Sorcery Watcher (Healing Not Scaling)

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Ekaterina, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. Ekaterina Committed Player

    I dont know if this was because of the recent update but my watcher is not healing as high as it use too. use to crit from 600-1000 now on crits for 100-500.... my resto is over 2300 so im not understanding why its nerfed. Now if it is working as intended then you guys seriously need too wake up. that Sorce biggest burst without Soul Well and we all know IoR is way to slow to use... im really not understanding this please explain.
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  2. nonsstop New Player

    I am also having a problem with this it is not working at all Also that debuffs are not working at all I am a healer that cannot keep myself alive My watcher hit for 100 My resto is 2100 This is not fun anymore! Needs to be fixed ASAP! I paid too much money a month for this game to be totally stripped of my abilities Please fix this ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PVP is no fun Without being able to stay alive
  3. Francesca Lima New Player

    That's not a bug it got nerfed on purpose because of people complaining. We have to find a different style of healing.
  4. nonsstop New Player

    Ppl Complained about sorcery healing that's all we have our our quick heels and the watcher what are we supposed to do? This game has really put me in a very disappointed State and I do not like the outcome of my results! My numbers are way too low for sorcery heels! They made it so we cannot do our job or heal ourselves! In PVP it's a joke! I hate it! So what's happening is, sorcery is now nerfed permanently to be a squishy class? What was the point of that???? people cry about everything!! You ruined a perfectly great healing class I am Extremely disappointed in DC!!!!!!!
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  5. Pew New Player

    People have healed with sorcery way before watchers even started working late in the game and it was always a good healer.
    If anything Sorcery needs some powers revamped, not a fully automatic healing bot that does a grunt of the work.
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  6. xThe BlackDeath New Player

    This bites. Not only do they not heal enough but they die easier now. I must of tried 10+ different combinations of adjust. Couldn't find a real good one. So much for pvp. It was fun while it lasted. Oh well I'm not liking the new stuff anyways.
    Iwas it just me or is harder to kill tanks now? We got a mega-nerf. I couldn't survive long.
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  7. Itazuki New Player

    I do believe Watcher scales on CR and not Restoration. Which I could be wrong about...

    Though Pets were scaling off of T5 CR stats when we are only really T4... So they scaled the pets back to T4 like they are SUPPOSED to be.

    Watchers were popping 1k on normal heals before the CR change. Not sure how you guys are getting heals for 100 from the Watcher....Doesn't make sense.
  8. nonsstop New Player

    You cannot DeBuff a tank now they won't die! My resto is too high to Not be to able to heal myself or Heal somebody instantly quick heels have come up short! I cannot DeBuff a tank and it blows lol I cannot Take a tank down at all LOL It's stupid! RawR
  9. nonsstop New Player

    My CR is 89 full T4 both sides Watchr only hitting for 100 And I use sacrificial offering That Won't keep them up either!
  10. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    Pets scale to cr, but i agree, this was to far, without any insta cast burst heals, and a broken watcher, this has crippled sorcery healers, i might end up going electric, after 2.5 years of being a sorcery healer, its just sad.
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  11. SlayingDaimon New Player

  12. Itazuki New Player

    What do you guys mean you can't debuff? I was just debuffng tanks last night with both my Sorcery and Nature healers. Are you using Condemn or something? That debuffs a Tank. No way is a T4 89CR doing 100 a heal.

    My Sorcery healer is at 40 CR and my Watcher is popping heals much higher than that.... Not to sound like a troll or be mean, but something tells me either you guys are lying because pets got scaled back a bit... or this is more a bug for certain people.
  13. nonsstop New Player

    I swear lol My watcher only healing for 100 Sounds ridiculous to me as well I don't understand a thing about it lol Never had a problem before this last update And with my sacrificial offering it should be keeping my watcher up smh
  14. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    LOL at this! If anything the devs should nerf the Watcher more!
  15. Francesca Lima New Player

    My watcher is hit once and dies now. I have full T4 and modded. Are you sure, your watcher did not glitch? That was the thing they were supposed to be fixing and they did not. I saw sorcery this morning using that glitch and was shocked. It did not die and it seemed like the watcher actually had a brain lol. I have to try to learn different ways of healing. People do not realize how bad this is. I know I cannot be the only healer that solo heals raids. Transmute does not work anymore, I had it at one point that I could make myself drop the crystal by the people and use transmute to break it for the heals to aoe. We cannot even do that anymore. Then theirs the dogs, they work but they suck up to much mp.

    I spent most of the night trying to figure out what would work. Backlash seems to help me heal a lot with the soul wells. I still do not have that watcher back up incase something goes wrong. That Bat supercharge move can get you pulled down and hit that you cannot even really get to use it properly. Transcendence works but you have to be able to keep up supercharge during fights. Something that I did not know about the morphing though is that it works on all pets. I got to test it out and was amazed how long it last on the pets.

    I used the 100% supercharge it amazed me when it turned all the pets and players into the ugly mutated looking dogs. I would not be shocked if that ends up getting nerfed. I did not realize we are able to spam that with so many spells. It worked in pvp and in pve only problem is the draining of power.
  16. Ekaterina Committed Player

    That is a very immature way to handle it. THERE ARE PET TRINKETS AND ONE'S THAT CAN HEAL ANYBODY!!!!!! Nobody 1v1's all day. You cant strip a power because of lair battles. That was sorcery's only burst in pvp, my pet can crit hit a 20 I dont care just bring his healing back to the way it was.
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  17. Ekaterina Committed Player

    The only decent burst without using Soul Well, Devs when you guys made this decision did yall think about pvp other then 1v1? think about pve raids???
  18. Itazuki New Player

    They didn't only nerf Watcher. What they did is make ALL pets scale on the appropriate level of CR. Before the update, pets were overpowered and scaling as if you had T5 gear... Now they scale like they should, like you have T4 gear. It wasn't just the Watcher, every pet.
  19. Ektoran New Player

    whats a pvp loadout???
  20. Ektoran New Player

    Bet your not saying that when it is keeping you alive in dawn last boss, or any raid in that matter.
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