Sony Online Entertainment Becomes Daybreak Game Company

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Feb 2, 2015.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Dear Players, Partners and Friends,

    Today, we are pleased to announce that we have been acquired by Columbus Nova, an investment management firm well known for its success with its existing portfolio of technology, media and entertainment focused companies. This means that effective immediately SOE will operate as an independent game development studio where we will continue to focus on creating exceptional online games for players around the world, and now as a multi-platform gaming company. Yes, that means PlayStation and Xbox, mobile and more!

    As part of this transition, SOE will now become Daybreak Game Company. This name embodies who we are as an organization, and is a nod to the passion and dedication of our employees and players. It is also representative of our vision to approach each new day as an opportunity to move gaming forward.

    So what exactly does this mean for you? It will be business as usual and all SOE games will continue on their current path of development and operation. In fact, we expect to have even more resources available to us as a result of this acquisition. It also means new exciting developments for our existing IP and games as we can now fully embrace the multi-platform world we are living in.

    Our games and players are the heart and soul of our organization, and we are committed to maintaining our portfolio of online games and pushing the limits of where we can take online gaming together.

    Thank you for your continued support. See you in game!

    The Team at Daybreak
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  2. DustyAnkh Loyal Player

    This is cool news, and very random. Congrats to your team !

    The big question though that I'm sure many are now wondering ... is there a chance of DCUO for Xbox One ?
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  3. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Wait... So are you saying that as a "multiplatform" community, you will be moving DCUO to xbox as well?
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  4. docjest New Player

    And would DCUO on Xbox One participate in Cross Play with PS3/4 and PC???
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  5. Lacedog Loyal Player

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  6. DCUO Post Loyal Player

    I hope this means DC Universe Online gets a bigger budget.
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  7. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    So...holy crap
    Sony sold SoE?
    What other game companies does Columbus Nova own?
    I hope everything turns out okay for the DCUO crew.:(

    How does this effect players?
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  8. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    Well. This will be...something. Let's hope the transition isn't too rough.
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  9. chipzes Committed Player

    Nah, iPhones probably :p
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  10. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Well, still a better idea than selling off a part of the players, like what happened with PSG :) (which was partially good and partially bad, for PS2 more bad than good).

    I'm curious what will change - I hope it will bring more benefits than problems.
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  11. La Shark Dedicated Player

    Xbox for the win!
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  12. Tikkun Loyal Player

    Xbox, Xbox, Xbox!

    I'm so excited!
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  13. Drifting Dreamer Steadfast Player

    Does this mean we're getting XboX? Does this mean if I have a friend playing on USXB that I'll be able to play with them on USPS when cross play happens? Oh, happy day in deed, if so :D
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  14. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Wow very interesting. Like many others I am curious is DCUO will get proted to Xbox also. Would potentially double the income of the game. PS3/4 make up what 66% or more of the income for it now. If it went to xbox that $ number could be the same from it. Very interesting indeed.
  15. La Shark Dedicated Player


    Even john smedley said can't wait to make xbox games.

    Hopefully we can see our game here get some xbox love.
  16. Dcon34DCUO Loyal Player

    Ugh, I don't wanna have to deal with Xbox players. It's bad enough dealing with PS players, and I play on console only. :p
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  17. ChuckLess New Player

    How does this affect the people that purchase the game cards? Will there be a grace period so that those are still valid for a time?
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  18. FaLeX Dedicated Player

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  19. Jason Martin Dedicated Player

    No... not Xbone... our game is already capped due to PS3 limitations, PS4 will change almost nothing... Xbox 360 and One pff...

    PC is the real plataform for MMORPG! :D
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  20. DCUO Post Loyal Player

    . . . . .

    For a firm that is managing over 15 billion in assets. They could of spent some money on their website . . . -_-;
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