Solace of the Sea animation and Circle Of Protection

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  1. lanternspartan New Player

    I heard two good things that I hope are true.

    1) Solace of the Sea is getting an animation reduction. I really hope so. I love the power but, in some content I feel like it causes a problem for my teammates. Especially, with floor one shot animation being hard to see because of Solace's animation. So, I would try to fly in the air just to try to eliminate that problem for my teammates.

    2) Circle of Protection's radius being increased. I always thought it was too small. When water came out I hoped that meant they would increase COP to match Solace of the Sea. I also hoped they would change how COP was placed on the floor. It made no sense that COP got dropped on enemies so, to fix that problem you had to turn away to lose lock on to be able to drop it on your group. I figured if they could make the same power damage or heal depending on the role you were in, they could make hownit is placed different too. Ex: C.O.P. drops on you and C.O.D. drops on the enemy you are locked on to. I hope that eventually gets worked into sorcery healing.