Sooo I bought the DLC for nothing

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by PrimusTech, May 1, 2013.

  1. B0NE DADDY Well-Known Player

    I completely see where your coming from cap but they should of atleast gave the option. I'm just saying
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  2. CouRAGE New Player

    If you want to add value to older DLC just move the impossible styles to that content. Let Lightening Strikes bounties drop Hive Defender and Avatar Infiltrator styles. All those insectoid and "rare" weapon styles you are dropping in the new DLC7 ops could be moved to the Flash duo. Arena boxes should give the checkmate styles as extra loot for those that have the Last Laugh DLC the same way you randomly add base items to the arena boxes.

    P.S. New content should give new styles for boss drops not launch styles most of us already have...
  3. Monstrocity187 New Player

    If soe doesn't want to lose all credibility, either compensate us with sc, or revamp the dlc.
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  4. Hendrix New Player

    Hmm. No, as someone already pointed out, exclusive content was offered, then that exclusivity was removed.

    It is more like you bought a house complete with a deed and then the bank gave the keys to a time-share company and now you have to live with tourists that rotate in and out. Or in game terms, perhaps you bought a Home Turf DLC and got a deed and setup your lair and when you log in, you find a bunch of F2P players have drank all the soders in your bank and are recovering all the mods out of your banked gear. And before you can chase them off, they've read all your plans and taken your trinkets and then they logged out. They probably renamed your lair to something like "Sucker born every minute here". Am I wrong?
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  5. Voltaic Bolt Dedicated Player


  6. St34lthFox New Player

    As a premium player who purchased this DLC I'm just going to add my two cents. Whether one feels it was wasted $ or not depends on which features they wanted most in the first place. I rarely play PvP (because I suck at it) so I felt it was a gamble when buying this dlc. I mainly wanted the shield weapon tree for the additional innates and the Duo. I've been satisfied with my purchase.
  7. John New Player

    10 bucks for a shield -_-
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  8. PlatypusMessiah New Player

    I get their point. But all DLCs are less useful as time goes by. FFL is pretty useless unless you want a hard light toon. DLC 2 is pretty useless except for electricity power set and maybe a trinket. All the non-lair gear from Home Turf is even obsolete. If you buy a DLC, you ave to expect that it is going to be less valuable as time goes by. You can't drive a car for a year and return it because you don't like it anymore.
  9. John New Player

    But what about the people who decide to buy the dlc? what will they do? When they see t4 pvp gear is now free?
  10. AlTheButcher New Player

    Not trying to argue, but I completely disagree. Every DLC is still extremely useful except for The Last Laugh now. The first 3 added new power sets and loads of content that can be run daily or weekly. DLC's 5 and 6 added the utility belt, base mainframe abilities, and again loads of content that can be run daily or weekly. All five of these come with feats that can be worked on whenever the player wants. The Last Laugh however adds very little content that can currently be run on a daily or weekly basis. Yes arranged matchmaking is coming "soon", but that will simply give you access to the maps you have paid for when you feel like playing them, but not access to the feats associated with those maps. For that you will have no control over, along with the style feats which are now a "luck" feat associated with the vault. The only features available from this DLC pack are now a duo, a shield, and a handful of Legends characters. Anything else is up to the Devs discretion.
  11. Solutha New Player

    Welcome to the world of DCUO. This game use to sell for $60. Now its free with an option to sub. I have a nice shiny disc that I no longer need. Games evolve and some content becomes obsulete. This is one of those cases. You accept it and keep playing or you don't and find something else to play.
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  12. tukuan Loyal Player

    But they aren't really the same thing. In PVE if you can get a group together you can jump in and do the content. In PVP if you get a group together and no-one else is queued for that map you don't get to run it.

    Show of hands prior to Update 25 how many of you got into a Legends FOS map? I PVP semi-regularly and I had been in maybe 2-3 FOS maps within say the 2 months before update 25.
  13. Bishop New Player

    It may also be enlightening to know that a direct correlation of this in PvE would be that instead of Inner T4, their connection for non-DLC users to T5, they gave away "Wayward Souls" just because not many people ran it, and it has to fit with their new PvE schedule. However, you can't walk into it, pretending for sake that you can, just to keep that tiny conscientious exclusivity together.

    I hate analogies, and/or correlations.

  14. neptunesBeard New Player

    You get to whine more. Doesn't that count for something?
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  15. St34lthFox New Player

    $5 during a sale...but irrelevant. To say something is wasted $ depends on its value to the buyer. Not everyone has the same opinions or reasons. That's all I was saying.
  16. SuperBell Loyal Player

    OMG, why do you do that? It's like somebody using the pi symbol as a plus sign; it's not what the symbol means, it doesn't make sense to use it like that, and the proper symbol is something you were taught in elementary school.

    As for analogies for the Last Laugh, it's like an exclusive club now open to the public, and those that used to be members are now the MVPs that get to go in the MVP room (arranged matchmaking). I still think LL should offer something else now, though.
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  17. CouRAGE New Player

    Arranged matchmaking is a joke. You will receive NO marks, NO rewards, and NO progression towards feats. You will however get to measure your ****** against other leagues and since you can do that in any number of the other maps that are available to everyone it's not really a valid value is it?
  18. REEEPR New Player

    I don't care if they give everything away for free a year after it is released. Materialism makes you guys sound like spoiled children. Paying a few bucks does not entitle you to jack monkey squat if tons of brand new games are released every year. If the devs didn't enact these changes from time to time, increasing the percieved value of the game, it would wither up and fade away. I'd rather have people percieving more value thus increasing the player base instead of being on empty servers with my exclusivity. A dead game doesn't make me feel special.

    Also, analogies suck because nothing is like the other thing. I'll elaborate. You guys complaining. It's like when "White's only" started going away in our country's past. You guys sound like the dudes who lost exclusive bathrooms and water fountains complaining.

    See, it's like that, but really it's nothing like that. If someone yanks the legs of your jeans then you lost something, never to see it again. Those PvP maps are coming back. See the difference?

    I had to pay for a course to become a certified auto body technician 20 years ago. You guys can do it online now and don't have to drive 4 hours every day to and from the school in heavy city traffic. Should i be compensated because you theoretically have it much easier now? **** no i shouldn't.

    Eclusive is just another word for lonely and boring. Invite people in, throw a party. You'll have a better time at the end of the day.
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  19. CouRAGE New Player

    You make a valid point. My point was if they want to continue to sell these DLC at their full price then they should offer more value (see my earlier post) or cut the price in half (not just for sales, but full time) since now you only get half the value we did when we got it new.

    (my earlier post)
  20. Monstrocity187 New Player

    No offence but that makes no sense. It takes 4 people for a 2v2 arena just like you need 4 people for an alert. It takes a while to get a t4 or even t3 raid and even then half of the time the team whipes and becomes a waist of time. Should we just open the content and give people tier 6, 7, and 8 gear so everyone can do it? And so we don't have to be burdened by under geard players?

    I'm good with the changes but i basically paid for nothing. I had no problem getting fos legends on usps3.

    Revamp or Refund.

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