Solo 'Hideout/Survival' Feats - Why is getting in is the hard part?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by TKMcClone, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. TKMcClone Loyal Player

    Why is this the way it is???
    It has to have been an issue since the beginning of DCUO?


    Here I go again!
    Please add in an access door to the 'off mentor' hideouts that have uncompleted feats!
    I understand, why there is not access, if it's available in an 'onduty' mission. Otherwise, I should not need to find someone to group me into 'their' solo mission to complete a ‘solo’ feat.

    It’s ridiculous that I can’t get into a pre 30 level mission. To turn out a bunch of stupid flames in the magic shop, just because it’s off my mentor. This is the 'Fire Sale' Feat. I attempted to complete

    I’m a so frustrated that I have to find help to get into 'Hideouts' that are off my mentor. Just for all these little 10 point feats, briefings and investigations.

    For Example, my main toon is Batman mentored and I was required to find someone to group me into STAR Labs Facility (where Meta toons fight Metallo) and China Town Electronics Store for investigations and briefings. Star Labs took about an hour to find someone. In all requests I sent a tell first saying why I wanted them to group me. So, I was careful not to ninja invite. But come on, who wants someone trucked out in Tier gear running a level 10ish SOLO mission with them??

    And what about the feats from the 'rescue Superman in the Hall of Doom' and 'Shadow lands Missions' how does that work for someone 'off mentor'??

    Please someone tell me I'm an idiot and that I'm missing something., but why are their solo feats I can't complete because of access restrictions?...
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  2. REEEPR New Player

    I've had no problems at all getting these. Either get friends with different mentors or just shout for example "Need Batman mentor to let me in T.O.Morrow. Will give bits" The later will have you grouped in minutes. Just give them 6-8 red or yellow bits, their time is worth it.

    Yes, i understand everyone wants to be self sufficent but even an old hermit like myself needs a friend or 3 in DCUO. Plus we know how awsome the game runs when they change the coding, don't we.
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  3. Luthia1281 New Player

    This is a hassle, specially on the villain side. Ive stood hours shouting for Tech/meta/magic mentored villains to let me into instances and I usually never get a response xD
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  4. Statman New Player

    I will say, that Magic mentor mission is weird, as most stories only have 1 instance, but that one has 2, both with a feat involved. This isn't so much an issue with other mentors, as their early missions have been reworked as solo missions currently (besides the level 30 instances - T4 Challenge Mode please?).
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  5. TKMcClone Loyal Player

    yeah, I gave bits and goodies before.... but, still, this is just plain broken.

    oh man. Why couldn't have just been an idiot.
  6. Maxx_Watt New Player

    If the intent of this was to get people to socialize it has failed miserably.
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  7. TKMcClone Loyal Player

    I just don't understand how this issue has survived repair for so long.

    After you complete your final mentor mission, you should get full access to all of your own faction locations. Unless they are used by an 'on-duty' instance. Access should last, at least until you complete the feats involved. If the intention is for you to complete the solo feats you need to get access to the areas in which you complete them, on your own.

    Why is that so hard to make happen?

    I'm putting a support ticket on this to see what the reply is.
  8. TKMcClone Loyal Player

    by 'Socialize' you mean 'Employee for exobits'?

    'Need access to Magic Shop via Wonder Woman Mentor..will pay in bits'....hmmm Sounds more like a want ad to me than LFG. I guess it should be in the trade chat...
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  9. Statman New Player

    Many in the past have suggested that these missions be accessible via renown levels, which in my opinion does make sense.
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  10. Goony New Player

    be glad you didnt have to do these when they first came out i.e. when dcuo was new, you had to have 5 people in your group and you had to be the 5th person to enter the mission otherwise you would not get your feats done
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  11. TKMcClone Loyal Player

    Maybe they should have just removed those feats all together.
  12. Doctor Nova New Player

    Yo! SOE!
    Add an item to the Renown Vendors. In the Magic wing, from the magic vendor, a trinket that morphs you into something and then you have temporary access to the instances that have been exclusive for Magic mentored players. (one for Meta and Tech too)
    You have to reach Trusted Status to become eligible to buy the trinket.

    Yeah, I recall the lonely nights at the doorway with my cans of PBR. Asking for help via chat to get into those a long time ago. Being passed by a villain as they entered and scrambling to click the awkward UI buttons to see nearby to get their name and send them a tell. I was never fast enough to get a name. They'd just drop from up high and pop in there. Was thinking, I'd been using chat, but they didn't see it before they went in? habla english? oh well.
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  13. Minnion Loyal Player

    Well, I've had some luck by letting off member players into instances in exchange for them doing the same for me, it worked quite well.
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  14. TKMcClone Loyal Player

    You Sir, are brilliant.
  15. REEEPR New Player

    I do agree with you guys. They could even offer another tier of renown you would have to reach that let us into those missions. I'll give this thread a thumbs up ;)

    The three renown bars could merge into one bar after you get your three badges such as below

  16. Pop a Trinket dey sweatin New Player

    I've never gotten any of those feats because of the restricted access. It's kind of a hassle having to find someone to let you in and everyone I know has the same mentor that I do.

    I guess I'll eventually find someone to let me in, but it would be much better if I could just have access myself.
  17. Shadowdragon Loyal Player


    LFG Oz mentored toon to hold hands with so we can do the Emerald City instance for feats.
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  18. ZEUSofGODS New Player

    It's a mmo... Massive multi-player online... Multi being the key word here... Some feats u are going to need help with.. It just so happens that there are 4 solo missions that require assistance... Get a league mate to help... Batman and sups seem to be the most common... Wonder Woman was my most difficult to get...
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  19. TKMcClone Loyal Player

    There is a difference between the 'on duty' groups and actual forced socialization by joining a league or ask people for stuff.
    I can't believe this situation was created 'by design' as a method to force you to socialize. I believe that it is clearly an error.
    I they intended you to be taken into theses areas it should be in the 'on duty' menu.

    My points from the support ticket exchanges...

    These are SOLO feats.
    Many people have an expectation that you should pay them to help you.
    Do I really need to have someones group to get in these pre-level 30 locations?

    If the Feat is a Solo Feat. I shouldn't need to find someone and depend on their kindness to do the SOLO feat. I also play late night (EST). and there are less people around. The last time I tried to do what you suggest it took me an hour to find someone who would help.

    I really subscribed with the solo content and on duty missions in mind. I don't have much interest in the social aspects of leagues and regular groups or meeting other people, let alone asking favors of total strangers.

    It seems like I'm being cheated from parts of the SOLO game. These feats are not achievable without the intervention of a third party whom I do not know and is not an employee of SoE.

    To the best of my knowledge, my subscription agreement is with SoE. I am being denied access to part of the environment that requires access in order to reach goals that SoE has set as attainable in the SOLO game.
  20. Doctor Nova New Player

    It was because of this old bug that I completely ignored the Fets for a looooong time (& I quit during that long time). When I came back they fixed it. Since my league had quit and nobody on my freind list ever got online, I was left drinking like a bum and sitting on the doorstep to East End for many nights begging for help to get inside.

    Trinkets from Renown Vendor for the win. I wonder if my suggestion of waiting to achieve Trusted status is the way to go, the instances in the list do include 2 rank 15 missions.... hmmm.

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