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  1. Zaci New Player

    Are you a villain finding yourself bored with the game lately, pugging groups with no success, feeling lonely? Then Solstice may be the league you're looking for.

    We are in the process of restructuring the league and rebuilding our numbers. We had a migration to FFXIV (If you are interested in joining our league on the Malboro server please send us a message) We are looking for active members on DCUO with no comedic boundaries and a good sense of humor. Someone who doesn't mind running low tier as well as current content and gathering feats along the way.

    Solstice is a mature league so we do ask that you be over 18. We do use Mumble and expect you to download it. It is not required that you talk, but in raids it is required that you are able to hear us. Ultimately we aim to have fun with people we enjoy with the goal of the upper tier content.

    If any of this sounds fun to you give me a shout in-game (Zaci) or leave a message below (leave your in-game name). You may also use our recruitment application at

    Can't wait to meetcha!
  2. Zaci New Player

    Online now. Come find me!
  3. Zaci New Player

    Need more peoples! Message me now.