sorcery should be played from the tray

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  1. ApolloMystique New Player

    to allow use of the awesome looking channelled power, among other cool sorcery animations. This wont take away from the AM as it would still be a pet am...however buff should be given to ALL its might powers so it can be a top damage power straight from the tray (same concept for earth)
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  2. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    it looks to me thats the way they are headed with all the powers. Hopefully after fire and ice; Elec, nature & sorcery get looked at.
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  3. Venus Void Dedicated Player

    Sorcery and Earth were the last two powers that were updated, Sorcery is in no need of an update, as it does great damage and was one of the first 2 powers to receive the power regen mechanic instead of the refund.

    The current update is Fire, Ice, and Gadgets, that would leave us to assume that Nature, Electric, and HL are next.
    I like actually using my weapon for a change so I'd prefer if they don't touch sorcery, (not to mention WoD procs your weapon attacks).

    I also don't see what mean about using it "straight from the tray (same concept for earth)". Earth isn't used "straight from the tray", Earth and Sorcery play very similar and their power regen mechanic is identical.[/quote]
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  4. Sore Steadfast Player

    I think that Sorcery and Earth (as pet classes) warrant differentiation between them from a DPS perspective. I kinda thought it would be cool if you had abilities on your tray that directly commanded your Fury to do a specific power. I had this vision (popular or not) of Fury being a more command-and-control pet. It'd be cool if the player did channel powers to harm NPCs and that channel directly filled the power meter of the pet. The pet would use that power of its own volition for medium damage. The player would have one or two abilities in their tray to command the pet to use their power to do heavy damage. In addition the player might have one or two abilities to just do their own damage too. Maybe their moves are more single target and the pet is more AoE. That might grant different rotations for mobs versus bosses. That also helps the issue of pets dying in boss fights.
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  5. Harlequin Devoted Player

    If they want "pet classes" they should expand the pet system so it's more interactive for the player like the Beast Master Hunter in WoW. As it is now, using a pet in this game is boring and adds nothing to the gameplay experience for the player at all.

    Either create an actual pet combat system to engage the player or dump it and give Earth and Sorcery an actual AM using Aftershocks/BK interactions with tray powers.
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  6. Echo Blue Committed Player

    Hello everyone,

    A pet Supercharge attack? I'm all in.
  7. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    No thank you. Keep your boring 1234 to yourself. Add a slight might/precision buff while pet is powered to make using powers not seem like a dps loss. Add jackhammer to the earth power regen and it's good to go.

    Nothing more is needed.
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  8. MetalMario Loyal Player

    There are enough 12345 powers already. Use a respec token or play your other role if you're not happy with the pet AM.
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  9. ApolloMystique New Player


    thats what im saying...because earth plays similar to corcery...i want them BOTH to be able to play from the tray as an u can EITHER do damage with weapon combos, OR the other powers that arent currently it stands now, these powers dont do enough damage to be able to have the play from tray OPTION
  10. ApolloMystique New Player

    not 12345...u can use powers in ANY is supplementing weapon damage with might powers any different? to me it's more exciting and realistic to use powers with no weapons...besides it would be an if u want to use weapons, u can...but thats YOUR choice...YOU go over THERE with YOUR sorcery weapon character, and ill be over here with my sorcery pure might character...and we are ALL happy
  11. ApolloMystique New Player

    are u not aware what an option is? you can still have your boring dw and hb....but as my OPTION for gonna go pure might...thats what im proposing
  12. DarkNovaBlaze Dedicated Player

    As long as the weapon + power setup does more damage.
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  13. Venus Void Dedicated Player

    Well sorry to say, but that's not how sorcery works, it's already a top dps power and I assume most of the sorcery users out there would like to keep weapon combos viable for sorcery.

    One of the best powers in the game in my ooinion (Weapon of Destiny) procs might based damage off of your weapon attacks, not using a weapon in a sorcery build would completely kill this great power.

    There's plenty of other powers that you can mindlessly spam powers in a specific order to get top damage, I'm thankful that sorcery isn't one of them, try Mental or Quantum, they sound like more your playstyle.
  14. MetalMario Loyal Player

    You already have the option to just power spam. It currently works just like it should for sorcery. Weapons + powers should always have been superior to not utilizing all of your damage stats.
  15. just an honest dps New Player

    yeah screw the pet mechanics. give me aftershocks!