Sorcery healing in pvp?

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by D3STROYERofTANKS, May 7, 2013.

  1. D3STROYERofTANKS Member

    I was just wondering if a beast sorcery healing would give a list of the tanks debuff in pvp because im thinking about going back to sorcery. I started off as a sorcery healer way back ago and i know a few powers to debuff tanks like
    1. condemn
    2. shared fate
    3. karmic backlash
    I was wondering if sacrfical offering a debuff. I gave a list of the electric healer tanks debuffs in a earlier message. Can some 1 also gives the nature tank debuff as well. i would like to try nature to. This will be a big help to me if i go back to sorcery of to try nature.

    I was thinking the electric has the most tank debuff. I might be wrong
  2. Kroye Well-Known Member

    I was sorcery for about a month recently, and don't recall sacrificial offering debuffing any tank powersets, but I didn't use it often during pvp. I used Shared fate for my debuff ,and occasionally Karmic Backlash, so I'm not sure about other heal powers that would serve the purpose.

    For Nature, I usually just use Savage Growth as my heal that still debuffs. There are plenty of other powers that will debuff, but few are also heals. Harvest might debuff, but I haven't used it often enough in pvp to notice. For non-healing Nature debuffs, I've used the following:Vine Lash, Briar, and Impaling Thorns. I've used Throwing Knives from the acro tree many moons ago, too.
  3. Tharkis Well-Known Member

    Unlike nature and electricity, most of sorcery's powers DONT debuff in PVP. lots of people think they're debuffing when infact all theyr'e doing is putting bad karma on the tank, but not actually debuffing them. The reality is, the only real actual pvp reliable, usable at any sort of distance debuff that a sorc has is condem.
  4. Kroye Well-Known Member

    To take what Tharkis said a step really shouldn't be trying to debuf them anyway. Pinning kitteh ears on tanks is where it's really at.
  5. Brice Allen Well-Known Member

    He tried pinning kitty ears on my Troller the other night. I attempted to tear his ears off in response but then felt bad so I let him pin kitty ears on me anyway. :oops:
  6. Zypher Well-Known Member

    Shared fate is all you need.. it'll debuff and strip their shields just fine while healing you and teammates. If used with karmic hex consumables it gives a big boost in heals by consuming bar karma.

    For nature, savage growth will debuff while applying heals over time.

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