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  1. SOE_Brasse Community Relations

    Today we announced a reduction in our workforce at SOE. As a company, our goal is to
    focus on our core expertise of MMO games and as part of these efforts, we had to make
    the difficult decision to eliminate positions to help reduce costs, streamline our
    employee base and strategically align resources towards our current portfolio of games
    and upcoming slate of MMOs, including EverQuest Next Landmark and EverQuest
    Next. We deeply value our employees and are grateful for all they’ve contributed to our
    company and games. They will be missed by colleagues and friends, and we wish them
    well in the future.

    Out of respect for our employees, we request that you do not discuss personnel matters on our forums. Thank you for your understanding.
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  2. DeadMeat Director of Development

    Hi Folks. I wanted to quickly elaborate on Brasse's official announcement above.

    Quite simply we intend to fully deliver on all of the plans we have announced and have many new and exciting things we are planning that we have yet to discuss. In short expect no changes in the quality or quantity of releases for DCUO. In fact we are constantly striving to increase both measures.

    Lorin W. Jameson
    Head of Studio, SOE Austin
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