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  1. TheEnquirer Active Player

    Sorcery has Arbiter of Destiny as a supercharge. This supercharge reduces cooldowns of abilities and increases power regeneration. Godwave Strength (a non specific power, but PET-specific power) when added onto the bar, does not get it's cooldown reduced. I'm wondering if it's cooldown could be reduced in sync with the other 18 second Sorcery superpowers. Offering (pet buff power) is reduced in Arbiter form, I'm assuming that's because it's a Sorcery-specific power. Godwave Strength doesn't seem to be in that category, even though it meant to be marketed as a Pet-Competitive artifact combination to be used with Sorcery and Earth especially and the Grimorium pet artifact.

    What do you guys think? Hopefully this could be a beneficial and well worth the effort goal.
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  2. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    Would make me possibly use bat form. Off topic, does godwave seem to be taking longer to cool down recently? Has it always been 30secs? I've been using it for months and it resets often enough I never noticed maybe. But back on topic, anything that's in your loadout during batform should be quicker cooldown or there's no real point to bat
  3. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Cooldown is 18 seconds. If you think it's going on longer than that definitely time it just to make sure.
  4. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    I'll time it again tonight. I kept thinking about it then finally remembered to try last night. Counted pretty slow, watching the ticks of the reset, and definitely counted to like 28 at least.
  5. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    You count too quickly;) after your post, I specifically checked with a stopwatch;) 18 seconds;) (I didn't really pay attention because I rarely saw that the 160 level bonus did not work before the CD ends ...).
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  6. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    Cool, I am rather hyper so I am probably counting too fast lol
  7. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I think you were just equating each tick of the icon's cooldown to being 1 second, which isn't the case. I timed it myself and the ticks go way faster than once a second.
  8. TheEnquirer Active Player

    If we could get a little bit more on topic, that would be nice. Does anyone have anything further to add to the discussion?
  9. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    So at rank 200 Source Shard, you want this change to make it so Godwave has an even greater chance to reset cooldown? That doesn't sound fair.
  10. TheEnquirer Active Player

    I'm not sure we are talking about the same thing. I'm discussing Sorcery's Arbiter of Destiny Supercharge. It states that any power used within that form will have it's cooldown REDUCED. Godwave Strength's cooldown is its STANDARD 18 seconds, while in the form. It does not receive the supercharge's intended perk. Did we perhaps miss something that should've been added? As we've seen before, artifacts can be changed or tweaked when needed.

    I would love to have Godwave Strength's cooldown reduced in the Supercharge form. This is one way, I'm hoping, is a realistic and efficient fix for the amount of time Dev's need to spend elsewhere. At the current moment, any combination of Source Shard + Pet power, and even + Grimorium is going to net less damage than a Precision or Might player with ACTUAL competitive + effective artifact combinations. For Crystal and Fury to do more damage than Robot Sidekick, you MUST use Offering / Fortify Golem. Now also, adding Godwave Strength onto your loadout, you MUST use that. So you have 3 slots left for actual personal usage. You're essentially splitting your damage, half for you, and half for Crystal / Fury. With Robot Sidekick you just get an average stronger amount of dps and it costs one slot, compared to three. ALSO, Fury / Crystal kind of do what they want, they don't just automatically attack when you give them power, it's almost impossible to time or save a hit based on the fact that pets react too slowly or end up missing the target(s).

    I can't speak for Earth, but as a fan of these summoning powers, I am a little worried as Sorcery, that you can devote 2/3 of your artifacts to be PET-SPECIFIC, and 3/6 of your dps tray to Pet powers and they still aren't competitive with players using almost any other dps combination of artifacts.
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  11. Yette New Player

    H O N E S T E A
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  12. TheEnquirer Active Player

    Not only what I stated above, but when you use Godwave Strength, it has no damage component to it. I wouldn't mind seeing it become clippable.
  13. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    I've got to disagree with this. I do agree that the cooldown in arbiter form should be reduced. But as far as uncompetitive, nope. Not sure what your loadout/ arts/ all that is but I've shared my build numerous times. The only players topping me (speaking large enough margins to be considered relevant) in st have amulet in use. Recently have been adding amulet in place of la mort. Rank 80 vs rank 180 and amulet is improving my parsers by a good amount. Once its 160, I'm expecting "yowzas".
    The only supercharge I use is grand summoning. I despise bat form and I don't ever need it. Plus the only time I would possibly want it is in elite fgse and it will get you killed because you can't move.
    But back on topic, yes it should be quicker cool down in bat form. Nothing else about it should be touched. I'm not going to keep posting my loadout but can search my threads or message me. Key to it is you have 2 attacks. Rest is for pets.
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  14. Thunderstrikke Well-Known Player

    Agree, the pet build is very competitive. I run it with heat vision and solar, and I've been at the top of the charts (and I'm not mister DPS; most builds I'm towards the middle). Over the past week, I've been trying out a non-grim shard build, replacing it and solar with the strat and trans and running 3-multi hitting sorcery powers (trying to get the jump on the SA changes;). It seems to be performing at or even better than the one above. Looking forward to running it in FGS tomorrow on reset day and see how it fares.
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  15. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    Let us know how it goes! I've been la mort/source/grim and have recently been trying amulet in place of la mort. Think it's splitting hairs but does seem "better". I'm just not spending anymore on artifacts so taking a bit to get to 120 on the amulet. Using it at 95ish now
  16. TheEnquirer Active Player

    I'm glad we agree that the cooldown should be reduced. That was really the whole point of this thread. As for the rest of your statements, I wasn't sure I was going to respond or not, but here I am. In what sense do you mean competitive? I'm talking end-game elite content. How many players do you know using a Source Shard/Grim pet spec build in Elite level content who have a chance at topping the scoreboard, and even then, who does it consistently? I have seen approximately zero. Your comment about the only players topping you have the amulet is a bit... subjective. You're saying because nobody has beat you, either you're OP or there's some secret build you know which is OP. Or could it be the dps you are constantly going up against aren't good? I'm thinking it's the latter. You mention you've shared your setup numerous times, don't you think it relevant to back up your claims with evidence or even a simple explanation of what your dps setup is?

    You state the only people besting you in damage are using Amulet. I find that hard to believe as most of the recommended dps artifacts are NOT Source Shard. By saying amulet is superior, you're supporting my argument that Source Shard is lacking. La-Mort Card has no place in this thread or reason to be mentioned. It's a very niche artifact and there are STILL better options for single target. It's not even a decent competitive artifact, you should've just kept that to yourself.

    Once again, to your last comment, you could've provided setups of your dps to back your claims, at the least.

    I'm glad we agree on the actual topic though!
  17. TheEnquirer Active Player

    I'm not sure where to start here. So you say the pet build is competitive, but then say you fluctuate anywhere from middle of the scoreboard to top. Against what quality of players are you going against? Once more, I will reiterate that I am speaking purely from an elite end-game perspective. Also, I'm a little unsure of what your setup is currently? Are you saying you are using a Source Shard / Grim / third artifact and topping the scoreboard? If so, once again, what quality of players / content are you running? What's your setup, your loadout? I would love to see some stronger points or examples that specifically back up what you say.
  18. Yette New Player

    As a player who regularly runs elite content, and as one who’s ran with multiple elite players, I can confidently say that the Source Shard artifact is definitely not competitive at all.

    As an elite player, everyone should know that Parsers will differ completely when it comes to actual battle - granted parsers do provide a good general overview of where you are at dps’ing, but in battle there are many factors that’ll affect it..

    I would definitely agree that Source Shard will have to be buffed in some way, whether it is the reduction of cooldown in Arbiter Form or the godwave strength be clippable with other powers, this will provide better balance and variety of options in your play style

    If you’re available, message me in game so we can examine and compare our DPS numbers so we can accurately conclude whether or not this Source Shard artifact needs a buff
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  19. ALB Dedicated Player

    I only seen it do good in alerts and for those who us using new movement glitch
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  20. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    This is a lot to read. Not sure how I can prove it to you other than yes, I have topped charts in successful elites. Boss damage, I don't look at overall. This is all off topic anyway but look at it like this: you go in with your rage melee build to anything that has a "stop fighting mechanic". Ok, source shard wins. The why is simple, pets can keep hitting. Plus they aren't stopping to roll out of a red pool, the don't care about reflects, they keep fighting while you do mechanics.
    Now move on to Zues. I can stand far far away and my pets will still go damage him. So aside from 2 dps that still have to use ranged attacks that may not want to, I'm the one doing non stop damage. I'm not sure what rank your source is but 3 pets, dark construct being one of them, I don't see a reason to complain. Can I be topped? Of course, but it's never by much. I'll be running elite this weekend sone more. Probably healing but will also do a run or 2 as dps. I guess I can take pics of a scoreboard for you? Tho that seems very inaccurate since it will change with every group.
    And since I guess me typing it all out again vs someone scrolling 10 posts down is easier....
    319cr, op/elite/ some purple gear, 370ish sp
    Source/grim/la mort 200,200,170
    Fury, feed fury, godwave, .5sec cooldown blast, finisher, grand summoning. Can also sub in scrap for la mort but mort is doing more st damage by a large margin. Amulet is improving things but it's under 100 now
    Always 3 pets out, dark construct bat and side kick. Pop godwave, feed fury for extra buff, and la mort if st or quick blast for adds. Just spam those and easy peasy. I never even move, just plant my feet and go. I play lazyyyy. Like YouTube/ facebook scrolling while raiding and it is very rare I'm not topping st. But again, I know people that can and it happens with different powersets. They also are probably trying, moving fast, not watching movies.

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