Sooooooo tomorrow what holds what comes what mayhaps be? Any guesses?

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  1. Ryll Committed Player

    It is not a risk at all to say that generally, people are apathetic about the bonus weeks. You keep trying to paint me into a corner unsuccessfully. The bonus weeks should have stopped a couple of years back.
  2. Ryll Committed Player

    Stopping the bonus weeks isn't going to cause the sky to fall.

    Shifting them to be a perk of membership isn't going to scuttle the game.

    The people who already don't spend are more likely to continue not spending regardless of the presence of bonus weeks. Hell, there are players who think not spending on the game is some sort of badge of honour.
  3. BumblingB I got better.

    Making assertions based on generalization is not a good approach. Making a claim, that you want it changed, is fine, but don't generalize because it bolsters your own views. You don't speak for me, I don't speak for you. So why would we speak for everyone else?
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  4. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    You're right - those gates should have been kept shut, AFTER you've taken advantage of them, so that newer players couldn't have benefitted the same way you did.
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  5. Ryll Committed Player

    Its warm and sunny today. Haven't checked but it might be 20C with a slight breeze. Few clouds in the sky.

    I do have a villain, on the EU server. I am familiar with the population levels there.

    The 2x artifact xp is something I have always been against because I thought it would cause a lot of grief in the long term. Look at this past year. Its done exactly that.

    I actually had a conversation here with someone about my artifacts last year. I can honestly say that I levelled up my artifacts, for the most part, outside of 2x artifact xp bonus weeks. I say for the most part because I know I fortified artifacts all the time. As I get nth metal, I pass it onto whatever character I am working on and fortify constantly. Whether it was a bonus week or not.
  6. Loremaker New Player

    Keep stirring the pot. May be one day you could become content creator for DCUO.
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  7. Ryll Committed Player

    Again, it isn't that much of a risk to take.

    It is akin to if I were to say some people don't like the colour blue. Very little risk in both assertions.
  8. Ryll Committed Player

    You are more than welcome to view the backlog of my streams in game. I stockpiled to sell nth. When I couldn't sell it anymore due to the in game changes...I consumed. Not on a bonus week if you can believe!
  9. Ryll Committed Player

    I have never had any desire to be apart of that program. Even less now (if thats possible) after the sharing of exploits.

    My channel and stream have always been a casual thing.
  10. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Lol... Pull the other one... Let me guess - you also got your feats legitimately even before the stat clamp, while the content was current, NOT by going back in god-mode with next tier gear... :rolleyes:

    Even if you were one of the few who couldn't figure out how to take advantage of the 2xXP weeks, or didn't have the willpower to delay gratification - you'd be in the minority. And if the company ran the bonus weeks like clockwork for a few years, than it's no surprise players have learned to rely on and expect them. Saying "it was never guaranteed" is simply disingenuous. It's not guaranteed that my neighbor will say "Good Morning!" to me the next time I see him, like he always does. But if he doesn't - I have every right to feel like something is wrong.

    The bottom line is - veteran players still get to use the artifacts they leveled during bonus weeks, newer players have a much longer grind ahead of them in order to get the same artifacts. And it's not like the company actually, officially said "No more dbl XP", is it? They just let people think whatever they want, or even tell newer players to hoard Nth Metal instead of using it. There is a word for that - "f***ery". You can defend it all you want, but you're obviously wrong.

    I have saved up +8 mill art XP over the past year. I'll quit the game before I spend it outside dbl XP week - it's a matter of principle. And it won't be a huge deal, since I pretty much accomplished all I wanted in the game, even without all those arts I could have had if the f-ing company was honest and transparent about cancelling the dbl art bonus. This month I've cancelled my sub, first time in the 2 years I've been playing and I'm not renewing until dbl XP is back. I'm almost done with the new episode on my main, so I'll probably just stop playing altogether until then. And I know I'm not the only one.
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  11. Dene Devoted Player

    Maybe it will be more a surprise thing ? Like more 'meatier' ones but less often *shrugs* - that may be cool
  12. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    I guess the bonus week was the friends you made along the way.
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  13. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I don't think the 'grief' caused by 2x bonus is really caused by the bonus or lack of them....more the lack of communications about it. The devs have been asked quite a few times, "hey, if 2x is gone...just say so" and they respond that there will still be 2x weeks. Yes, we got too used to a certain pattern of them and probably that made people 'expect' them....but if they ARE still going to do them (as stated) then I don't think some rough timeframe is too much to 'once a year' or 'every 2 years'.....or whatever. Not an exact date, but SOME indication that at some point they will have one.

    It honestly seems like the 'sure, we'll still have them' is a troll at this point.

    And it's fine that you leveled yours up without leaning too hard on the 2x bonus, but most people made use of them, and would use them again. Honestly, the NOT announcing they are gone-gone is probably costing them more Nth sales than not as some people will just horde till doomsday if they don't ever have one again.
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  14. Hraesvelg Always Right

    It was inside of us all along...
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  15. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    But whatever they decide to do, it would be nice if they told us. You know... like some sort of post from the people they're paying to communicate with the community.
  16. BumblingB I got better.

    You might be onto something. I think I made a friendemy in this thread.
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  17. Ryll Committed Player

    Was it you that posted that the devs are really quick to correct mistakes they make in the marketplace that cost them money? Specifically citing the 1DB cash sale of certain items? I could be misremembering who it was that posted it recently but to have examples like that cited, and then say that they are missing out on Nth sales or things otherwise related from the marketplace....just seems like a head scratcher. Especially when you consider that they have always had full access to whatever level of detail sales reports, as often as they would like, to possibly track the sales of the items from the marketplace. Those reports are literally right at their fingertips to review whenever they want too. Wouldn't it stand to reason then that since they have demonstrated an extremely swift response to rectify the 1DB cash sale mistake and also considering they have access to fully detailed reports of the sales at any point they want, that the sales they are "missing out" on that is so often brought completely and utterly inconsequential? Hell, for all we know not having 2x artifact xp weeks has increased the sales of certain items in the marketplace.

    They can address or not address whatever questions they like. It is literally as simple as that. Go ahead and stockpile until doomsday. It isn't going to cost them a single thing if you do. Make alts, alt accounts...fill the banks and inventories until you have to do it all over again. It isn't going to cost them a single thing. The only thing it will affect is whatever artifacts that nth metal has been earmarked for in that they won't be levelled. That's it. If they player whose stockpiling it is fine with the level of artifacts they's a stalemate.

    The grief started long before the lack of communication. Players have always asked 'when is the next 2x artifact xp week?' Even when they were predictable players still asked. I don't think it's a stretch for me to say that they probably started asking for them to occur as soon as the first one happened. I guess it would depend on our personal definition of at what point does spamming become griefing?

    Out of curiousity, do you happen to know what the last comment on the 2x artifact xp said? I don't recall because, frankly...I still never want to see them happen again.
  18. Ryll Committed Player

    So if they have been told to not answer what then?
  19. Atrocuis_ Well-Known Player

    Unfortunately Seems Like Any Bonus Weeks To Happen Are Over Makes You Wonder The State Of The Game

    I Guess Hasta La Vista Baby
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  20. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    Well, the complete lack of communication lately has already caused me to decide that the game no longer has a future, and I won't give it any more money, at all. My sub runs out in a couple of months after well over a decade, and it's not getting renewed, unless something changes. I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking this way.
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