Sorcery Revamp (New Visuals)

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  1. MrGankU New Player

    I made this thread to talk about the visual revamp for sorcery, I think the new sorcery visuals should have a more cartoonish look with brighter colours that really pop, also they should have different colours for her and villains like they do for hl, for hero it should be blue and yellow like Dr.Fate and for villians purple and yellow like felix fausts tell me what you guys think.

    (sorry if i posted wrong im still a scrub to these forums...)
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  2. 478874 New Player

  3. MrGankU New Player

    if anyone else has ideas it would be nice to see
  4. PureDarkness New Player

    Pets could be faction-styled, too.
    villains: Make it look more violent, with veins all over the eye, and the green jelly changed to blood. (or take the hero idea and change light to darkness and loving face to enraged face for a ghost/demon)
    heroes: Make it a very bright point of light, and a nice, smiling face (like SuperDaddy in FoS2) flying in it, to represent a sprit/angel.

    This is the most basic summon in the sorc power. I wouldn't be giving it too much attention. U can just change the name to Soul instead of guardian, and give it the humanoid look of the Amalgam soul in the DLC5 villain T4 4man OP (Soul Alchemy). The aura could change from white/golden (heroes) to black/dark purple (villains)

    Villains: This one should look like a big bully, with giant muscles, with dark bloody red body covered with shiny runes. U can see skulls scattered everywhere on him.
    Heroes: This one is harder. It should look strong and scary, but with a kind heart. Humm. Let's say... A half transparent noble warrior rising to avenge the souls of the innocent? Give it some Gladiator look, with some of the T4 gear look and he should be fine. Just making him transparent, bright and shiny.
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  5. MrGankU New Player

    ^I like it anything that makes sorc look better is cool in my opinion
  6. PureDarkness New Player

    Really? Thanks!
    I have other ideas if u want... But as I didn't use sorc for a while I don't remember the exact names of attacks, I hope a brief description will be enough for u :).

    The little circle that heals u with a floating orb in it's middle:
    Heroes: Make it shine brighter, like doctor fate's orbs, so people will notice it easier and will know where to move if they need an extra heal. Colors should be dark red OR blue OR dark green AND golden.
    Replace the floating orb in the middle by a skull on a bone pedestal, so it'll look like ur summoning the dead's essence. And around it, a very bright circle of healing, just changed colors. Colors should be purple and white.

    That big circle that heals u...
    Heroes: Make it stay the same, but with light columns bursting out of some circles and moving in a circle. Change the animation for those getting healed by it from stars to something more noticeable, like a bright aura/column of light. The colors should match those of the little circle.
    villains: Make it stay the same, but with darkness columns bursting out of some circles and moving in a circle. Change the animation for those getting healed by it from stars to something more noticeable, like a dark aura/column of darkness. The colors of the runes on the floor should match those of the little circle.
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  7. MrGankU New Player

    loving it!, I hope the revamp makes sorcery look less bland and more "MAGICAL' I guess you could say
  8. PureDarkness New Player

    First time ever anybody likes my posts with game suggestions... so I guess I'll keep going! ;) thanks guys!

    Arbiter of Destiny (this might be a little bit OP, sry)
    First suggestion: make it depend on role. I'll explain in a sec
    Heroes: Your body is frozen and can't move anymore, because your soul is getting out of you to travel around. As it is your pure spirit, it should be white and bright, let's say, just a glowing body of a white color with giant angel looking wings. Loadouts r constant and can't be changed. Also, the transformation lasts for the same amount of time as it is now.
    DPS: Your spiritual form is very large with big muscles. You have an increased might and prec. Your loadout contains: 1. attack that makes you closer to your enemy and damages it (with a lunge), by the power of your magic-infused fist 2. Big magical orb that explodes on enemy contact, damaging him directly, and surrounding targets by DoT. 3. You stomp on the ground, provoking a magical whirlwind surrounding you and damaging enemies with an initial dmg burst, followed by DoT. 4. Puts a curse on a ranged enemy and up to 3 mobs surrounding him for DoT. 5. Heals you and damages targets by nourishing yourself with the life essence of your enemies. 6. revert to normal. 7&8 keep your normal trinks and sodas.

    Healer: Your spiritual form is little, on it's support side. You have increased healing, and crit chances. Loadout: 1. You spin around your enemy, with a magical tornado that collects his health to distribute it between your allies for a small heal. 2. You channel a beam of pure magic to collect health from your target and distribute it between your allies for 5 ticks of small healing during the animation. Can be interrupted. 3. Provoke magical explosions around yourself that buffs your healing capabilities and debuffs targets, especially tanks. 4. Summon a giant circle that heals you and your allies. 5. Summon shields to protect up to 8 players in your groups. 6. revert to normal form. 7&8 keep your normal trinks and sodas

    Villains: same as heroes but the white glowing spirits are changed with dark ghosts surrounded by black shadows. Loadouts are the same.

    thanks again!
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  9. Zuse New Player

    yes yes yes make y sorcery hero be like The God's Divine Wrath holly powers
  10. PureDarkness New Player

    I thought a little more about sorcery attacks. I like the shield attack a lot, but if we're already improving everything here...
    Heroes: Make it shine more. Before, u couldn't because it had to match heroes AND villains. Now, as the colors are subject to change, u could make it very bright with many points of light floating around it.
    Villains: I would love to see some holes in the shield sometimes to show faces crying in pain or screaming of wrath. Like, ur using innocent souls and the power of demons to protect urself.
    However, this idea is totally forgettable, and isn't as significant as the others posted before.

    Personally, I believe this attack is almost useless, but oh well, judge urself. However, I still have a few ideas to improve it.
    First: When u cast the power, u lose 50% of ur total health pool, and then 5% for 10 ticks, once per 2 secs. A second heal will be very useful if u cast this power, because u can survive even after all this time, as he might be healing u as well.

    Heroes: use the "/bow" emote and let bright strips of light connect you to your allies for the initial healing burst. Then, the lines disappear and leave only floating starts for the "over time" part of the attack. I chose this animation (/bow) because it should show that u actually honor your allies and sacrifice yourself with respect and for a greater cause.

    Villains: use a taunt emote (doesn't matter which one) with strips of darkness and then shadow orbs. The emote signifies something... "look at my power imbeciles! I spend my vital essence for you, so u better stop trying to suicide and try to do something useful"-ish.

    As usual, there might be more to come...
  11. PureDarkness New Player

    I have an idea for the ex-annoying transformation powers, that might bring some of the fun back without any lag exploits:

    Instead of transforming your enemy into an ugly dog, u concentrate spiritual/demonic residues on him, creating a special aura around his head that grants him temporary madness. The aura should be like the head of the Avatar of Magic (I mean, any kind of animal, but only on the head part), while stunning and dmg debuffing ur enemy while buffing precision of ur allies.

    Heroes: The head should be creamy white, going towards a golden color.
    Villains: The head should be evilishly black, going towards a more purple color.
  12. Evil Grave New Player

    I would like for fury to be replace with an ability to summon trigon like demons like the Avatar of Sin does and also change the animation of life element to be faster or completely different similar to light weight or meteor.
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  13. Drift Hazard New Player

    I was thinking some subtle differences between the damage and healer role versions of Circle of Destiny and Soul Well. If in damage role, the circle goes clockwise, dealing damage over time, while in healer role, it goes counter-clockwise, reversing time and healing you instead. It's not a time-based powerset, but since it's sorcery, anything could happen.
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  14. Zuse New Player

    Why dont you make the 2 trees be like:


  15. Echephyle New Player

    Instead of visual, it should be a stat revamp to make sorcery better
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  16. Dielselphl215 New Player

    Been using Sorcery since day one. Healing they should just shorting the invocation of renewal time to 4 secs. DPS on sorc needs a complete do over since only 4 skills are worth using Circle of destruction, Karmatic backlash, final ruin, vengenge. Soul well in dps is cool but relies on kills the same as healing btu the buff is little to none.
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  17. Drift Hazard New Player

    IoR is already a 3-second cast time, as with most other powers with cast times.
  18. takaichi New Player

    I wish that they would update sorcery power interaction description. Vengeance Pi does not say that it gives you and allies a buff depending on your role or that you need to apply bad karma to get vengeance buff. As for visuals I think the bad karma animation should be more terrifying looking since it's well..bad karma. Maybe something like adding faces of tortured souls to the animation and if the bad karma is completely used there would be a screaming type sound from the souls. For the pets I wish for the watcher to become something that actual seems like a healing demon. Maybe the purple trigon demon? Or even one of raven's birds. As for guardian and fury I think they should become one pet and should be another magical pet as well, maybe a mini lion from the gates raid?
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  19. PureDarkness New Player

    Why don't u make it holy for heroes and Demonic for villains, with the same trees? XD
    And yes, holy doesn`t deserve a capital letter. :D
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  20. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    Well the ability to program visuals has come along way since launch.

    I would like it of circle of protection and circle of destruction had something visually different.
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