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    im not shure if this is the right place to post this but here it goes. i need help with a loadout plz i have tried everything, my current loadout is final ruin, weapon of destiny, karmic backlash,baleful transmogrification, guardian, soul storm. any help on this would be great.
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  3. Revan 320 New Player

    it keeps saying the page is not there..?
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  5. Impact Prime New Player

    Think about DPS, not damage. Soul Storm is not a competitive DPS power. The transmogrification supercharge can be accomplished using bad karma and interactions from Weapon of Destiny and Vengeance; it's not very useful. Sorcery's pets don't contribute much either, but I'm assuming you only have it for the red soul aura for your Soul Storm.

    Take a look at Circle of Destiny. That, and Weapon of Destiny are the must-haves for Sorcery DPS. Try do do weapon combos and clip them with your next power. Always try do a combo in-between powers that aren't clipped together in instances, this is essential to reaching high DPS. If your movement type is speed, you can also look at clipping Whirling Deverish, and clipping with Phase Dodge. A lot of Sorcery DPS have taken to transmutating the iconic Clown Box. If you do this, just be aware that a chunk your damage on the board after an instance will be fake, because exploding the clown box deals about 5k damage to it as an object.

    If you do start clipping with Phase Dodge, last I checked, for some reason you can't clip Karmic Backlash with it. It just cancels it. So you'd need to swap it out for Transmutate which can work just as well. It doesn't inflict Bad Karma, but has 5% extra damage role buff and can explode objects.
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  6. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    You can clip Karmic Backlash with Phase Dodge or anything but the thing is, if you clip Karmic Backlash before your weapon hits the ground, or inches away, then it will cancel the attack and damage altogether. It's the reason I took it out of my current rotation. I run a faster paced load out and the delay was driving me insane.

    I agree with what Impact said regarding Soul Storm and also Circle of Destiny. As is right now, it's not too viable of a power for us in terms of damage. A lot of people use the Clown Box but there are other ways to do sufficient damage as Sorcery. Circle of Destiny grants you an extra DoT to any enemy that has the Bad Karma ribbon on them. In a sense, a way to spread it would be Weapon of Destiny + Weapon Combos. You'll get 3 ticks of damage from Weapon of Destiny each inflicting Bad Karma( 4 if an enemy already has Bad Karma). Aside from that, are you melee/ranged, flight/speed/acro?
  7. Revan 320 New Player

    duel pistols and flight
  8. FeelsGood New Player

    In my opinion Sorcery isn't a good range class right now 3 classes work well range gadgets, HL, electric

    Sorcery issue of why it doesn't work well range is because of moves like Karmic Backlash our best way to spread bad karma. As sorcery dps one of the main jobs of getting numbers high is ability to stack your dots(spreading Bad Karma under Circle of Destruction)

    IoR (Jump Cancels) should be your clip move on your loadout bar then Look to jump cancel moves like CoD and SW with this move. Upon landing make sure WoD is active

    Try something like this for your loadout
    Circle of Destruction | WoD | Karmic Backlash | Invocation of Renewal (Jump cancel clip) | SW or Vengeance | Vacuum Bubble (Flights Supercharge)

    For boss fights or prime swap KB with Final Ruin

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