So you who think HoH is hard.....

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  1. UnleashedBrevard Committed Player

    If you think getting to the last boss was hard as most of us find it easy and fight over who is going to obtain the buff to beat the final boss you find out today the server hotfix report contains a fix for the final boss match

    Hall of Hades
    • Creature Handlers will more effectively heal Cerberus.
    • During the final fight, Cerberus should always reset after the entire group is Knocked Out.

    So to all you trolls out there who think HEALERS debuff it's time to become a real troll no reason you are being out trolled by another troll but then try spreading the word that you are beat I myself don't mind putting out 1.5M more power out then as our CR sits as the same for I never troll with out all my buffs I never troll with out my refill or my POT the most important things all trolls should have on their load out it seems 99% of you don't

    Simple 101 to all you trolls who lack the quality most groups desire WEAPON attacks bring back POWER to YOU
    WEAPON ATTACKS doesn't matter if it's WM or a simple HIT COUNTER ., WEAPON ATTACK BRING BACK POWER. TOSS POT . REFILL AS NEEDED . WEAPON COMBO HIT COUNTER . WATCH POWER RETURN AS CRITS REFILL BAR . REFILL PLAYERS ........ REPEAT. it's like them players who think this weapon is better than that weapon it don't matter what weapon is if you don't have the proper troll load out to complete the job the raid requires to beat it.

    Same for you dps we don't care how much damage you put out in this so called dps competition you are having
    if you can't beat the mission all else is voided at that point as be credible so stop bragging about it we're clearly really not impressed especially those who do live feeds you crack us up.

    Tank's yes you TANK's do you need to eat more fiber? there's a problem that is seems you wish to fight the bosses and then say I don't know why I just died . > LoL < how bout trying this Pull aggro and Block and quit trying to be a DPS.

    We already have enough of them in the game We need tanks that actually block and hold aggro and are not wiping out the entire raid because the aggro jumped or walked away for you lost the ability to actually taunt it and keep it's aggro attention on you and then you say you don't know what your talking about yet I bring out my tank and do the same job you did and I didn't lose ANY AGGRO and I didn't die and my CR was way lower than than yours so sad.

    All in being said this raid is easy beat it on very first day along with the rest of the raids and the alerts and solo I will wait to use my EXPERT run on a group of real players they know who they are and skill points do matter but what matters even more is EXPERIENCE if more paid attention to each player and the mission the community of gamers would become much stronger.

    You don't need a PVE fight club you need to learn how to fight and stop being weak in the mind and beat up the player who is bullying you standing the HALL OF DOOM while all the heroes stand outside sure does say a lot it says ( COWARDS ) it's no secret all your VILLAINS used to stand outside the MidTown Nightclub in PVPthe heroes came by wiped you out now you stand in front of the PS like your beat trying to scrim those who don't stand next to you we take the bait kick the S&*#&#&#& out of you then you cry call us scrubs cause we blocked LMAO stop crying you bit off more then you could chew that's your own problem SKILL MATTERS
    PVP is not PVE running around with a duel sign on is not beast you to get mad when we come up request a duel and beat you down.

    I am not going to go on and on about you PVP - PVE - PVP players you are just sad LoL chilling in 100 GEAR sitting inside crying for help from us PVE players to come save you cause you started drama in china town HAHAH don't chew in to a battle you know you can't win learn to fight just cause you kick ya buddies A&& in a duel don't mean you will do the same to a stranger or a hero ....

    This has been a message from the Villains who do go outside the HOD and do lurk in PVP not scared of a HERO and ROCK 99 PVP GEAR NOT ACTING LIKE A BOSS NOT FEELINGS SCARED AND NOT ASKING FOR HELP AND ESPECIALLY NOT CRYING .. STEP THE GAME UP
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  2. DirtyPirate123 New Player

    Holy rant. You could have just said bring all your debuffs. I guess it's a hero thing to be a troll number muncher.... I have a 111 troll and never look at the scorecard at the end.. My motto... Did we beat it? YUP then who cares about numbers.
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  3. SgtRevhardd Active Player

    I see you got stuck in a raid of noobs hahaha :D
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  4. Latif New Player

    Very angry :D
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  5. XxRudgerxX Well-Known Player

    Bla bla bla words bla bla CAPS LOCK WAS HIT bla bla Heroes are cowards bla bla.......

    What's the point of this?
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  6. Lord Raiden Dedicated Player

    Ok good rant. I will say before these raids I never ran more than one debuff because it was never needed. I usually run pot, defense, precision group buff, recharge, shield, and super charge. At certain times I would switch out inspiration, precision buff, for a damage or heal debuff but rarely. Now I actually get to use these debuffs and they are actually needed.
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  7. Hraesvelg Always Right

    So, to sum up: "I'm better than the people PUGging this!"

    Setting the bar kinda low, though...
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  8. Cable Committed Player

    No offense OP but you may want to give this post a proofread, you literally went off-topic within your own original post, the majority of which is not relevant to the title of the thread. Not trying to sound nitpicky, but it's a bit excessive.
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  9. UnleashedBrevard Committed Player

    Umm ty but you can't read I am a Villain.
  10. UnleashedBrevard Committed Player

    I see I beat all the content have a pass to enter the EXPERT raid so I must not be running with noobs. learn to read
  11. UnleashedBrevard Committed Player

    I run all buffs always have and on defence to some trolls like gadgets they don't have a shield so can't really argue with them as hard light it's easy to hold all buffs , super charge power shield and do my job
  12. UnleashedBrevard Committed Player

    I stayed on topic but clearly added extra rants as no one seems to touch these topics and they need to be touched.
  13. UnleashedBrevard Committed Player

    if you are better than we would like to watch a live feed of you soloing the content alone..
  14. UnleashedBrevard Committed Player

    In this post I am not attacking HEROES I am calling out the VIllains In the PS community the cowards who stand and duel and cry on shout HELP we lost Chinatown. LoL
  15. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    You could have made a separate rant thread for the other subject(s), instead of derailing your own hard to read original rant(because of grammar issues).
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  16. hoaxone Committed Player

    Learn how to end a sentence.
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  17. Sardik New Player

    Gadgets have Distract, it's not amazing like Light Barrier but it's enough to do any pick up.
    It's more important have all your debuffs unlocked than run with all debuffs in your loadout.
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  18. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    I think its a beautifully done raid with great art and great design with interesting mechanics.. And would only be hard with a group that doesn't communicate as once you figure out the artifacts and talk during the Cerberus fight its actually pretty easy
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  19. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    how about you play your own account and not tell other what to do!!

    first for your troll comment throwing the healing debuff has very little to do in the Cerberus fight there is another mechanic at play

    second your tank comment is stupid and proves you don't know what your talking about the adds counter so if you just stand there and block everyone is going to die try for you self and watch as you get merked. and secondly you cant keep aggro all the time bosses and certian adds are scripted and leave no matter how much you taunt them.. even tho you say you tank it fine and nothing drops aggro i know your lying simply from your statements.

    Ill agree with the DPS as burn is nothing compared to teamwork and picking up people and putting out fires and such.
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  20. XxRudgerxX Well-Known Player

    What are you, a catholic priest? Not everything needs to be touched upon, and if they do, then not in a thread made about something else entirely and without a proofread (Or in your case: 5 times and an Oxford dictionary). Honestly, we're not gonna read it because it just looks like a highly offensive attack on Grammar. It hurts. Because of this noone's gonna take you seriously.

    I also just looked at your last sentence of the OP. I laughed.
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  21. Captain Just New Player

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