Sorcery healing is under rated.

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by J Zmooth, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. J Zmooth New Player

    I know sorcery was nerfed but I really don't see it. I've healed for over 5000 before using no trinkets and it wasn't a critical heal. Sorcery is one of the best healing powers next to nature. It honestly deserves more credit do to it being the easiest healing power to use.
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  2. Mei Ritsuko New Player

    Same goes for Electricity wait I think is even worse but looks like nobody cares :oops:
  3. KeyuBaN New Player

    What are you talking about. Since the revamp, most people have been saying sorcery got much better. This happened like over a month ago.

    IMO it goes:

    Nature > Sorcery/Celestial > Electricity

    Celestial being good because if you spec into resto/prec you can actually do really decent dmg in healer roll while still healing and using your weapon.

    Other then that Nature is still the best healer, but it also depends on the player. I know a really good electricity healer who woops my tank more then he does on his nature healer.

    so it doesn't matter.
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  4. winter13 New Player

    Sorcery got a significant boost with the revamp, so I'm not sure what you are talking about when referring to a "nerf". Offering is now a must have whether you use a pet or not. By the way, nature is still the easiest power to heal with by far. You could get away with only using meta, savage growth, and blossom as a nature healer. Sorcery takes a lot more work (and powers in your rotation) to be competent, especially if you want to solo. I will always be a sorcery healer - it is the perfect balance of work v reward.
  5. J Zmooth New Player

    I don't know how other people heal but It's super easy with sorcery. I use to be Celestial but I switched from it because the cooldown time from one of the main heals I used from it took too long . I do agree that nature is the preferred healer power though.
  6. siressarchangel New Player

    Sorcery wasn't nerfed....if anything it was buffed, that was why it was revamped lol
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  7. Sore Devoted Player

    He might be thinking back to T4-era when the watcher (and all pets) got toned down. Devs said they were mapped so the tier of the pet was +1 to where it should be, e.g. T4 healers with a T5 watcher. There was a lot of complaints at the time about Sorcery in PvP.
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  8. 13igtyme New Player

    5000 non crit...? Some crits don't always bubble.
  9. J Zmooth New Player

    Even if it was critical, with the new lv 90 trinkets I probably could heal over 6000.
  10. Sir Arcanium New Player

    I like sorcery, it has variety. While almost every Nature uses the same load out there is a bit of room for variety with Sorcery while still being a good healer. One of the biggest buffs to sorcery imo is Offering. Not only is a good instant heal for you and 3 other people, but the power it gives to pets is pretty useful. If you have a watcher you can expect Offering to allow it to heal at least 2 more times, giving you 3 decent burst group heals for one power use with the way the watcher heals almost instantly if it has the power and some one is hurt.

    The other great benefit is unlike before where the CoP of two sorcery healers canceled out and made having two Sorc healers in a raid almost useless, now their offerings help each other out. If you have two Sorc players in a group with offering that little watcher is going to step up to be a big time healer. It's also nice that the way Offering works that a DPS gives out just about as much power as a Healer due to similar stats in Vit. The only thing missing is a really good pet for DPS that actually uses it's power bar in a useful way.
  11. Sore Devoted Player

    Most Nature use the same 4 powers. There is some good variability in the last two slots.
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  12. 13igtyme New Player

    So could anyother healer power. They all have the same base heal for their big instant heal.
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  13. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

  14. Black Prime New Player

    To like any power in this game the strength is in the user. I mean i saw a T5 nature healer in a & b that did not use sg. He did not know what the heart was or hot. He was in bug form and only used blossom. Lol, then yesterday ran with prob the worst sorc healer ever. He would put his cir down on himself. Put out soul wells and not clipping. Then he would only use the 8man heal. So you can say any power is easy all ya want, but it is really only as good as the player. I really think all healing powers are on par now.
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  15. Foe Evah New Player

    That's not entirely true. Although not all of these talk about healing, plenty threads in regards to electricity balancing (both healing and dps) exist. While it can still do the job, there appears to be more cries about it than before (when it came out - and there were complaints). Some people also have an issue with trying to maximize the healing potential of electricity (which is usually when members' health is at its lowest in lieu of keeping it high, and one of the reasons it's an awesome pvp healer). Though, that's beside the point and too satisfying to others :p scaring the hell out of people is fun electricity&o=date

  16. J Zmooth New Player

    I noticed that about electricity. It's heals are way better when health is lower compared to when near full.
  17. Too Many Toons New Player

    do find not much spammable powers in sorc. Offering has cooldown..cop has cooldown etc.
  18. Mr Ostentatious New Player

    I got 16 characters, 4 are SORCERY. It is my FAVORITE healing power. I think folks have gotten too accustomed to stay'n far back out the way and have forgotten that if you dont touch that Circle Of Protection at least once, thats a heal you dont get. So I jump on my mic a remind them with a quickness. But SORCERY healers have MANY tricks up our sleeves PLUS with clipping techniques thrown into weapon combos we keep it rock'n like some STONE COLD KILLAS. I solo heal left and right. And when I have to share the healing "spot light", I still get that top healing score. Fabulous Gentlemen <-- thats my league. WE DO WORK- cute smirk. Was there ever any doubt. GENTS BE STONE COLD KILLAS and apparently we fabulous- SLY GRIN

    Mr Ostentatious CR 102
  19. winter13 New Player

    Whaa?? Anyway, he is right. Sorcery is now on par with nature, nature is just easy mode. I could care less what the scorecard says, but since the revamp I can easily stay with or surpass the nature healer in healing out. That's called balance...and its a beautiful thing.
  20. Proto1118 Committed Player

    I miss Sorcery healing. I used to be a Sorcery healer for about a year but recently switched to Celestial. Don't get me wrong Celestial is awesome but Sorcery was my first power and we had some good times. I've been thinking about switching back but with Celestial, it's so easy to heal and keep everyone alive. Plus it can do some decent damage.

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