Sooooooo tomorrow what holds what comes what mayhaps be? Any guesses?

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  1. Wiccan028 Active Player

    I can see why my comment could have been seen as whiny, but frankly I like cookies.

    That being said was the point a flippant? Yes and I think it's warranted.

    The team that currently exists, who's hands might even be tied with communication for all we know, came in after another team and they essentially laid out a plan.

    After they laid out the plan what has mostly been a result of that plan is a buggy episode, which is still bugged.. three weeks after release?; no consistent communication; and a release of the investment practices from the folks who own Daybreak (which again at this point I'd argue actual communication is tied) . It's the communication that's mostly a problem for most people on the forums (although I'm going to make the argument that the forums will "die" first before the game truly does... but than again parts of the forum already are dead anyways).

    Since I've started playing again, which has only been for a few months, there has almost always been a bonus week, and at the very least for returning players the bonus weeks has helped at least the part of the group that pugs and open world environments. Was it what everyone wanted? No, did I still see people playing it? Yes.. If the current team even said "No more bonus weeks", I wouldn't say that's the right call... but I also wouldn't say anything.... after all at that point its at least communication.
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  2. TermsOfService New Player

    Bonus weeks have become a normality. It’s why they’re no longer called bonus weeks. They’re spotlights now (and technically, it’s still is a bonus of x2) but it’s now expected. It’s the first thing people ask after reset, or look for before reset.

    Players care about them (they bring players back to old content) to finish off stuff, or start stuff they never did.
    You are right in - that stopping them probably wouldn’t make a significant impact. But it certainly won’t help an emptying game. AND… the greater question is… why stop them at all? It would be just another thing removed/not fixed/not given/taken anway example of this company cutting back but by bit on the money it spends for decent servers. On new content, on even the very daily sun bonuses ffs lol! And just one more nail in that coffin lid.

    The new DLC is already emptying out. And it’s only in its 3rd week. The more people who become disinterested, the worse it gets. And when they stop playing as much, others stop playing, because they cbf standing around asking for a tank for 8 days.

    The only people that’ll be left soon, are the absolute die-hards, who log off for reset only, and spend literally every waking moment on it. And the sweaty folk who only log in for a few days every new dlc; so they can be first in the census, when they game finally dies. (No idea why that would matter to anyone tbh! But it clearly does)
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  3. Dominic Blue Dedicated Player

    It’s too bad they couldn’t have you know dropped us a line here and on X and been like “no bonus this week but stay tuned for blah blah next week”. Like others have said they’ve been doing bonuses weekly for years they only don’t do bonuses when something new drops like a capsule or DLC or seasonal. We’ve been asking no begging for better communication for a good part of a year and the lead producer even acknowledged that and here we are today with zero communication from them. They might even be phasing out bonus weeks now who knows but again that’s something that warrants communication to their playerbase doesn’t it? I seriously can’t see how the people who run DCUO can find this radio silence acceptable. This is not how this game has been run before and if this is how it will be run from now on I’d think them communicating that to us too is necessary. People are leaving this game in droves. At this point I don’t even think we can completely blame the past decisions of Daybreak on the low player numbers I think the remaining players are leaving because of the new decisions and these are mostly not being transparent at all with players.
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  4. BumblingB I got better.

    No, but they do generate interest in content outside of the new stuff. Yes, some may not be as important as double source marks, double/triple current DLC currency, or the all mighty double artifact XP fortification, but they are something that is useful for the community to look forward to.
    Way longer than 3 years. I want to say around 2016 when they started doing them and IIRC it was only a weekend, but they found the week long ones more useful.
    You are speaking for a whole community, but you really are speaking for is the vocal minority. Our league does use these events sometimes to model feat nights to double up on rewards for players that may have already had feats.

    Yes, they are not guaranteed, but it always feel weird when something that is only a positive, even if not widely used, is removed. Which just puts it at an overall negative.

    I'm always for bonuses for legendary subscriptions, but I would be against this, because that doesn't bring players to the game, that just would push them away. Want something good? Open your wallet. Always leaves a bad taste. I'm lifetime, btw.
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  5. Ryll Committed Player

    Yes, the current state of communication is crappy. That doesn't change that in general, people don't care about the bonus weeks. I never said no one played content of the bonus weeks. I still play through some of the bonus weeks myself. Not all, but some. Whenever I do, I can honestly say I don't recall more phases in whatever content than whatever the current episode any point of the population levels of whatever the current episode is. I can also honestly say that I don't recall that many people being truly excited about a bonus week. Sure, we all have our favorite episodes or content in game. I have no issue acknowledging that in the least.

    The bonus weeks should have stop a couple of years ago...or at least been moved to be apart of membership perks.
  6. Ryll Committed Player

    I don't care what they are called. So are the weeks with 10x legends count rewards bonus weeks or episode spotlights? Or how about the 2x ally favor drop weeks? 2x nth metal drops? Are those episode spotlights? Or Bonus Weeks? A spade is still a spade.

    People are looking for them because it is the sense of entitlement I was referring too.

    If they aren't going to stop them, shift them to be apart of membership perks.

    I also don't think its much of a stretch that feat chasing is not the major driving factor in people playing in bonus weeks. It isn't much of a limb for me to say that its the bonus marks is the main driving factor. I am basing that off of seeing more shouts in public / global channels for spam group instead of feat chasing groups.

    I also don't think its controversial for me to post even at its lowest population points, the current episode typically still has more of a population than whatever bonus week content is happening.
  7. Loremaker New Player

    That's your point of view, not whole community. LFG definitely loves bonus weeks.
    And you are mistaken in thinking moving bonus week to membership is good idea. That'll only push more population away. And it looks like that's what you want.
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  8. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Not shocked they took away the bonus weeks .. am I happy about it nope ..but not shocked

    They are taking away anything that feel like they are losing money on

    Look at our daily rewards and everything we’ve lost over the last year in it and replaced with some garbage that is mostly useless … the base item box isn’t even a multiple base item box that give you one base item haha pathetic, next in the chopping block in those rewards will be the nth metal the catalysts and the ally favor id bet.

    And they’ve increased the cost of vendor gear this go around .. its one more replay for each piece now if you want to go the replay route

    I get its a business but you also have to have good customer service and as of late this is mostly lacking in all aspects
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  9. Ryll Committed Player

    I think more people are interested in the 2x whatever mark / favor they get for playing the content and not the content itself. Unless you have seen more shouts in public / global channels for feat run groups vs spam groups. Personally, I have seen way way more shouts for spam groups. Sure, you can say but there is league chat / tells / custom channels. Even then, it isn't much of a risk for me to say that spam groups in bonus weeks make up the majority of the players there.

    I know that it's been found out for sure when they actually started but tbh, I couldn't be bothered to look it up again. We both agree they have been around way longer than 3 years so it's a moot point.

    I may be speaking generally in terms of community, but it is based off observations made. The forums, public / global chats, official discord, private servers I am apart of. The overlapping theme dominating all the discussions I have witnessed is that the bonus week isn't 2x artifact xp, therefore it doesn't matter. I can just as easily point out that your league does not constitute the majority of the player base, therefore the point is moot again.

    If they remove something it doesn't automatically place it in the negative. All it means is that it is simply removed. I am by no means saying they remove good things for the sake of removing them. What I am saying is that the game changes. I still have leaguemates who much preferred AM and yet they still play. The game changes.

    The main reason I want to see the bonus weeks shifted to membership perks is because then it would actually be something that helps keep the game afloat. I also think your comment is a little to late in the lifespan of the game for having something good for by opening our wallets. Hell, I can expand that to the majority of the gaming industry pretty easily in all honesty.
  10. Ryll Committed Player

    Of course it's my point of view. That's why I posted it?

    Just like you expressing your point of view belongs to yourself.

    Isn't that the point of the forums?
  11. BumblingB I got better.

    Your personal anecdotes about what you see still doesn't speak for the whole. Just vocal. And I acknowledged that what is wanted is the big 3 bonus weeks. That will always be the case. People will always want more and there will always be people who show little interests in every event. That doesn't mean no one does nor that the whole community doesn't want it anymore.

    The devs don't see the legendary premium as a means of income anymore. It's been less of what it was and it is even worse now with the silent daily rewards changes. It is, what it is. I still would be against bonuses to legendary members only unless it was additional ones for members. One extra mark for completion of content above the double marks or an additional 10% bonus XP for fortification as an example. Never exclude always include. You get more people that way.
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  12. Wiccan028 Active Player

    Now back in the day, when the forums didn't lag and there were more overall consistent users than today, people would constantly state (even some former devs) that the forums (and I would also argue the discord at this point) only make up a fraction of the game (although I will concede based off what I view of the population that forum users might have more clout these days.. but thats because I'd argue there are less over all players). Sure people post on twitter, discord and the forums that they hate x content but as you yourself acknowledge they still run it (in spite of saying they won't... I'm sure some stick to their guns but I've only seen some of those things pop during bonus weeks for the most part).

    And granted when a company does something, even if it is only semi-consistently, the consumer will generally assume that x will be a thing... unless or until the company says otherwise. Again communication.
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  13. ¬Eternal Active Player

    Or maybe how about actually play the game an stop coming to the forums demanding double artifact xp it's crazy how many people feel entitled to this! The game existed before artifacts go an work on your SP an try an aquire some sort of skill.
  14. Ryll Committed Player

    Your personal anecdotes about your league don't speak for the whole. Just vocal. By using the term 'generally', I left room for players to play the bonus weeks. I have acknowledged that. I even went so far as to acknowledge people getting excited about their favorite content.

    I would be open to memberships receiving extra awards for bonus weeks. Anything that helps promote keeping the game afloat is a win in my books.
  15. Wiccan028 Active Player

    Hmmm I get that your part of the "people who are talking/complaining about this are entitled" crowd... but I think you're venting your point a bit too harsh my friend. Most people in general in this particular thread have ended up talking about the lack of bonus week in general... versus an actual specific bonus week.

    I mean double xp arts would help me because sure I got one maxed in the time I've come back.... but I made all my toons feed it... so theres that. I also never thought thats what I personally would have wanted of all the bonus weeks and do think people hoarding onto nth metal for the chance that it will happen (and than complain they are running out of space) are silly since they are doing it to themselves.
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  16. BumblingB I got better.

    Now you get it! So, it's important that we don't make assertions for an entire community when WE are in a minority. :)
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  17. TermsOfService New Player

    I agree! The terms used are irrelevant. These are incentives, to try and keep people online for as long as possible. A person has a much higher chance of spending money the longer they stay online.

    They want you on this game 24/7 to increase that % chance you’ll spend.

    Taking away things that keep people online, whilst your customers are also exasperated by constant bugs, lack of communication, nothing really new, is beyond dumb af! But… we don’t know their reasoning. I personally think they’re slowly but surely cutting back as much as possible, bit by bit, removing “perk” after “perk” and fixing nothing to little, to see how very fat they can get away with, before there’s a total backlash. Then they’ll pretend to acquiesce to the crowd with a few crappy give-aways, and the people will be sated for another while, and they’ll forget all that was removed, and they’ll cling onto the game as they continue to have money drained from their accounts, and empty promises from their drug dealer will continue to be broken.

    The bonus week being removed, is just another test to see what the community will put up with. That’s it! (If it is indeed removed)
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  18. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    What's the weather like - up there on your high horse? lol

    Players spending time and money on the game is also not "a part of anything guaranteed to happen". :rolleyes: And looking at the abysmal population on EU server, especially villain side, just after a new episode release, for which we've been waiting 8 months - yeah, it is not happening.

    Perhaps. But they didn't, did they? So players who started in - say - 2021 have had a couple of years, when double art XP weeks would happen every 3 months or so. Those players have tons of artifacts, because they got most of them for half the Nth Metal.

    Players who started last year? Yeah - f*** them. They can grind their artifacts "the proper way", or pay full price at the MP. Just like you didn't...
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  19. WhiteLanternNC Active Player

    It's all about respect and communication. Sadly the player base gets very little of that now days .
  20. Hotgirlzz Well-Known Player

    They added one elite duo feat.