Sonic tank or troller?

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  1. Nek0 Rey New Player

    I asked in a different thread if the iconic go revamped, and unfortunately the answer was no...still.

    I have been wanting to make a tank that uses the sonic powers. Hell I'd even settle for a controller since that seems more reasonable.

    It wasn't exactly viable before as a tank back when I quit, but can you guys tell me if it could be a bit more viable nowadays. Same with troller. Thanks in advance!
  2. GreenLanternForever Well-Known Player

    if i had to pick, troll would be your best bet because tanks need to grab adds and putting one or two sonic moves on your loadout wont help
    With a troll you can just throw up PoT and use whatever powers you want and hit power dump every now and then maybe a debuff or two
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  3. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    depends on how the devs would want the power to work.

    the most famous dc hero with a sonic power would be black canary. her canary cry is pure dps but it also stuns.

    some characters use sonic powers to disorient and knock out opponents. Think sonar, screaming mimi, the pied piper, the fiddler. very much controller class moves.

    then there are characters like klaw and songbird who can form solid sound constructs similar to hard light. very much a tank powerset with sound shields and sonic effects pulling and drawing aggro.
  4. ProfessorKanua Committed Player

    the only viable thing Iconic usable abilities have been used for are exploits and replacement for Gadgets SC. Other than that, shouldn't be used if you're serious about end-game (and don't exploit). I've seen my fair share for people spamming heat vision over and over in a T7 duo. You would just be there, not actually contributing.
  5. sean04122009 Well-Known Player

    Sonic could be good for a troll similar power in my signature (Sound) ... Need to update powers with a.m once my computer get fixed to much to type though the phone ....
    Tank -- I can see sound working similar to ice with shields or barriers .... Echo(reflect) ,, Nullify (defense buff),,, amplify(4 man defense buff) ,,,,,,, Sound absorption( 8 man immunity ),,,,, hush( entrap enemy in a sound cage) .......Mantra( 25% sc use sound to heal and reflect all damage while healing)
    Intanglement ---( use sound waves to pull 2 enemies towards you imbedded in waves)
    Sonic trapping- (waves circle around you pulling all nearby/mid-range enemies)
  6. Nek0 Rey New Player

    IN case it went clear, I meant with the current in game iconic, and power sets. I wasn't asking about what a sonic powers would be role wise.
  7. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    Definitely controller. Iconic power costs, last time I checked, were wonky, as were some of their cooldowns. The most useful element of the sonic shouts in the game are the stun effect, and considering the refire rate of the abilities, a controller will make the most of them as they don't refire fast enough for a tank to use them strictly for aggro gain and lockdowns compared to their standard powers.

    I'd be 100% fine with an iconics revamp, including an AM, so every character has an alternate AM they can use. (I hate the pet based AM's with a passion and would use the iconics variant in a heartbeat).

    IE: Simple AM. Using any 3 DIFFERENT iconic powers triggers power regen on each successive iconic power used. The attack power of each successive power is buffed, similar to the HL AM's wind up. Mid-range only iconics become full range when used with the AM. Likewise, all single hit abilities become mutitarget (at least up to two enemies). Iconic SCs can be used to extend the AM chain, but are not buffed. Hell, the exact same thing can be done with movement tree abilities, so long as 3 different ones are used in a rotation. This allows DCUO to reinvent those abilities and create that much more customization options for players. It'd be like adding new powers to the game without having to worry about memory overhead issues - just more efficiently using existing content that's, seriously, largely ignored and could be put to better use. Hell, it even makes movement variants that much more appealing, as they'll feature a repackaged version of one of these suggested movement AMs.
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  8. Nek0 Rey New Player

    I agree with the controller part. I was just really hoping I could do a tank, but no worries. I don't hate being a troller.

    Now for that second part....those things needs to happen,a nd add more iconic/movement powers. For instance, I have been wanting ursa's heat vision blast since I got her for legends. I would also love Bizarro ice vision, and fire breath. Things like this are why I went away for a while. It almost seems like the people who make the game don't care enough to make it what it could be. Maybe if we get a sequel (which we should) that will change.
  9. sirzap Well-Known Player

    Nature has Roar, it could also stun. can heal too
  10. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    The most obvious example would be to create a Black Canary.
    So Sonic Cry... Sonic Shout..... Gadget and Accrobat.... and your Canary would be good to go.
    of course that would mean playing a Controller.

    Other examples??

    Klaw uses sound..... but not really from his mouth.

    Banshee from the X-Men could work I suppose.
    Sonic Cry.... Sonic Shout.... Flying........ and Gadget??? maybe??
    SO a Controller as well.

    There is also Black Bolt I suppose.
    Sonic Cry.... Sonic Shout.... Flying........ no idea what power to use.
    I guess you could go with Ice and make him a Tank???

    All I can really think of right now.
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  11. Nek0 Rey New Player

    Thanks. I was most likely going to go the route of your Black Canary inspired one. I'm going to use either Martial arts, or staff, but most likely MA. I might wait to see how Atomic works to see if I can swing that into a sonic tank, that can shoot energy I guess lol. I'll be making my decision on the 13th I suppose.
  12. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    The 13th??
    Was there an announcement for when they release Atomic??? o_O
  13. Nek0 Rey New Player

    Just the live stream preview. IT is the first thread in the announcements section.
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  14. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    Thanks for the info. ;)
  15. Nek0 Rey New Player

    Of course! I literally just read it before I responded to you the first time haha.

    I try to be helpful as much as possible, I know this community has some...issues some times.
  16. Nek0 Rey New Player

    Actually, i'm going to be using the shield. I just remembered I really liked it!