Solo trolling drives me nuts.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by VintageWine, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. Chocolate Enforcer Committed Player

    I'm probably the only person who loves to solo troll especially when it comes to things like Survival Mode
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  2. BigAl Devoted Player

    I honestly need no help to troll. Ask anyone on these forums. :cool:
  3. Wallachia Devoted Player

    I like solo healing. I hate sharing the lights of healing superstars with others.

    Grrr >:{
  4. DarkAya Dedicated Player

    This is pretty much trolling in 2016, seriously Devs should fix this role or remove it.
    Whichever powerset you use, it's all the same crap, no fun at all. Tanks on the other hand have different options, things to learn, master. Healers, a bit less but still there's a difference between Nature or Sorcery healing. Trollers? smh
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  5. Fiji Water Level 30

    this is a joke right. Maybe you are having trouble solo trolling because you are 126 cr with 97 skill points. Here's a thought, GET YOUR SKILLPOINTS UP AND STOP COMPLAINING. :)
  6. VintageWine Dedicated Player

    I'm sorry but why are you speaking for me? :confused:o_O I've been playing this game since 2012, I know, fully well what I enjoy and what I don't enjoy.

    And I'm not even focusing on my skill points issue or whatever. My goal is to get to 100 and I'm getting there in due time, even when I do have enough SP or whatever, I do not like soloing anything. I didn't know me not enjoying something also ties in with my SP...buuut...okay. :rolleyes:
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  7. Controller Devoted Player

    Beat BBS today with 2 Trollers, 2 Healers, 1 tank and 3 Dps's.

    Had good burn, continuous power, kept 2 debuffs on all bosses, and good heals.

    Would've beaten it in 30-35 min if it weren't for most of usl learning the mechanics. Ended up taking us almost an hour, with 1st run for most of group.

    Dual Rolls rock.

    Tank was only 156, but was GOOD.
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  8. Fiji Water Level 30

    been playing since 2012 but not at 100sp yet? maybe your experience in the game is the problem.
  9. VintageWine Dedicated Player

    I've played since 2012 on villain side with an ice tank named VintageWine, electric healer named ParadiseEve. After a while, I went over to EUPC side and played as a celestial healer with the name MagdalenaBonita and also a quantum troll named Reveria. My league from EUPC went their separate ways. So then I joined another league on that side but then of course they went their own separate ways and in game friends stopped playing and switched over to Destiny. After the Destiny hype settled down they still haven't been playing even weeks after. Since then I took a huge break from the game, in all I took a few small breaks and big breaks.

    So then I came back to USPC side a while back but then I took another break. I officially came back to game like a few months ago, I don't have all the time in the world to go around for SP. If anything I'm doing 10x better now than when I first started out. VintageWine on USPC, quantum troll, is my first character ever to actually have got this far in the game. So you can basically say now from knowing bio of me that I've bounced around cause leagues would die out or league drama, and took breaks from this game.
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  10. VintageWine Dedicated Player

    Tbh, if I did do a 2-2-2-2 I don't think I'll notice a huge difference because I'm oblivious, lol. The only thing I will notice is me not being stressed out about being the only troll in group. Either way, I'm up for trying a group like that :)
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  11. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    2-2-2-2 : since you're Quantum, if you're the lower CR / Vit Controller your job goes from being 'mad dash power return scramble' to 'supplement power return cycle with Burst Power and stun everything you see'. That changes the mission statement and relative enjoyability a lot. You may still be the only controller if the other one dies, though.
  12. VintageWine Dedicated Player

    When I first started playing this game, it was never 2-2-2-2 or maybe it was, I just didn't know? Anyways, it was more like 3 DPS - 1 tank - 2 healers and 2 trolls. Those days were pretty fun.

    & yes, that is true. e.e eh.
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  13. tukuan Devoted Player

    Maybe not number one for me, which would be the constant waiting to get everyone ready to go, but certainly a close number 2.