solo healer for artifact?

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  1. pinnywizevillainps4 New Player

    I was trying to see if anyone has or knows if it's possible to solo Greek the new artifact raid? Thanks.
  2. Baby Sister Committed Player

    Yes earlier someone solo healed it in the artifact I was in :) it was a sorcery healer

    We started with two healers sorcery and celestial but the celestial Dc'ed at split group part so we got a dps and everything went swell not even no retries for bosses the solo healer did a very great job for sorcery and got added to my friends list so yes it is possible :p
  3. kawe Loyal Player

    I that the one with Kalibak as end boss? (sorry, I have yet to get the raid names memorized, lol)

    If so then ye, solo healed it on first run. Second run we done it with 2 heals tho. Different group and all.
  4. ARI ATARI New Player

    solo healed it a few times now.
    only place i need a second healer is in lockdown last boss.
  5. TheHeartbreakkid New Player

    I solo healed it.
  6. Mistress Magic Active Player

    I'm finding it hard not to see that as an Insult. it's not hard to solo heal as sorcery
  7. ChibiMechaX78 New Player

    I can see it done. There are risks though.

    For example, when Kalibak points then charges ive seen ppl get sent flying into the white light aoe. Its a one shot, but sometimes not and does no damage for some reason. Anyways, the best way to get them rallied is to have a shield on to get them up and have them wait til the Aoe goes away to be safe. Thats just one example of something that could happen.

    Now imagine if that happened to a healer and a troll with a shield just isn fast enough, you are out a solo heal and you are stuck with kalibak.

    I can see myself solo healing on my main, who is celestial. In fact ive had to do solo heal for a little awhile each time the 2nd hlr went down then picked up. Yes i know a little while is different than doing the whole fight that way but consider this... His one shots you cant heal and his only heavy damaging attack that could hit the whole group(or just a few) is that white light aoe. The adds dont hit hard and dont become a issue until they pile up if the burn isnt good. The boom tubes only spawn one ad even if you close it fast anyways. Plus that aoe jackhammer stun attack does little damage and i could just pop a HOT and the group would be fine.

    So is it doable? Of course.
    Risky? Yes
    A dps that can switch to healer seems like a good idea,if you are the cautious type, when you lose that solo healer in a unfortunate accident. Im just a cautious person so i ask for a second healer just in case i go down for whatever reason.
  8. BRITTENY Dedicated Player

    You can solo heal all of the raids. It really depends on your group.

    With Artifact, for the split, we just have the healer go on one side w/ 2 dps and a troll, and the other side has the tank, 2 dps and a troll.
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  9. Baby Sister Committed Player

    I'm sorry, it's really not sorcery is my favorite power for healing I have 2 healers 1 is my main villain and 2 is my sorcery healer Big Sis and they're both sorcery .... Sorry but sorcery is my favorite power after Quantum not including mental which is my second fav trolling power
  10. blklightning New Player

    Definitely doable.

    I play it cautious and am not willing to solo heal anything that I previously have not run.
  11. ChibiMechaX78 New Player

    Thats exactly how i was when i first ran the raids.
  12. Mageara Well-Known Player

    Solo'd it with 5400 resto.

    Im better than you in. every. way. EVER.

    jk.............. love me..............
  13. blklightning New Player


    I won't solo heal Lockdown, as I like to be the target of Kraze's teleport attack. In a group where that responsibility is on someone else, I'd give it a try though. As for solo healing in general, I don't like to solo heal anything that puts an undue amount of stress on me that's not commensurate with the stress levels of the other players in the team.
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  14. Solutha New Player

    My league ran 1,1,1,5 in the 1st two raids without any problems. We haven't tried lockdown due to scheduling conflicts but we will probably start out with 1 healer, 1 tank and 2 trolls and see how it goes.
  15. Ice Lantern New Player

    And you can even solo heal that also.
  16. ARI ATARI New Player

    probably, but we beat it the first day after 2.5 hours.
    havent been back in, that was more of learning the mechanics of the last fight.
  17. TheHeartbreakkid New Player

    You are! But in my defense.....,,

    I wasn't ready.
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  18. light FX Steadfast Player

    Well if people pay attention to his charge that doesnt happen right? Kalibak looks away from the tank and shoots his little staff thing then turns and points and then charges. Pretty easy to see imo. Took me all of 1 attempt to spot that tell. And ive run it 5 times now with all 4 healer powers soloing and had no issue.
  19. GaeasRevenge New Player

    I have done it with all 3 of my healers but its not easy. Ends up being us carrying a weak dps. I rather have 2 healers..
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  20. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    yeah, even electric can solo it.
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