Swarm, WeaponCombo/Harvest, WeaponCombo, WeaponCombo/Harvest/Carnage
    Rotation: Setup->Main->Main->Main->Main->Main->Main

    Human Terror-Based (Weapon Mastery) Melee + Midrange + Range
    This play style is meant to compliment the full use of weapon mastery because it does not cancel the critical hit chance and magnitude bonus gained from timing a power with a weapon mastery combo. This is a strong option for burst damage and killing weaker mobs. it is also stronger for solo play due to more crowd control. It is executed by leveraging Serpents Call to setup the Terrorized power interaction (can be inflicted with or without a weapon mastery combo) and then repeatedly executing a weapon mastery combo timed with Voracious Plants to gain additional damage to Terrorized targets. This can be a range, midrange, or melee playstyle depending on weapon combo choice.

    Human: Serpents Call, Voracious Plants, Carnage, Robot Sidekick, {Wildcard}, {Wildcard}
    - Safety Options: Regeneration, Swarm Shield
    - Damage Options: Hive Mind, Impaling Thorns, Rampage or Chaotic Growth

    Human->Wolf (6-DoT Stacking) Melee + Midrange
    This play style is meant for the player to do all their DoT stacking and spreading within Human form. Then the player shifts to Wolf form where they re-spread DoTs, activate Carnage, and add two more DoTs with Roar and Serpent's Call. Then it's a matter of refreshing Swarm, Harvest, Carnage, Roar and Serpent's Call in a rotation.

    Human: Savge Growth, Vine Lash, Briar, Harvest, Swarm, Wolf Form
    Wolf: Swarm, Harvest, Carnage, Roar, Serpents Call, Return to Human

    Setup: Savage Growth, Vine Lash, Briar, Wolf/Harvest
    Main: Swarm/Carnage, LupineDarts/Roar/Jump, LupineDarts/SerpentsCall, LupineDarts/Harvest, LupineDarts, LupineDarts/Harvest


    Wolf-Based (Advanced Mechanic) Range
    This play style is meant for the player to stay in Wolf Form. You stack and spread your DoTs but also take advantage of Carnage, causing Roar and Serpents Call do bonus damage and each have their own DoT. Please not that casting Roar and Serpents Call additional times during a Carnage cooldown will not do bonus damage subsequent times.

    Wolf: Vine Lash, Briar, Harvest, Carnage, Roar, Serpents Call

    Wolf->Human (Loadout Extension) Melee + Midrange
    This play style is meant for the player to do all their DoT stacking and spreading within Wolf form. Then the player shifts to human form where they re-spread DoTs, activate buffs, and burst with Voracious Plants.

    Wolf: Savage Growth, Vine Lash, Briar, Harvest, Return to Human
    Human: Swarm, Harvest, Voracious Plants, Impaling Thorn, Carnage, Wolf Form
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    DPS Cont...

    Human->Dog (Advance Mechanic) Melee
    This play style is meant for the player to cast DoTs, cast Swarm, and cast a buff (Hive Mind or Carnage) within Human Form. The player does massive melee damage alternating between Fling and Thrash in dog form which refreshes DoTs as well. Occasionally the player switches back to Human form to quickly recast Swarm and the buff and then returns to Dog form.

    Human: Savage Growth, Vine Lash, Briar, Harvest, (Hive Mind or Carnage), Dog
    Dog: Thrash, Fling, Return to Human

    Human->Wolf->Dog (6-DoT) Melee
    This play style is meant for the player to cast DoTs within Human Form. The player switches to Wolf form to cast Swarm, Carnage, Serpents Call and Roar. The player shifts down to Human and immediately over to Dog form. The player does massive melee damage alternating between Fling and Thrash in dog form which refreshes DoTs as well. After a few attacks the player switches back to Human form and immediately over to Wolf form to quickly recast Swarm, Carnage, Roar and Serpents Call.

    Human: Savage Growth, Vine Lash, Briar, Harvest, Wolf Form, Dog
    Wolf: Swarm, Carnage, Roar, Serpents Call, Return to Human
    Dog: Thrash, Fling, Return to Human
    Wolf Form – DPS

    When in Wolf form, you do not receive changing damage modifiers from casting powers. Instead, you receive a constant flat bonus of +1.5% Critical Attack Damage; +20% Control Resistance, +0.5% Critical Damage, +0.5% Critical Weapon Damage, and a fixed 40% damage modifier. Killing an opponent provides group +3% Critical Weapon Attack Chance, +3% Critical Attack Chance, +5% Critical Weapon Damage, +5% Critical Damage. Wolf Form changes your movement to superspeed. Having Carnage active will cause Roar and Serpent's Call do extra damage while in Wolf Form.

    The Combos
    Tap Range: Air Slash
    Hold Range: Primal Burst
    2x Hold Range: Lupine Darts <-- Strong

    Tap Melee: Wolf Claw
    Hold Melee: Wolf Rush
    Tap, Hold Melee: Feral Stomp
    2x Tap, Hold Melee: Hop Claw
    3x Tap, Hold Melee: Double Slash
    4x Tap, Hold Melee: Primal Uppercut <-- Strong

    Canine (Dog) Form – DPS

    Dog form doesn't have any weapon combos. It's primary strength is doing massive single-target damage and spreading/refreshing poisons. It requires you to be within melee distance (>7m) for attacks to hit.

    Thrash: Hits a single target for [53-65] base damage. Also spreads and refreshes poison DoTs for 11 ticks of [11-14] base damage per stack.
    Fling: Hits a single target for [53-65] base damage. Also spreads and refreshes poison DoTs for 11 ticks of [11-14] base damage per stack.
    Muttabolism: Self heal.
    Sneak: 100% critical attack chance and +10% critical attack damage for next attack.
    Return to Human: Exits Dog form and returns to Human form.
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    DPS Cont...

    Iconic Powers - DPS
    Recommended: Weapons Expert (crit attack chance) and Tactical Genius (crit attack damage)
    Others to Consider: Wisdom of Solomon (power), Powerful Resistance(health), Nanoweave Armor (defense), Super-Strength (weaponization)

    Damage Modifiers – DPS

    Read through this post to ensure you understand the concept of damage modifiers.

    Briar, Impaling Thorns, Voracious Plants, Hive Mind, Swarm, Cross Pollination and Bloom are all 50% modifiers. If you have a power cycle, it is preferable to end it on a 50% modifier instead of a 35% modifier so your following weapon attacks are that much stronger. That said, the Max Damage boosted lair mainframe mod for your hands make all abilities 60% modifiers. That let's you free up your sequence for rotations and allows more powers to be used.

    Important Stats – DPS

    Feel free to learn details on how Damage Stats work

    Affects weapon damage. (White numbers)
    10 precision = 1 point of weapon dps

    Affects power damage. (Yellow numbers)
    4 Might = 1% increase in base damage at lvl 1 (.25 % / point)
    4 Might =1.8% increase in base damage at lvl 30 (.45 %/ point)

    Critical Attack Chance:
    Each point you put into this stat gives you a +1% chance to have a critical hit, this is important because critical hits do significantly more dmg than normal hits, so the higher your percentage the more likely you are to have a critical hit.

    Critical Attack Damage:
    Each point you put into this stat increases the dmg of your critical hits by 4% this is important because it allows you do to more dmg in shorter periods of time when you are landing bigger critical hits.
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    Generally speaking, Nature is great at bursting group heals and providing frequent small top-off heals.

    Pheromones - HEALER

    Nature Healers have powers that establish Healing-Over-Time (HoT) ticks on every member of your party. Savage Growth, Metabolism, Harvest, Bloom, and Cross Pollinization are healing powers that establish 39 healing ticks of pheromones. You can stack up to four pheromones by casting each of those powers. You cannot achieve five stacks because Cross Poll and Bloom overwrite each other. You can view your active pheromones by hitting up on the d-pad and scrolling to the bottom. Each pheromone is named after the power that established it.
    Blossom removes all pheromones and provides a bigger heal for each stack of pheromones that were established. That effectively removes all HoT ticks and they will need to be re-established, however the trade-off is that a well primed Blossom can seriously recover significant group health.
    Keep in mind that each healing power that establishes pheromones also has its own up-front primary healing capability in addition to the HoT it establishes. Nature healing is a dance between those primary heals, HoT heals, and blasting out a primed Blossom.

    Important Stats – HEALER

    Feel free to learn details on how healing stats work...

    Restoration: For everyone 4 points in Restoration you increase your base health healing by 1%.
    Dominance: Dominance is now added to your Restoration for increasing base healing.
    Critical Heal Amount:Critical Heal Amount, also known as Critical Healing Magnitude and Critical Healing Effect, is the amount your regular heals are boosted when they are selected to be critical heals.
    Critical Heal Chance:
    Critical Heal Chance weighs the random roll for regular vs. critical heals more towards critical heals.

    Iconic Powers - HEALER

    Recommended: Miracle Worker (crit healing magnitude) and Empathic Healing (crit healing chance)
    Others to Consider: Wisdom of Solomon (power), Powerful Resistance(health), Nanoweave Armor (defense), Robot Sidekick (for challenges), Amazonian Deflection (PvP)

    Loadouts - HEALER

    The Classic
    Savage Growth, Metabolism, Blossom, Swarm Shield, Hive Mind, Regeneration
    "Who knew this classic alert loadout was so balanced?"

    The Harvester
    Savage Growth, Metabolism, Blossom, Harvest, Cross Pollination, Regeneration
    "You cookie-cutter healers are clueless."

    The NPC Healer
    Savage Growth, Metabolism, Blossom, Harvest, Bloom, Regeneration
    "You cookie-cutter healers are clueless."

    The Shield and Spear
    Swarm Shield, Metabolism, Blossom, Savage Growth, Carnage, Regeneration
    "Anyone wanna PvP?"

    The DPS Buffer
    Savage Growth, Metabolism, Blossom, Hive Mind, Carnage, Regeneration
    "I can do a lot with a little so please just burn those adds faster"
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    HEALING Cont...

    Rotations - HEALER

    Shield Tactics
    For healers, our shields are 125% of our restoration. You can boost your restoration with a trinket, Hive Mind, or the Focused Restoration home turf mod. It is not required to cast everything and the kitchen sink before putting a shield out. You can consider using a trinket before casting Swarm Shield once. Then later clip Hive Mind with your shield. Maybe later simply use the CC trinket and shield everyone. Since our shield will hit four people, prioritizing those with the least health, you can choose to use your shield reactively...intentionally trying to target the tank. Or you can be pro-active before damage comes in, with no real predictor of who will get your shield.

    Switching Forms
    This involves switching back and forth between insectoid form and normal form as desired. This effectively extends the number of powers at your disposal by having two loadouts available. It takes a little power to switch, it takes a little time to switch, and each form is one power short. I've personally found that I could be just effective without doing it. It was like being busy solely for the sake of being busy. I also had a couple moments where I'm changing forms and missing that split second reaction time I need to save someone from a 2-shot.

    Another relies on pheromones to boost Blossom and is trigger happy to immediately recover the group after each and every dip in health. They clip SG->Blossom or Metabolism->Blossom any time health significantly drops. This means each Blossom is primed with two pheromones, even if two Nature healers are playing this model.

    [Both] One Big Attack: SG=>Blossom=>Metabolism - wait <-- This is a key clip.
    [Both] Sustained Big Attack: SG=>Blossom=>Metabolism->Blossom - repeat until attack over then wait
    [Nature A] Little Attacks: Metabolism->SG - wait
    [Nature B] Little Attacks: SG=>Metabolism - wait

    Watch this video and only look at his loadout at the bottom. Don't look at the fight. Watch the powers as they activate and cooldown. Count how many pheromones he has at any given time. Get a sense of the pacing. (NOTE: that is a solo-heal pace)

    Stacking be can power hungry if you establish a habit of fast clipping Savage Growth=>Metabolism=>Bloom=>Cross Pollination and not holding back on Blossom enough. It can also run the risk of letting people die by holding off Blossom too long. Bursting can also be power hungry is you’re spamming the One Big Attack clip too often when a primary heal will suffice. I recommend balancing the two approaches but personally lean towards bursting as I do not carry 4 pheromones in my loadouts.

    Many players don't realize that Harvest has a similar PI to Blossom except that it doesn't remove pheromones. This model is a variation on classic pheromone stacking. You let your first few stacks of Savage Growth, Metabolism and CrossPoll (or Bloom) occur naturally. Blossom is meant to be avoided but is there for key scenarios. Blossom can also be used for more traditional bursting styles if you feel the need to fall back on that. Keep in mind this approach works best when you focus on organically re-establishing pheromones shortly after any use of Blossom. There are many variations of heal clipping that this enables. The clips with Cross Poll are stronger than the ones with Metabolism but that requires tactical positioning.

    Savage Growth=>Metabolism: (pheromones out):
    Cross Poll=>Metabolism: (pheromones out):
    Savage Growth=>Cross Poll=>Metabolism: (pheromones out)

    (pheromones out): Harvest=>Meta (medium)
    (pheromones out): Harvest=>Cross Poll (large)
    (pheromones out): Harvest=>Cross Poll=>Meta (quite large)

    (pheromones out): Harvest=>Blossom=>Meta (super large)
    (pheromones out): Harvest=>Blossom=>Cross Poll (super duper large)

    (pheromones out): Harvest=>Blossom=>Cross Poll=>Meta (super duper crazy stupid large)

    Insectoid Form (Bug Form) - HEALER

    This form switches your movement mode to flight but you will not be able to use the super-fast movement mode. Your healing will be increased (+3% Critical Healing Chance and +5% Critical Healing Effect). Your weapon is switched to a variation of hand blasters. You can initiate the combo building pulse beam attack with a single tap triangle followed by hold triangle (one tap triangle less than regular hand blasters). Casting Hive Mind will enable power refunds upon casting heals and Swarm Shield. You may choose to put “return to normal form” in your loadout or you might leave that off until an instance is over. If you have it in your loadout, you can use any of the loadouts mentioned. You will notice that moves that switch between a heal component or DPS component will do both in bug form. Savage Growth will heal and establish a poison DOT. Harvest spreads poisons in both roles, but the initial damage hit will land in bug form. Similar behavior is see in Gorilla form too.

    Pheromone Stealing - HEALER

    Pheromone stealing is an issue when one healer overcasts another healers pheromones, or worse, casts Blossom too frequently removing all pheromones. This is more prevalent with two stackers. Bursters diminish the value of pheromones as a HoT and only favor the role they play with Blossom. In that sense, bursters don't care who put the pheromone out, they just care that it is out and available.

    I think the most important communication for healers is really just coordinating supercharges. I'll cast my regen at this phase, you cast yours for that phase. You can also mitigate pheromone stealing by agreeing to emphasize different pheromone powers.
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    Running Patch Notes

    Check this link ( for a links to the actual patch notes for any given game update. Keep in mind many updates happen without us seeing patch notes for them. For example, GU3 says the base modifier for Wolf was adjusted to 30% but my understanding is that it's currently 40% and never saw where that was adjusted.

    Game Update 34
    • Briar, Savage Growth and Vine Lash damage over time (DOT) has been increased to 12 seconds to bring them in line with most other durations.
    • Carnage has had the duration and cool down adjusted to 12 seconds each.
    • Swarm's area of effect damage will now appear in the combat log as "Sting".
    Game Update 32
    Game Update 31
    • Swarm Shield will now always apply a shield to the character using it and up to three group members. Metabolism's icon has been updated.
    Game Update 26
    • Reduced the animation time required to activate Vine Lash.
    Game Update 25
    • Corrected issue with Dominance scaling for Healing.
    • Adjusted the button press timings on a number weapon specific area effect animations to prevent abilities sometimes double firing if you hit the button rapidly while using certain super powers. This could affect a wide variety of abilities but was reported frequently in association with Savage Growth.
    • Nature
      • Impaling Thorns: "[Vulnerable to Interrupt]" has been added to this ability's tooltip. (Note: Although this information is new to the tooltip, the ability was already working like this; no change has been made to the functions of the ability, only to the tooltip.)
    Game Update 24
    • Pet scaling has been adjusted and now assumes you are fully modded for a particular tier.
    • Nature
      • The healing component of both Savage Growth and Harvest will now hit up to 16 targets bringing it in line with other area of effect heals.
    Game Update 23 Hotfix
    • Powers: Fixed an issue that was causing pets to do half damage to NPCs.
    • Pets: Swarm no longer causes double damage in PvP.
    Game Update 23
    • Bases
      • Mainframe Tactical Mods: Enduring Damage will now work correctly with Bloom, Invocation of Renewal, and Frost Blast.
    Game Update 22 Hotfixes
    • If your normal movement mode is Acrobatics, the Tumbling Master tactical mod should world while in Gorilla Form.
    • If your normal movement mode is Flight, the Swoop Combos tactical mod should world while in Insectoid Form.
    • If your normal movement mode is Superspeed, the Dashing Combos tactical mod should world while in Primal Wolf Form.
    • Swarm: This ability should now properly damage enemies when active
    Game Update 20
    • The heal over time for Savage Growth no longer splits when hitting more than four targets.
    Game Update 18
    • Increased the interrupt vulnerability window of Primal Wolf Form’s Ferocious Backfist attack to match other block breaking attacks.
    • Effects from canine form's ability Sneak are now removed when zoning to a new location.
    Game Update 13
    • Primal Wolf Form melee hold attack, Slam, now Interrupts as intended, rather than being a Block Breaker.
    • Fixed an issue that caused certain abilities to deactivate others in unexpected ways (i.e. Galvanize or Poison Spore was stomping on Electrogenesis).
    • Fixed an issue where the following single target pull powers would be able to pull more than one NPC. (Vine Lash - Nature)
    Game Update 12
    • Critical effects are reduced while in PvP arena zones.
    Game Update 11
    • Primal Wolf Form “Slam” attack should no longer inflict a counter attack versus a target who is Vulnerable to Block.
    Game Update 10
    • General: The following abilities now apply the “Crushed” effect on their targets: Thought Bubble, Stasis Field, Entrap, Grasping Hand, Deep Freeze, Carnivorous Plants, and Harvest.
    Game Update 8
    • Using abilities in Insectoid Form will apply the standard Healing role anti-Tank de-buffs in PvP.
    Game Update 6
    • Primal Wolf Form: The Slam attack is now vulnerable to block as intended.
    • Swarm Shield now scales the maximum damage it may prevent based upon your Restoration score. It prevents damage equal to 60% of your Restoration while in the Damage role and 125% of your Restoration in the Healer role.
    Game Update 5
    • Canine Form attacks and interactions no longer lack audio.
    • The tooltip for the Nature ability Savage Growth has been changed for clarity.
    Game Update 4
    • Savage Growth’s heal over time no longer stacks with itself.
    • Balanced a number of abilities - Increasing base wolf damage bonus to 30%. Increasing base insect healing bonus to 50%. Corrected healing tree description to indicate a 65% healing bonus for being in healing role.
    Game Update 3
    • Briar no longer has a “casting time”, now causes an immediate pulse of damage and grants a +50% damage buff while in the damage role.
    • Harvest no longer has a “casting time” and grants a +50% damage buff while in the damage role. In the Healing role, it no longer causes damage but applies a “Pheromone” effect. This Pheromone effect does not stack with the Pheromone effect from Metabolism. Finally, Harvest no longer removes Pheromone effects when it triggers bonus healing so these effects may be triggered repeatedly.
    • Savage Growth in the Healing role will now apply a heal over time effect.
    • Primal Wolf Form - Increased the base damage bonus for Primal Wolf Form to +30%. The critical chance and damage bonuses remain as they were.
    • Insectoid Form – Increased the base healing bonus of Insectoid Form to 50%. The critical healing chance and critical healing amount bonuses remain as they were.
    Game Update 2
    • Breakout should now function properly in Pterosaur form.
    • Gorilla Form’s primary melee attacks should now properly appear in the combat log as “Rage Attack” instead of “Ground Pound”.
    • Wolf Form may now load out Bloom, Blossom, Cross Pollination, Hive Mind, Metabolism, Swarm Shield and Gorilla Form.
    • Insect Form may now load out Gorilla Form.
    • Insect Form’s hold melee attack now has interrupt properties as intended, instead of block breaking properties
    • Adjusted the visual effects on Swarm to make it more obvious when it is attacking enemies.
    Game Update 1
    • The description for the Canine Form ability Fling no longer incorrectly states that it requires supercharge.
    • The description for the Canine Form ability Thrash no longer incorrectly states that it requires supercharge.
    • Deadly Thorns will not cause damage if canceled early.
    • Gorilla Form now correctly indicates that it is a supercharge ability and that the effect is temporary.
    • Gorilla Form’s ranged hold special ability should now function properly. Other Gorilla attacks should have the appropriate vulnerability and counter attacking properties.
    • Insectoid Form has gained a Pulse Beam style ranged attack combo to provide it with some interesting ranged options.
    • Metabolism should apply its Pheromone effects to group members now.
    • Pheromone lasts for a longer duration with a decreased average healing amount.
    • Primal Wolf Form’s description now correctly indicates that it can only be used in the Damage role.
    • The Pterosaur Form ability Prehistoric Might now displays a Might icon in the drop down under the heath bar to indicate the Might buff that it grants.
    • Prehistoric Might should now apply its affect to group members.
    • Roar’s description now includes the healing effects it provides.
    • Swarm should no longer temporarily break the hit counter.
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    Clipping is where you can execute an action that has a longer animation. You can follow up with a second action that cuts short the animation of the first action while still receiving the benefit of both activities. In some circumstances, you can execute multiple actions as fast as your fingers can possibly tap buttons if you know the clipping rules. Cancels are similar to clipping except that the animation and result of the first action are fully aborted.
    • Weapon combos cannot clip other weapon combos
    • Weapons combos can be clipped by attack powers, beneficial powers, trinkets or sodas
    • Attack powers cannot clip other attack powers
    • Attack powers can be clipped by beneficial powers, trinkets, or sodas
    • Beneficial powers can be clipped by beneficial powers, trinkets, or sodas
    • Powers with a cast bar or channel bar will be cancelled when clipped
    • Powers with a long cast bar will not cost any power if canceled
    • Some powers can be cancelled or clipped by jumping
    There are some grey areas. Mostly beneficial powers that seem to be classified as attack powers (can't freely clip everything). There's been debate in those areas as some of those focus items would do some attack aspect such as proc'ing damage in weapon combos, e.g. Menace. The community has historically stood behind those powers as being re-classified as beneficial powers. The devs listened and noted they intend to do so with GU23. It is also grey whether jump clipping should be permitted.

    I use the following legend for tabulating clipping in a rotation...
    -> normal cast
    => clip
    -x-> cancel

    Additional Reading

    Fresh From The Vine A Guide to Nature DPS

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    How to play a healer

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    Nature in a Nutshell by Shady Moss

    Dual Nature Healing Tips by REEEPR

    Spec and Loadout for Nature Healers by sophiefatale
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  10. Sore Steadfast Player

    • Impurepariah for the Grassland's Guide. It is now outdated but it was WAY ahead of it's time when first posted.
    • Superskull85Beta for delivering an intimidating number of facts. We sure this guy wasn't a DEV?
    • Coyote for the PC Nature DPS Guide. Great coverage of tactics. Could use a mention of damage modifiers.
    • Anti Bezz for the Community Nature DPS Guide. We could have gone further with this.
    • Dragonfyre (Wannabep) and Ezekiel for great base damage and heal numbers on pretty much every power in theDCUObook.
    • 1Vulpes for the DPS Starter Guide. It's hard to go into a powerset without understanding the basics of the role.
    • Arvandor for creating the short clipping guide. I'm not ashamed to admit I didn't know before that post.
    • Numerous people that laid groundwork for wisdom sharing in the various pop-up threads that have come up
      (SylarMan, 13igTyme, Scottmalkis0n, 2TM, envus, snix, Susanoo009, recespieces31, SoylentBob, wargasmic, NightNurse, Steady, w2tymes, GateofDestiny, Rewdie, HunterKiller, CrappyHeals, and the list goes on...)
    • Statman21 for his immense contribution to this guide
    • Anierna and Tom006k (Impact Prime) on the PC side for pushing Nature gameplay out of its comfort zone.
    • ObsidianChill for showing Nature what real DPS looks like
    • Those that choose to further the discussion.
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  11. Disruptra New Player

    Ugh. Thanks for nothing, SOE.
    Thank you for getting this thread back up and running so fast though, Sore.
  12. xWorldkiller New Player

    Good thing you're keeping up the guide, see you in-game buddy.
  13. Sore Steadfast Player

    It's a lot of work re-posting. The tools available for formatting are quite limited.
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  14. Gafa New Player

    And being limited the amount of text you can post at once makes the guides longer than they were originally.
  15. recespieces31 New Player

    Hope to contribute some, if at all, in the future...
    P.S. good to see you made it Sore ;)
  16. Snix Dedicated Player

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    *Seemed Off-Topic
  17. Sore Steadfast Player

    Since you can't jump cancel bloom and still get the modifier, the mod is really for pre-casting Bloom at the start of a fight when you know you have the time. I've never really seen more than 15 ticks land from Swarm. I want to try your loadout but I'm out of town this weekend. Since you're two-stacking and using Swarm as a surrogate 3rd stack,I wonder if you can get away with stacking on weaker targets if you go SG->Briar->Harvest->Swarm=>Bloom-x->Jump->Thorn Slap. You won't have Swarm attacking what you're trying to stack on. I guess that really depends on the strength of the mob.
  18. Sore Steadfast Player

    On a healing note. I mean to check out bug form again. I exclusively used bug form for years. I hit a point where I couldn't handle seeing it anymore. It made me cringe. I found I could heal just as well without it. However, some people are reporting that it represents much more noticeable benefits than ever before. Hmmmm.....
  19. Ezekiel New Player

    Great to see this guide transfered over. Looking forward to new discussions about Nature and philosophies of the game in general.

    Any news about Insectoid Form?
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  20. Snix Dedicated Player

    During the test the Tick amount varied so much due to distance from the add and sometimes it didn't start attacking until one to three seconds later (I don't really know what caused this). I was already doing the Bloom pre-cast before I start my rotation and before any of the other DPS start going in. I was under the assumption that the mod already was working but now I know that it isn't I'm looking forward to it. It's best use is in between breaks in raid fights and right before the actual fight.

    I could test it out while you are away. Anything specific you are looking at testing?