Sorcery/Earth Revamp UnderPerforming

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  1. Ekaterina Committed Player

    1. PC test is too small of a community to test powers effectively

    I get that some test is better then no test but when you guys are comparing the damage out what powers are yall comparing them too? because Sorcery is no were near on the level of quantum, munitions, rage, celest, and now mental. It is really hard to be constructive with this topic because it literally happens over and over again. Same approach same outcome.

    If those powers that i mentioned dont get nerfed than all of the powers that get revamped need to be performing at or close to the damage they do. or we will never see a variety of dps powers in this community. Because people want dps's that can burn.

    P.S WM For Sorc is better then its AM.
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  2. Abisial Committed Player

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  3. Rewhx Well-Known Player

    For starters:
    THIS IS NOT A REVAMP. It's just an update to up the damage.

    2. I don't know if you're using a good load out or you're not fighting ads with even CR, because Earth and Sorcery pets have been doing fine for me since the GU
  4. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Unfortunately Sorc's Fury was not treated well.

    Fury has a bad A.I.
    Sorcery has a good flowing AM however Melee doesn't really go well with Sorcery IMO

    For Sorcery to have been forced to perform at 12m-18m is already a danger.
    Fury should not have been touched.
    There should have been a few tweaks to the summoning tree...
    and I dont know why people were testing on the dummies because it skewed all the data.
    now, at one point on test Fury was triple ticking and not splitting right on Soul Barrage and Transmutation.
    Then the base damage got reduced and moved from its weapon attacks...
    wrong thing to do imo..

    At one point Sorcery and Earth was Destroying Quantum/Celestial/Munitions
    Both on dummies and in content.
    After that a lot of the testers tested on the dummies.
    that should not have been done at all.

    That and not many knowledgeable Sorc Players were on test.
    Had I known you played Sorc, Id have asked you and a few others to actually get something going good for the AM.
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  5. Ekaterina Committed Player

    I dont know what type of dps's your playing against but its not the same or even close WM does way better.
  6. Lord Raiden Dedicated Player

    League mates have said that they are not getting powered returned.
  7. Rewhx Well-Known Player

    The same leaguemates that have always destroyed me in damage due to me being Earth lol. Ever since the update my Earth dps has actually been keeping up damage wise. I will say they did mess with fury too much than they needed, but it has also been keeping up with damage.
  8. Veritech Loyal Player

    The problem with the sorc/earth balance is that it was thrown in with a new DLC & one of the biggest GUs we've seen in a while.

    Everyone was caught up testing new content, flattening, combat responsiveness etc to care two hoots about two low tier powers. The only attention they got was from the pvp crowd when the pets were hitting unintentionally hard in arenas. The testers that did get into the powers did the best they could.

    I am normally pretty level headed about most things in regards to the game, but I feel right now that these two powers got the shaft yet again and I'm pissed off about it.
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  9. Ekaterina Committed Player

    Yea i was actually excited for sorc as well as there finally being a good tank power dps.
  10. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    It's a power regen mechanic, not a power back mechanic.
    You have to use a fast wm combo while WoD is up after Offering is used to power the Fury. Replenishing Adapter is recommended but not entirely necessary
    Two Handed Dual Wield or Brawling fit the bill for Power Regen.
    you can also use MA shuriken or scissors kick from HB to get some AoE Damage and procs since hold weapon combos are buffed near WM potential and AM potential. The power regen is decent on those combos as well.
    It's just gonna be tough to find some clipping opportunities.
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  11. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    Actually, Earth and Sorcery were tested quite a bit on test. Saying that the community is too small is a bit of an assumption. The problem is that both powers went through two transitional changes, and the final change was only a couple days ago. I believe that the most recent damage adjustments were what hurt the power.

    Initially, Earth and Sorcery were out-performing Quantum, but Quantum was also broken. Quantum has since been fixed in such a way that it is even stronger now than it was during initial testing and pre-update. What we have right now is not a failure to test but an ensemble of changes that happened last minute and could not be properly tested and given feedback for.

    It's now up to people on live to voice concerns and hope changes based on that feedback make it into the next update.
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  12. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    A lot were. Im gonna shoot a few of you sorcery guys a pm and see if we can coordinate something.
    Also post in the feedback thread. Rotation and your dps in the parser using AM and WM.
  13. Lord Raiden Dedicated Player

    In the notes it read that after you used offering the next two powers used from the summoning tree would regen power, so I was confused as to how it worked and I'm trying to help them figure it out.
  14. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    I was scratching my head a bit too lol.
    Maybe that will help.
  15. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Yea replenishing adapter and reserve tank work very well for earth and sorcery.
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  16. Ekaterina Committed Player

    are you serious lol?
  17. minuteofdecay Committed Player

    It only gives u 4 power per second for 12 seconds per spell u cast. I think the other power back abilities should be like this [sarcasm ]

    Edit: tell them to cast offering then CoD then press up on the controller cross hairs go down to where it says offering and open it up and it will tell them that info
  18. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    Sorcery's power regen function is still a loss on power. There's no power return to compensate for the loss from using offering. The regen can compensate for most of the cost of whatever two powers you use right after offering, but without a controller, you're going to have to take a break at some point and combo up to get back full power.

    I'll say it again. Not a fan of the pet AMs. I'd much prefer if we were at least given a 2nd half to this AM, where we could use guardian or brick in place of fury and crystal, and once those two are active, they will essentially allow the user to get the same burst power returns that other AMs use when they use several of their burst oriented damage abilities from either tree, which would also allow earth to utilize an aftershock AM, while still binding the AM to pets (at least having them present). This alternative AM method would also free up one of the very limited tray slots, as you wouldn't need to use offering or fortify golem, since you're not worrying about brick or guardian doing damage/spamming their own power.

    Haven't tested out earth yet, but the small cooldown window when offering is used doesn't provide a lot of opportunities to recover the expended power via weapon combos. I figure this to result in players having to use fast firing AMs that you can use twice, along with the animation time of any two powers, before offering comes off cooldown. This makes WoD, clipped after offering, a better choice, though you're probably still going to want to grab shard since its the only ranged BK multi-cast attack you can use that also factors into the AMs power regen feature. The cooldown window of offering is similar to that of quantum's time bomb. Comparing the two mechanics is like night and day, with sorcery (and likely earth), feeling very clunky and awkward to use.

    Would really like to get more traction/feedback on the idea of the above mentioned 2nd AM, via alternative pet use, for sorcery and earth. As it stands, it would seem that nature, earth, sorcery and electricity are having to use WM intermixed with their AMs to stay competitive. Nature can get away with a particular rotation that keeps power return going, albeit with the use of redundant poison castings, and elec can do something similar via redundant recasts of electrical charges on targets (though that may result in a drop in dps, considering the stacked and unified charge has a higher max damage potential than individual charges). Sorc and earth are kinda screwed.

    The quick and dirty method of improving these two power types would be to up the damage Fury and Crystal do, or to scrap power regen in favor of power return - one that returns 150% power expended (twice) to compensate for the loss of power on offering/fortify. To reitterate, you're using 3 powers there, but only the last two regen power to cover the cost of only the last two powers - with this change, the 2 powers used would both attempt to compensate for the cost of the first power too.
  19. minuteofdecay Committed Player

    I'll repeat this again u only get 48 power back per spell and it takes 12 seconds to get that. There isn't a power the only cost 48 power and it takes two casts to get even that amount.
  20. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    Sorry, should have clarified that. You're expected to combo up to cover the other half of power generation during offering's downtime. This you can do, but only with particular weapons and particular WM combos, such as brawling's handclap > MA's shuriken storm (if I recall, the only one that can generate power return by hitting 1st combo tier as WM completes). This said, I hate this system. I'll probably hate it even more tomorrow, as I log into my non sorc/earth toons and play around with much more satisfying AMs.
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