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  1. IceRaider Dedicated Player

    I love the new henchmen trinkets but it leaves me wanting to put time into customizing my own cool versions of sidekicks/henchmen using the styles I have collected over the last several years. I would also like to be able to name my backup or sidekick as well.

    Custom title addition, it could be in market place for 10 bucks even, but my league sees me as one of the baddest tanks in the game and I have dubbed myself "Queen of the Tanks" . I would love to type that in and set it as my title. I'm sure others have things they'd like to put there as well should the option be given.

    Hidden chambers, I said this in another thread but I'll put it here as well. In our bases lot's of people make actual batcave like bases but others like myself have made homes. I'd like a console added to legendary players bases that gives access to a new large room in which to house armories, amenities etc. To help keep my secret identity secret. You know like how Bruce Wayne hits a console and takes an elevator to the batcave from Wayne manor.

    Aura stacking (I know wishful thinking) would love to see combos of auras like killer frost's aura combo'd with diamond dust aura as an example.

    These are just a few thoughts that have come to mind over the past few years. Feel free to discuss or add your ideas as well thanks for reading.
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  2. Twilight-Man Well-Known Player

    I want the idea of Aura stacking but with varying skin types on varying parts of the body. Like Reptile skin arms, Cyborg skin chest back legs and feet, or Tattooed skin arms with Barbarian skin everything else. Another example would be Glowing chest skin, Water skin head arms legs feet.
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  3. Knight Racer Well-Known Player

    I like yoir idea for hidden chambers. I have one base that uses (vault security the clean ones) in my basement where you have to break them to get to your secret base. The rest is decorated as a home. Its not proper to destroy base items and see the scraps on the floor to enter your own secret headquarters. One idea, you could have a holographic wall to enter a room or a book case. Many use the elevator door and put a teleporter behind it to teleport from one base to another and you can pretend you've taken yourself to a secret locked basement lair.
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  4. Brav Well-Known Player

    I think these are Some really Good Suggestions. I would Add some Pet Trinkets to the Market Place for Players to Buy with Different Appearances and Power Usage. Similar to the Pet Trinkets we have now from the Seasonal Events but More Interesting and with More Detail, Like some Existing Npcs/Enemies from Existing Content.

    I know some Players would love to have a Pet Based around their Characters Power or Certain Theme they have Set. The Powers and Models already Exist in the Game, so they can easily be Created/Used and be put as Purchasable Trinkets/Items on the Market Place. (Example: The Npcs/Demons (Varying Models Available to Choose) from Gotham Wasteland, would fit any Fire, or Demonic Themed Character). There are quite a bit of Models Currently Available in the Game to Choose from. The Possibilities are there and can be used to Make the Game more Money and Satisfy quite a bit of Players.

    Any more Suggestions for the Market Place and the Game are Welcome.
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