So....we are deserters now?

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    While I agree in principle, I'd say it is a LITTLE different. If I had the ability to queue whatever I wanted before (which I did) it would have taken 3 or 7 other people queuing that same piece of content...this obviously was not happening very often. Now I can tell you I'd NEVER have queued some of those runs because I'd never run them by choice because of legnth, 'difficult' mechanics or just plain being boring runs, but if they pop in Omni, I MIGHT say yes(I'd say a lot of people fall into this scenario). Some examples are DP, ROTB/WC/SJ, KCT, HoH, FnB, and a handful of others that are not the 'premium' runs, but also not the most hated ones(Khan, BBS, ToTD. FOS2/1, sub, inner) if random. For that part, omni does provide a service that selecting what we'd run BY CHOICE does not. But yes...a 'select all' button would basically have been the same AND would have allowed for duos/alerts/raids to all be selected at once for those who really don't care what they are doing...just want to do something.

    And believe me, I'm not defending Omni, just that it does serve some purpose that selecting a handful of runs does not. The least desirable runs still won't pop often, the most desirable runs didn't need the help but the ones in the middle are definitely getting some more action than before and probably more if it were just clamp and loot locks off but no omni OR 'select all' button.
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  2. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Fair enough and i can agree with that logic
    I still say its trainwreck and we’d have been better off getting something more useful
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