Solo Content & DLC Storylines.

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  1. Buckley Loyal Player

    Not so unrealistic, there is a huge modding community that could benefit from this, also it has been done successfully in 2 other mmo's that I play. Is it easy, no, but imagine a game with unlimited content, that does not tie down the dev team, NWO has about 200 hours of approved foundry content that was not done by a dev team, just players.

    I would say asking for the devs to create solo story driven content is unrealistic, they don't have the time or manpower to do it without taking away from their planned pipeline.

    Link to NWO foundry. (just for interest sake)
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  2. GregDawe New Player

    Unrealistic because of licencing issues. Not a chance DC will let you create your own content haha

    Solo driven content would infact create an actual game, one with a story that drives the point that the story is meant to about, you, being the hero/villain.
    Even villains at the moment are saving things and helping people.
  3. Sechuran Fox Dedicated Player

    I think the foundry and that webpage thing were you could use the broker and play games with your minions were great ideas, and fully support the addition of both of them (in some iteration) to this game. The big issue I see is trying to get a foundry type thing past DC, we all know how weird they can get about things sometimes.
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  4. Buckley Loyal Player

    Funny thing is players come up with some good ideas but in the same post shoot it down. So the devs don't need to take note of it because the player already gave a reason why it should not be done.

    Just a example:
    Give us something similar to Area 51, let us decorate it like we do our bases, a few options on interior lvl's to go into, that also gets decorated the same as a base. For character interaction we can have a pre selected list of drop down scenarios and amount of interactive toons. Something like; do this then report to me/other toon -> other toon tells you to go in building A bla bla bla.

    A very simple way to think of this is a base with amenities, but you tell the amenity what it is.

    Its not impossible, but once done you have a system that can pump out content quicker than the devs could. Yes there is a whole bunch of things that need to be taken into account, but first get the idea across and work from there.

    Don't come up with the idea to use your sidekick in a browser game to farm marks or something then go and say, but its in a browser and won't work/licensing/browser compatibility. <--- you have already given the devs a reason not to consider it.
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  5. GregDawe New Player

    I never said it is a bad idea, nor will I, I like it.

    But there is far too much that DC will find in the smallest detail that will derail the whole thing.

    To put things in perspective, they took years to change their mind about letting us have a green aura, and the one we got was the MOST SPECIFIC shade of green as to not actually resemble anything an actual GL npc has.

    Every enemy you would create, more specifically, the bosses will have to have some sort of DC iconic nature to them for it to feel remotely relevant to the game.
    Not only that but they way in which you construct your story in your custom mission would be covered in red ink at the hands of DC.
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  6. Buckley Loyal Player

    We have seen superman die, kill, lose his temper. Batman wears a yellow ring then a black ring, almost all his side kicks die. How much worse can we make it?
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  7. GregDawe New Player

    We were not allowed a GL symbol as a "symbol item" as heroes due to risk of us "tarnishing the image" of an otherwise heroic property.
  8. Buckley Loyal Player

    yet we have one now, maybe it was so we did not mess or take away from their planes for GL inspired gear.
  9. GregDawe New Player

    We don't have one now.
    The GL inspired gear is the compromise,
    We do not have a GL symbol that we can throw on any chest style
  10. Alpha XXX New Player

    I think we need a dlc that is smaller scale, more geared to reproducing everyday heroism and villainy. The 'daily acts of XXX' is a great concept that never really got going and could be made much more involving.

    There is also the opportunity to provide contentious pve and pvp scenarios that spawn as a result of player actions so their location and timing become all but organic.

    Where's a simply bank raid or armoured truck heist? (ok diamond event kinda)....villains should have multipart planning missions that result in some crime that spawns investigation missions for the heros...failiure to defuse the problem in time (which may be over the course of a week) results in an 'event' allwing villains to plangt bombs around the city and in turn create collateral damage that heros need to resolve (in pvp zones this can also spawn a pvp map which accumulates over the weekend to a particular headline for Monday mornings papers) etc. We need to make the incredible environment come to life, to be more than a place to stand between queues...there is so much potential to mine.
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  11. Buckley Loyal Player

    Thats what I meant the gear would be less impressive if we had the symbol be for the gear, that could also be why we won't get a symbol in the future, we already have the gear with the symbol.
  12. Hero of Justice New Player

    I'm probably in the minority, but I never thought the comic cutscenes were all that great at advancing the story, and certainly not for the apparent cost that it took to make them. I also have loved the idea of trilogies to fill the storytelling gap and liked how the iconic solos were in essence storytelling devices.

    That said, I agree that for whatever reason stories in-game haven't seemed to have the same appeal as the original leveling missions did. Sons of Trigon was the end to a very interesting leveling series, but since I didn't do the content in its exact order (didn't realize there was one at the time) it didn't quite hit the mark for me in terms of wrapping up the story. I'm really hoping that they pull out the stops at the conclusions of each trilogy, but I'm also hoping that each Pt. 2 will give us a better sense of where these stories are going. We do only have one part of each of these tales, after all.
  13. GregDawe New Player

    I see what you mean, and I guess it comes down to personal preference when it comes to how you like the story to be told.

    But the solo mission aspect really has me going.

    I love this game and I am begging to have something to do other that raid, that doesn't take a whole of an hour to play until the reset the next day.
    I want to get home from work, load up my toon with a nice cold beer and sit back in a semi-mindless state, and feel like a hero.
    A hero on my own.
    Some nice, juicy, challenging solo content with puzzles, problem solving, stealth, complicated bosses that can all be done in my own time and on my own.
    If I get DC'd, no one cares, cos it a solo mission.
    I want to the content to make me feel like I am a hero to the people.
    Not part of a group who saved the planet and doesn't actually get heard about to the public kind of thing.
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  14. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player

    This will not happen. Spytle said this in an interview with Trexlight, because of the licensing in which DC has final say in everything, player made is outside of that approval zone.
  15. Minnion Devoted Player

    Aside from the obvious(Iconic characters and organizations that DC would be protective of, and could be excluded from created content) what other licensing issues could there be? Setting?(Oh no! I set my instance in the sewers of Gotham, that totally messes up continuity! This cannot be aloud to stand, that would totally be so much worse than anything that DC has ever licensed in the history of Batman.... forever! ) Bat Credit Card....
  16. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player

    What is so hard for people to understand (this is in general not just at you Minnion), with all the people for Batman gear and the GL people with their wants plus this player made or any other thing like this.

    DC says Yes or No to everything no matter what, there is no licensing issue per say but more DC owns it they say what gets done with it.
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  17. Minnion Devoted Player

    So, what you're saying is that player created instances would have to have approval from DC for:
    • NPC names(Easily addressed with an automated filter like the one used on Player Character names)
    • NPC appearances(Again can easily be limited through use of a predetermined list of what DC has given us approval to use, without having to deal with it on a case by case basis.)
    • Props(Available props that we can use predetermined by DC, though I don't see why DC would have any issues approving the props already approved for lairs/league halls for use in custom instances)
    • Instance theme(preapproved by DC of course. Just like our lair themes, and league hall themes)
    • Instance Layout(Constructed from prefabricated rooms and hallways each individual piece approved ahead of time by DC, just like they do already with style items)
    • Dialogue: This is the only sticky part, the easiest way to deal with this is simply to not allow players to customize NPC duologue at all thus leaving DC with nothing they can't approve of ahead of time.(It's not like we would need this option to build a functional and fun instance anyways...)
    • Audio: Pre approved sound clips or whatever sounds are by default attached to the NPCs/lair items we are allowed to use. Availible soundtracks also aproved of ahead of time before they become availble for our use.
    • Loot table: That's easy, just don't let us customize the loot tables for the NPCs, bosses and Adds we can choose to place.
    • Interactive items: Can be limited in placement just like lair amenities, as well as approved by DC ahead of time.

    Anything in that list of things DC would have to approve of if we could make our own custom instances that I missed overlooked?
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  18. GregDawe New Player

    DC has to approve on LITERALLY EVERYTHING!!!

    That is just simple fact unfortunately.
    It wouldn't be so "unfortunate" if they had a reputation of being lenient with their licensed properties, but they don't.

    That's why I am asking for them to get a writer in, write some approved solo gameplay (good solid lengthy content) so I can start enjoying this game a little more again.
  19. nutterz72 Active Player

    meh, I'm on the fence on this subject. I have, in the past, complained about content and accuracy of content. But, you really have to think of the majority rather than the minority. In my opinion, if it involves grinding, people want simple and sweet so it doesn't turn into lengthy grinds. However, again, grinds are irritating, depends on what your feeling that day. But, ultimately you have to consider their budget, how to make money, how to save money, and technology availability for all users. A lot we don't personally know about. But speculation on technological availability concerning ps3's I think? IDK really, just reading brief things about it in forums. I use a PC so it's something I usually pass over.
  20. Minnion Devoted Player

    Really? I don't remember having to wait on them to approve my character before I could play, or every little change that I make to my costume, or every little change I make to my base...

    My point is we could potentially get customizable instances, provided that DC is willing to approve each and every option presented to us...
    • Music options? Can all be approved ahead of time.
    • NPC options? Can all be approved ahead of time.
    • Prefabricated halls and rooms from which to build an instance? Can all be approved ahead of time.
    • Interactive objects to place within the instance? Can be approved ahead of time, as well as limited to specific nodes.
    • Boss options? Can be approved ahead of time.
    • Add skins? Can be approved ahead of time.
    • Audio options? Can be approved ahead of time.
    • Dialogue options? We can do without what can't be approved ahead of time.
    • Objecives of the instance? Can be limited to prefabricated templates and approved ahead of time.
    • Prop customization options? Can be approved ahead of time and would likely have the same limitations as they do in our league halls and bases.
    You seem assuming that there is no chance that they would allow us instances where we can customize things like the layout, what the general theme the rooms are skinned with, the placement and types of adds, because apparently they couldn't exorcise any control over what options we get to choose from.(They totally could exorcise control over what options are available to us in customizable content. Just like they do with styles and lair items, and lair themes, and league hall themes, and what henchmen pets we can summon, and what powers we can use....)