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  1. Etho New Player

    I'll open this thread the same way that I open any thread that I make that criticizes the games that I enjoy: by saying that I enjoy the game that SOE has created to the point that I have sunk thousands of hours and hundreds of dollars into it to further increase my enjoyment and support the people who make my experience possible.

    However, there comes a time where a consumer begins to lose interest in the product that he has purchased and begins to question exactly how often he should open his wallet to fund said product. Sadly, this is one of those times.

    When I first saw the cinematic trailer for DCUO, I was completely sold on the idea of being able to create a character with nearly any power that I could imagine, with almost any conceivable weapon at my disposal (okay, 11 weapons.. maybe my imagination isn't as vivid as yours).

    The leveling process in this game was a spectacular approach. I enjoyed fighting alongside some of my favorite iconic heroes (such as Superman, Green Lantern, Batman, et al) and against some of the baddest of badasses (looking at you here, Deathstroke) as I learned how to use the power I picked and the weapon to complement it.

    The endgame storyline was, again, amazing. In no other game had I ever gotten the chance to defend the complexly-designed fortresses that some of our iconic heroes called home against the forces of an evil space nerd. The content associated with this was a masterpiece, and to date, FoS2 is still my favorite raid.

    This, sadly, was the extent of the enjoyment I had for this game. The content that I faced day after day proved to be nothing more than reboots and rehashes of pre-existing content. The operations that were introduced with the Hand of Fate DLC proved to be nothing more than running around the cities killing a bunch of demonic adds. This was a good 20 minutes (or so) of content that was artificially stretched out by travel times and the not-so-uncommon crashes and disconnects that came while waiting for loading screens. The 60 new solo missions that came with this DLC... well, the strikethrough on the word 'new' pretty much explains my feelings. All of this is piled on top of the fact that there are bugs within this DLC that have yet to be fixed even though it is no longer the newest DLC. Even the Battle for Earth DLC lacked the intricacy of the raids that we already get for free. While Brainiac's invasion of the Batcave and the FoS spanned across three raids, instead we got a single 35 min raid that amounted to nothing more than killing hundreds of adds that lacked any real depth. Where is the 'NeurOMAC' in Gates? How about the 'Alpha Stalker Triad'? Nowhere to be found. While the Home Turf DLC did bring housing to the game, the missions associated with it, once again, are on pre-existing maps, and in some cases, are on cut-off parts of certain instances that a great many of us have already exhausted of all content. On top of this, in order to keep the actual new perks that lie within this DLC, we have to farm old content ad nauseum in order to "pay our rent" for it each month. Should I mention this 'new' Tier 4 alert that we're getting with the next update, or is my point understood?

    So, SOE, with the PS4 on the horizon, I'd like to ask one simple question: When will we get something 'new'? It's an insult to your playerbase to expect them to continually pay 10 bucks for content when there is nothing that can really be called 'new' to experience. The rehashes have got to stop at some point. I'm growing tired of seeing the people that I have come to enjoy the game with leaving because they are tired of farming 2-year-old content. I've been in a league that literally died because nearly everyone got bored of the game and quit. Even today, two friends of mine made the decision to leave this game for another one because of the aforementioned.

    TL;DR: Enough rehashing old content. Perhaps it's time to give your playerbase something 'new'.
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  2. Deviant New Player

    If I'm not mistaken, DLC7 promises all new Raids. I would expect multiple raids that are in their own instances with new Maps. Does that count? Though date is TBD, but that's something to hang your hat on.
  3. Mia Skye Well-Known Player

    March 13th it will be 1 year since we have seen new PvE content. The new OPs don't count because that was just creating one small room. The new alert won't count because it is just a raid made easier.
  4. LisaLoeb New Player

    Has that been confirmed that it is a raid made easier?
  5. One_Man_Army New Player

    Uhm, the Steelworks solo instance is new PvE content. There was absolutely nothing involving Steelworks before you know.
  6. Physique Dedicated Player

    People oftentimes overlook the fact that the entire game mechanic and back-end was basically rebuilt to accommodate the new game engine, that the devs reworked and retooled four of the original six powersets, made significant changes to the UI, restructured the reward system, integrated the PvP mechanic into the whole structure of the game, added the missing styles as drops so that more people could complete them, all while also dropping 4 DLC packs and expanding the server load.

    No, none of this seems either glamorous, sexy, or new but all of this was done to help strengthen the game and lengthen its overall lifespan. Yes, the devs have reused assets in doing some of the alerts and duos but, in the same breath, they've told us on numerous occasions that this would happen. Sometimes, I believe that when people are feeling as the OP does, it is time to take a break; from the game and from the people for a while.
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  7. Steak Sauce New Player

    Sadly, there is no sugar coating it. The way SOE treats this game is an absolute disgrace. It's unbearable to watch and hear developpers say things like "we skipped an entire DLC to make Home Turf the best DLC ever" (no source, as I don't remember where this was said).

    The game itself has nothing left to do for seasoned players. Of course, new players are overwhelmed by the amount of content offered by now, but once they hit the end game, they will drop like flies.

    I have seen many people come and go, but there has always been a strong foundation of hopeful dreamers that kept logging on to grind ancient content for idiotic rent systems and even more idiotic gear improvement. Now, that foundation is crumbling. The Runic gear was a massive slap in the face, but we went with it, because replay badges fund this game, and we were all hoping that those funds were going to be put to great use. That never happened. Instead, Home Turf happened. More obvious money making through replay badges, more grinding of the same old content every day, and a couple of "new" alibi quests to be able to use the good old "BRAND NEW MISSIONS" sticker.

    The loyal people, the regulars, are starting to jump ship after thousands of hours of dedication and commitment, SOE either simply doesn't realize that or, more likely, doesn't care. New players download the game every day, and us, the old generation that had to run FOS2 half naked, are dying out.

    It sadens me to see so many friends quit, but I fully understand the frustration. To me, this game hasn't been about the actual content for a long time, but more about the social component. And I don't need a game to interact with friends, especially when said game simply isn't fun anymore.

    I'm not ready to quit just yet, but it really is inevitable.
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  8. The Goat Level 30

    /agree completely.

    Valentine's Day "event", The last 3 DLC's, the state of PvP, announcing a "new" alert and then adding "O yeah it's a reused raid".....c'mon man. Are the suits from corporate hindering you guys somehow or something? Some more ridiculous BS with licensing rights? You're supposed to have access to tons of material from the IP, where is it?

    I hate that down the road when people talk about this game they're going to be talking about wasted potential.

  9. SoylentBob New Player

    There is the miniboss at the end of the first hallway.

    It's kind of a challenge to the uninitiated.

    Still, it doesn't make up for a lack of content (especially when the Cyclopes were glitched and you couldn't even get to the hallway).
    Giving us Replay Badges for 1.25 Raids added to the realization.
  10. The Green Flash New Player

    Amen brother.... Lol
    Let's talk intelligently for just a moment....
    I posted about this on the PS3 forums quite a bit it's even worse for PS3 players btw...
    I've drawn several conclusions about the DCUO staff at this point....
    1. They are in way over their head with this project...
    2. I used to be upset at the developers but at this point the biggest problem with this game is the management (Their the ones that are supposed to be making sure their developers are actually being pushed in the right direction)
    3. They are in desperate need of actual experienced developers (Sorry only req 3 years of exp of C++ experience for their developers is the main problem honestly)
    4. There doesn't seem to be any plans to do anything differently
    5. There is definitely a lack of professionalism/passion associated with this project...
    6. The game has lacked a clear direction (I don't even really think many of the people working on the project actually are comic book super hero fans) DLC6 proves this painfully
    7. DLC #6 will be the thing that eventually turns most people away... Nobody wants to have to earn 8000+ marks a month to remain competitve in PvP... You need at least 2 generators maxed out or its a serious painful grind... IMHO
    8. Seriously DLC #6 has made PvP a joke.... They need to fix this immediately... Keep in mind if they actually played some of the game they developed they would see why this was a bad idea from the get go... This goes back to having a clear direction with the game
    9. This game/world of DC Universe seriously at some point should be done there is a huge demand for such a product... I'm seriously hoping they do a game like this on a next generation platform... Unfortunately the lack of talent combined with lack of a clear vision of where the game should be going are the main reasons this game has failed... If I do see another version of this game I will definitely not purchase it if Captain Libery or Spytle are producers of the project..... Sorry boys this project was a little too big for where your proficiency level is currently at..... You really need a consulting firm to help you out especially if this is the supposed finished product after 2 years....
    10. The freezefest experience that SOE currently tries to sell to the PS3 players is without question an unethical business practice.... I'm sorry its just the truth... There is no comparison.... The PS3 players don't get any where near a similar gaming experience for the exact same price that the PC players pay for....There seems to be a complete misunderstanding of what it means to actually "release" finished material over there... This goes back to weak management though... You can only blame the low man on the totem pole for so long at some point you have to question why the man above the low man hasn't done or tried a new approach or better yet hire somebody who can actually produce working code...
  11. Zizzi New Player

    I hate when people say the Ops don't count as new PVE content/Raids. They count... Sure they weren't as enjoyable or unique as everyone would've liked but they count.

    To the OP, DLC7 and 9 are supposed to have some new content for us so we'll see how those turn out.
  12. Deviant New Player

    I'm holding my breath on DLC9, from the brief description teases by Liberty, I have a feeling it's more open world. Yuck....
  13. Steak Sauce New Player

    Sorry, but this needs to be bumped. This isn't your usual rant, it actually is heartbreaking what SOE does to this game and its community. It's disgustingly heartbreaking and amateurish. Yes, we will look back at this game and say "wasted potential".

    Come on! This DC! Not Sesame Street or Hannah Montana. This is a universe filled with the most epic characters ever created, it's a luxurious buffet filled with the most delicious dishes known the man, and we're being forced to stand in a corner and eat the same deviled egg over and over (pop culture reference!). I'm almost willing to go to McDonald's instead of watching this buffet rot in front of my eyes.
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  14. Evie Syrena New Player

    It got to the point where I was dreading logging in. And to think I had fun with this before.... but it's all old and stale now. Sorry.
  15. Vitality New Player

    But we are initiated, aren't we Bob? Members of the DCUO forum.

    I have to admit, I've been disappointed with these past two DLCs. One thing I always look forward to in a new DLC is being able to explore new areas, or interact with entirely new characters. Both Hands of Fate and Home Turf have been dreadfully lacking in this department compared to past DLCs.
  16. Potent New Player

    Most of that, while nice as it may be, was more of a slap in the face to people that had been playing the game this entire time.
  17. Enickma Dedicated Player

    On a personal/selfish note, I'm really sad that you and two others have quit the game. I'm going to miss the three of you greatly. I'm thankful for all the laughs we've shared and I hope someday we'll share more.

    And on another note, I now have to find someone else to train me in the art of controlling... lol.
  18. Evie Syrena New Player

    *snuggled Enickma, for good old days?*
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  19. PKMN12 New Player

    the sad part is the management/developers are still better then the ones at SWTOR. I am pretty sure the management/Devs at SWTOR do not even know the forums exist and they do worse at balancing stuff then SOE.
  20. raaddd Well-Known Player

    I dont recall them using the word "new" .

    Just wait for the next DLCs. Im sure there will be NEW content available.