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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Pagun8552, Nov 16, 2018.

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    ...with all the "return to location" warp portals that PLAGUE all the 2/4/8(raid) instances now that the Atlantis (and it's just NOT only the Atlantis event content affected) event was implemented?

    CALLING THE DEVS OUT ON COMPLETE BULL*** on their money grab for loot locking players to force us to buy and spend replay badges while getting into a rush and mis-cicking something to get back into the fight and clicking on something THAT SHOULD NOT BE ACTIVE until the DAMN THING IS COMPLETED just to complete the damn thing or abandon it!!!

    There is a BEGINNING and an END to a group/raid run, if people cant handle it they can F4, click group, and choose to leave of their own free will (group/raid leader has an option to disban).

    NO NEED FOR 50 portals "to leave instance" spread out every 50 meters in a damn instance!!!
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    Someone peed in his breakfast cereal!!!
  5. Schimaera Devoted Player

    I'd like a screenshot of countless Return to Last Location portals over a single instance.
    a) because it would be funny
    b) because I don't believe there is.

    A Return to Last Location portal is at the beginning and the end of every instance - be it a raid, alert, duo or solo. Only exception are operations where you have a "return to Watchtower/Hall of Doom" portal from where you can re-enter the instance as long as it has not been completed.

    @ OP: Even if you leave on accident, you can just requeue or get re-invited to finish the instance. Just because you are lootlocked from the first boss, it does not mean you are locked from the last boss encounter. Hence the indicators " <player> is locked from <specific> encounter" in your on-duty menu. So chillax.

    So if you ask: What the heck is up? Well, nothing is the heck up.
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  6. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    For the record, if you are talking about the many portals in the silent School alert, only one takes u back to previous location (as in leaving instance) other portals take u farther in the alert (right portal/orange) or back to the beginning (left portals/blue)
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  7. Nyx· Issue Tracker Volunteer

    If you're loot locked means you already got your rewards for the day. There is nothing wrong with this,
    if we got what we want all the time and unlimited loot, the game would be boring. What alert\raid do you talk
    about. You should be more specific, constructive and less dramatic.
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    Yea lol, it would help this thread :)
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