Sooo what's your OG name?

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  1. Mightyhon Well-Known Player

    Ahh, nevermind the title, just tell us what is your best name that you're most proud of? I know you want to :)
    If you tell me, I shall tell you mine :p
    If you can't decide or wanna list them all just for fun that is a-okay too!!
  2. Caroline Dedicated Player

    Well, there are several names I'm proud of, but I'll list all I currently have! :p

    The names I think are pretty cool and original are: "Caroline", "Demon", "Bunny", "K", "Teddy Bear" ,"Pokemon" & "Fire". ( I had the name "Red" as well, but I sold it. :p )

    The 2nd type of names that I have and I also like a lot are more creative than original and they are: "Lusty", "Mewnitions", "Pewkachu" & "Bitty Kitty".

    The 3rd type of names that I have and like, however don't think they're anything special are: "Cari" ( I wish it was Kari, but it's close enough! ) , "Kawwie" & "Plush Toy" . :)
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  3. The Batzombie Well-Known Player

    I got The Batzombie, Fractured Lightning, Bizarrely, Vexacious, Homicidal Crocodile, Owlz Talon, Voltairis, Zelcova, Spooky Girl, Undead Blur and a few others. These are the ones I like in order though lol. Oh Momma Frostica is cool too.
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  4. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Brice Allen and Loon are the only two names I have that I care about. I use to have the name Demon but I sold it to this nice Villain who frequents the forums (possibly even this thread). Shhh, don't tell her I called her nice, she is suppose to be all villainy and stuff. ;)
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  5. IamINC Dedicated Player

    I got INC for my villain so was well happy , I have a few reserved for my water toon but don't know which one I will use from TheMermaid , TheOceanQueen , OceanPrincess or Drenched , will probably sell what I don't go with.
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  6. Caroline Dedicated Player

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  7. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Well, I was happy that I managed to snag the same name I used for my Ice character in my limited beta experiences when I made my first live character after launch (Will Chill), and I was psyched to get a name I used in CO for a character in this game (Electric-themed speedster named Headlong, even though Electricity wasn't in the game when I made her LOL). I even enjoy the pun I was able to make with my Atomic character (DoubleFission).

    But I think my favorite was my Quantum character's name. When I saw the preview for Quantum I was hooked, but the Time aspect of the power brought this back from the recesses of my memory.

    I kept absolutely quiet on the forums about the name I had in mind, and when Quantum went live I created a speedster with that power set, and managed to get the name WizardofSpeedandTime.

    I think what amazed me the most was that I managed to make it fit into the name slot. :eek: I have gotten a couple comments when grouped with people about how long the name is, though. :D
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  8. MisterZombie New Player

    I like this one
  9. Hamurabi Jones Committed Player

    Hamurabi Jones, of course. Todesrennen ( literally Death Race, a speedster), Lousy Lad, Nightmare Lad( for a short while), Turbohawk, Supermassive( gravity based quantum hero), El Borracho ( literally The Drunk, a luchadore-style hero), and The Colostomizer, to name a few.
  10. Mightyhon Well-Known Player

    I have pretty much deleted all my alts because I never had time to play them... :( Sooo, that leaves only my main hero, Magnificent Girl. I don't play dcuo much anymore, but if u see me in game, say hi, haha :)
  11. Please Stop Me Well-Known Player

    Best ones that I have without changing L's to i's or anything like that are:

    Corpse Collector (It is on the PSN that I keep my ps plus on, but it has always been a netflix/not gaming account. It wasn't always this way, but I made the change somewhere around Feb 2014).

    Gods Resurrection
  12. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    See my name squatting and trading lists; especially hilarious OG names I just squat for the sake of selling them over-expensively to some fools who will pay that much just to run around and show off how OG they are with their cool OG names like "Incontinence" - or similar :D

    As for iconic names as in "DC brand trademarked names" I'm still sitting on Scalphunter, and some others, in correct spelling. I do not use them for toons I play.
  13. xxProdigy Active Player

    - Wrecktonic Plates
    - Aanvi
    - Xandon
    - Hesokhi
    - Pro Beta
    - Taliam
    - InAHeartBeat
    - Ultimate Advantage
    - Maddest
    - Wing Bat

    No weird capitalizations, no numbers, no b.s. I'm proud of ALL of these names, these aren't all of my characters but these are the names that I liked.
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  14. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    My first real character was Bad Newz. A Fire Tank. But my favorites that I don't use much are:

    Soggy BottomBoy-He's a man of constant sorrow(in preparation of Water powers which never came)
    Mack TheKnife-This one I was surprised was still available. But it's one of my favorite songs so I was stoked to get it.
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  15. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    Lots of people skip on those names due to the improper spelling/missing blank. Pretty sure "Mack The Knife" will be gone in a flash once Daybreak allows the second blank for player names.

  16. Magician Dedicated Player

    May as well go through the bulk of my character list... All names spelled appropriately

    *clears throat*

    Wonderful Girl
    Sea King
    Solar Flame
    Sun Fire
    Kara ZorL
    Green Arrowette
    Holy Angel
    Super Dave
    Christmas Eve
    Sapphire Star
    I used to own the name "Mermaid" but a good friend of mine from the Justice Girls really loved the name more than I care for and I gave it to her for a good home :)
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  17. Caroline Dedicated Player


    You have pretty cool names!
  18. Magician Dedicated Player

    Thanks Caroline, I think your "Demon" name is pretty awesome!
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  19. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    So my first MMO was FFXI, and the in-game engine picked a name for me: Beltany. I didn't know at the time it was a real place in Ireland, but through the years I eventually grew attached to the name - my Linkshell generally shortened it to 'Belt'.

    While playing that game, I found my niche was in playing a class called Red Mage - intended to be a utility character, a jack of all trades, master of none. A RDM's responsibilities involved Refreshing his mages' mana supply (giving power over time basically), debuffing mobs and stunning/sleeping/controlling whatever needed CCing.

    So when I started reading about this game, I knew I was going to be a Controller. My first character was MM, but I also tried out a Gadgets character that allowed me to use an iconic reference as well as integrate my love of Controlling with the history of my FFXI name.

    Utility Belt.

    I don't play him much because he's Acrobatics, but it's my favorite name. :D
  20. Chaos Evolution Devoted Player


    the only reason i had to put x's in is because it thinks juggernaut is profanity for some reason i'll never know