sorcery and earth glitch

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by lanternknight, May 8, 2015.

  1. lanternknight Committed Player

    I don't know if this issue had been addressed or fixed yet, so I will address it here.

    The day the update dropped I ran Lab with two sorc players. In every room it showed them locked outside the room with only their pets in the rooms with us. Both Sorc players said they were in there with us even though we saw them on the other side of the doors. We couldn't pick them up when they went down because we only saw them outside the rooms. Yet, we knew they were in the rooms with us because we could see people get picked up by an invisible player. Also, we could see there power animations in the rooms with us too.

    I thought it was only sorcery having this issue until a leaguemate told me about an arena match he had against a earth toon. He said the pet was visible but the earth toon wasn't.

    Could this get looked at please.
  2. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    Are you by chance playing on a PS3 (friend included)? This seems to be a problem with PS3 players that I know. If not I have no idea. This has not happened with me or my groups and I have been playing an Earth character in both roles using a PS4.
  3. Domi Well-Known Player

    My boyfriend who is Quantum and plays on a PS4 had this problem in Lab.

    My character, which is Sorcery, was completely invisible to everyone during Necro. I play on a PS4 as well.

    This issue is not just limited to being outside a room or to just Sorcery or Earth as far as I can tell. Seeing as his character is Quantum.

    Also during the Zatanna fight of L&W, a guild mate went invisible but only to a few people. He was DPSing as Sorcery. When we teleported inside, he was visible again for the whole right. I'm not sure if he is on a PS3 or a PS4.
  4. Kill Shot Well-Known Player

    I thought this was a fluke in SM.
    The Tank looked like he was standing beside me but he was really 50 feet away tanking the boss.

    We all saw the boss attacking nothing and the tank beside me.
    It was pretty entertaining.
  5. Longshot Well-Known Player

    We had this happen with the famous Greenman_x in Throne, to me he appeared to be still standing by the portal where you first enter the instance. Some of the people in the group could see him in the actual room with us and some of us saw him just standing by the entrance. I am on PS4 and I know Greenman is on PS4.

    Greenman is Mental so I don't think it is a power specific issue.
  6. lanternknight Committed Player

    my leaguemate and i are ps4. i dont know what the sorc or earth players were playing on. A leaguemate that is Quantum just said it happened to her too. She said she relogged and people could see her again.