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  1. kryptorules Level 30

    I am asking what are your avg que times for playing duos, alerts, raids or pvp?

    I have to say I have subbed for this game since launch. I do not play that much anymore. I dont like many of the changes.
    whatever on that. It is still a cool game.

    That said. I got on to play tonight. I sit for every que. I put in for every legends que. 8 pve raid, 4 man pve.

    I will say that the pve is last dlc. but this has been an issue with this game since the start.

    I love Battlefield, and hate COD, yet I can play when I want. I que and play. I progress even if i fail. This game nothing.

    I personally dont have time to sit and wait 10 min or more for a que to pop. out of all the ones i posted all i got was pvp legends.

    sad really.
  2. Sechuran Fox Dedicated Player

    To put things into context, I'm on EUPC.

    * Duos I rarely have to wait more than 5 minutes for, with the exception of Flashback which can take an hour or more.
    * Most alerts I tend to wait at least 10 minutes, some of them like Bludhaven are well over an hour IF I can even get a group. Even the T6 Alerts tend to have a wait on them.
    * Raids are weird. I've never had an issue queuing into Kahndaq, longest wait was 20 minutes. Others I tend to wait an hour or more for (occasionally I'll get lucky with a short queue), but like some of the alerts I often don't get a group at all and end up trying to do other things.
  3. kryptorules Level 30

    Your getting similar times. It could be the time I am on, I guess.

    Sucks for me. It is what it is. However i have only set amounts of time to play.
  4. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    It all depends...

    If you are a Hero on USPS.. the queues are pretty quick..... although there are some instance that still may take a while.

    If you are a Villain on USPC..... queues take a while. It can be quick for certain missions like Trigon's Prison....... but mots queues take a while.........And pop may not pop at all even after a couple of hours.
  5. AnonymousToughGuy New Player

    Ok, so you're having issues getting into instances yes?

    Solo Q isn't the best or only way to get into content.

    Join a league and get a league run.
    Look For Group chat (LFG) and join a run or start a group yourself.
    Utilize your friends list to make a group.

    Qs pop instantly when the group size is met.
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