So....we are deserters now?

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  1. Tiffany6223 Dedicated Player

    Final Fantasy 14 has a Daily Roulette that can put you in any older content. Main Story Quest (MSQ Daily Roulette) will que you up for a random current content. It doesn't give you the opportunity to que as both a tank and dps, it's one or the other. Would assigning specific roles to specific groups be a solution? In other words 4 dps could never be in the same alert at the same time. I don't know what is answer to this problem could be, I'm just offering suggestions based on my knowledge of FF14.

    Having said that, if the penalty is only 1 minute, that should be acceptable to everyone I should think. Plus, take the pee break first then que, again looking at this from a female point of view.
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  2. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Not wasting any further time on it for starters.
    They have wasted plenty obviously. We dont need them to waste more.

    What would make the system better if it it absolutely bodied you for clicking decline and/or had a legit set of rewards to make it worthwile.
    I mean, you can farm 200+ source headache free in 90-120 min.
    Some of the omnibus Q’s can take well over that AND it may be a fail lmfao…….what else is there to say really?
  3. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Never mind, i cant explain it any simpler.
    If u cant see that we cherry picked on duty and we are cherry picking omni are both resulting in exactly the same thing then we are at an impass.
    And thats not even counting the premade groups of the people who know what to do who are NOT doing omni with the newer olayers an leavin them to fend for themselves (the issue omni was supposedly gonna solve) then we are at an impass there as well.

    You call that “enhancing the game” and “working on beneficial things”. I call it obvious time wasted that could have got us something that acually does enhance the game or was actually beneficial. I fail to see how declining and burying on duty and posting flat out lies about omni in tool tips that new players will believe (which is 100% intended to mislead them an trick them into using it to “pad their numbers” which mepps is already tryin to sell to us as proof of success) is in any possible way enhancing or beneficial.

    Agree to disagree i guess
    Still luv ya proxy!!!
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  4. Arwen Skywalker Loyal Player

    I am all for roulette/pug role locking. This is the ONE and ONLY but MASSIVE drawback of armories, on-the-fly role changing.
  5. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    There is zero incentive for the new player to learn the mechanics in the heatwave scenario when they run with someone who can solo it. In my particular case, I complimented the guy. I know what I'm doing wrong, and will be able to work on it in the future. Random new person would either get really frustrated or will just never learn. Meaning that the next time someone else runs with him the same thing will happen. So, by finishing it, all its doing is kicking the can down the road for the next person to get frustrated and solo it. Get what I mean?
  6. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    I will counter a bit here (i agree with most tho)
    Hear me out, to your point about putting loot locks back to help nudge people into the less desirable Q’s…..
    Consider this, i say it would prob have the reverse effect. I think that would for sure increase canceling. This is because as it stands, source rains from the heavens an can be obtained almost at will. This allows us to be a little more frivolous w/our game time.
    If we were locked again, we’d need to be even more calculated and more stingy with our time. I think we’d all cancel more, ALOT more.
  7. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Yeah, getting knocked out is supposed to frustrate you. And I thought the 'incentive' was staying alive and not being an overall bad player. I'd guess most anyone who is playing a game, would like to play the game well. Maybe that's not accurate. Yeah, that 1st time guy who gets thumped by Plastic Man maybe didn't know it was a potential 1 shot, but I'd HOPE that after being 1 shot he'd know not to stand still next time. By your stance he'll 'never learn', you are setting the bar pretty low. Why do you think the new players are so dumb they can't learn? Honestly, I'd guess most people knocked out while someone else carries them has a front row seat on how to get through the what that guy is doing next seems to work.

    How about this? How about anyone who doesn't know mechanics SAY..."first time here...any mechanics to avoid?" v.s. the other guy having to either A) always tell someone mechanics, or B) repeatedly wipe something so that first guy learns 'skull means block or roll away'...'stay out of the giant fire pools' and 'range the guy with the flamethrowers vs getting in his grill'?

    Anyway, this has nothing to do with a deserter completely off topic now, but if you are asking me to weigh my frustration with having to repeatedly wipe to 'help' someone who can't handle the basics of the game VS that guys frustration if I finish it up solo....yeah, my frustration is more important to me. I don't play a game to be frustrated any more than that dead guy does. If someone needs help or info...they should ask for it, otherwise they can deal with the frustration. Now, if they ask and I don't tell...well, that's on me if they wipe, but that scenario doesn't come up enough for it to be mentioned.
  8. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    The problem in this case wasn't plastic man. It was actually heatwave. Knowing when something was coming because by the time you see the skull, you can't back out of your combo in time to get out of the way. Plastic man is more predictable. My specific power makes that particular duo harder than it would be for another power. Only way I'm going to be able to predict it is to see it more. Plastic man has this whole routine he does. Never got killed by him a single time.
  9. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I wasn't exactly talking about your particular situation...and I did mention maybe ranging Heatwave was a good plan...something you might have noticed when that DPS kept going after you got knocked out. Again...this is now very off topic, so I'm going to bow out now.
  10. Catastroflare Well-Known Player

    I know this is probably not a great solution, but maybe there could be two types of queues when using Omnibus for instances -content with locked CR (as originally intended) and an option to go in with your current CR. At least this way people who don't know their roles or have the right support gear can just play as is and get through the instance as a general PUG. For me, I don't care much for drops for the earlier content; I just want easy feats for exploring, investigations, collections, etc.
  11. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Because if that were an option no one would use the clamp. Or if it was a 'mixed' group, you'd have 8 man groups of 7 clamped and one thug who would burn FOS3 down repeatedly all day. Besides the technical issues trying to create a variable system for clamp/no clamp, that would come up it would be rampantly abusable and probably quickly abandoned.

    BTW, an optional system was requested a lot before and after the clamp announcement/changes, it gained no traction with the Devs, but no harm in asking again I guess. Good luck.
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  12. Proxystar #Perception

    Haha :D all good
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  13. OnlyNomad The One Above All



    Love seeing forum users squash their differences elegantly.
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  14. SpyderBite Active Player

    So I love the Omnibus. No more washing dishes, cleaning the toilet and vacuuming while waiting in the que. I am however guilty of bailing when I see it is an Alert that I absolutely hate running. Not because it's hard or the pug sucks. But because I hate tedious runs.
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  15. beardrive Well-Known Player

    Oh man...this here.

    I don't wanna do STU right now
    I'l queue Omnibus for a random adventure
    Oh look what's popped?
    STU content I didn't wanna do in the first place

    This has happened enough in raids and alerts for the exact content I didn't feel like doing but seem to have "double-queued" for it that I have moved on to other means for getting league prestige until the new dlc drops.

    I appreciate the Halloween event giving 300 prestige over all my toons, as before that I was spending nearly 600 source marks a week just keeping up my league proficiencies. That's a LOT of source marks just to play content a little better with league buffs. Now with the Halloween event I only spend 300 source marks a week, which is not nearly as bad. I am thankful for that.

    Has omnibus been a total failure for me?

    No, and leveling is still in process with numerous disbands; but, when I don't wanna do STU and queue Omnibus for an adventure and get STU, you're welcome for the long wait....I'll exobyte for a minute and pay your little irritations no mind, because when I do get something I like and it times out and I cry I have you to thank for that. LOL
  16. Miserable Committed Player

    You have no idea how many people are cherry picking Omnibus queues. All you and I know for sure is that some people cherry pick Omnibus. We don't know exactly how many, what percentage, whether it's a majority or a minority, etc. Even whether a specific individual X decides to accept/reject a specific instance Y could depend entirely on their mood or other circumstances in that moment. Statements like "the only people not cherry picking Omnibus are [insert some description/criteria]" are baseless.

    One of the main purposes of Omnibus is to get queues for old content to pop for players who are either leveling up and need to run specific instances or who otherwise need to run specific old content for whatever reason. Most of the time, the instance that is chosen "at random" is based on what someone is queued for in the custom (original) On Duty menu. Almost any time you queue into an Omnibus alert/raid, you will not find yourself with 3/7 other players who all queued Omnibus. At lease one them chose this instance from custom On Duty.

    Omnibus is not a perfect system but it is fulfilling that purpose at least to some extent, because, for whatever reason, people are queuing Omnibus. Just like we can be sure lots of players are cherry picking, we also know lots of players are not. And even if some of the more tedious instances are being particularly avoided, Omnibus still allows players to do what they could not do before, and that is to queue some old content and have a MUCH higher chance of getting in. Before, if no one was queued for the thing I needed to run, I was just out of luck; now, there's a good chance Omnibus will come to the rescue and at least give me a chance to complete the content.
  17. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    I mean, you can think all that if u wish.
    As i said in the opening statement u quoted
    If y’all are u willing to see we (in general, i have to now say in general because its apparent you cant see i am generalizing) cherry picked on duty and are in fact cherry picking omnibus then i cant help ya.
    You refuted nothing i have said lol.
    You are trying to argue my generalization is false because i cant know the exact number yet in your own argument your generalizing based on the same
    Missing data an your assuming your generalization is accurate while mine is false. Absolutely laughable.

    We are simply looking at the same generalization and drawing a different conclusion and thats fine. But to try an poke holes in in my argument by claiming i dont have the data while generalizing yourself on the exact same absence of data is just a bad argument sorry.
  18. Harlequin Devoted Player

    It seems to me that it was a mistake showing which instance you drew when using the Omnibus. Perhaps they should remove that notification and make it a truly blind queue.
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  19. Miserable Committed Player

    My point was that any implication that Omnibus adds nothing to the game because we were already able to queue up everything in the old On Duty menu or that the ability to cherry pick Omnibus leaves us in the same state we were in before is just wrong.

    Omnibus has drastically changed the experience of queuing and running old content, specifically in that now you can actually get queues to pop.

    P.S. Forgive me if I've misrepresented your views in this thread. I only skimmed it, but the gist I got from your posts is that you feel that Omnibus has added no benefit to the game or that it fails to serve its purpose.
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  20. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Its 100% true.
    Declining omni to only get what we want is exactly the same as only Q’n what we want.
    Q’n omni to begin with is exactly the same as check boxiing all tiers of raids (for example).
    Both result in an identical conclusion so yes, we gained nothing. Everything else this doc like the clamp, no loot lock etc has added benefit in some way, omni has not as evidenced above in that we have had the option to Q as omni does for 10+ years and are using okni exaclty as we used on duty.
    This of course not counting we have a weekly mission to use omni instead of on duty but i hardly consider that a benefit. Its a deteiment really. U can farm 10-20x more source easily in 1/2 the time so how that can be considered a benefit is beyond me lol

    And yes, by the very nature of declining Q’s, we are circumventing the purpose an thus no it does not serve its purpose.

    Allow me to explain a bit, i could be wrong here and we can discuss if u feel so as i dont want to misrepresemt what you just said either (it happens to us all, dont worry about it).

    Your stance is omni is getting older content to pop and by that, it serves its purpose based on your statements above yes?
    I say that would possibly be true if thats what omni was supposed to do but its not. Its a small portion perhaps but not the goal.
    Omni is supposed to get ALL q’s to pop more, its suppsoed to get all of us in all content and its supposed to create a better player xperience for newer players all around (the clamp is of course part of this).
    Heres whats happening tho
    all content isint popping with a mix of old/new players as intended
    Why is this?
    1) veterans are smart enough to make a group
    2) veterans are smart enough to decline
    What does this mean?
    It means that newer players are now subjected to all this content with no help while they also generally have no clue how to play their role much less do the mechanics etc.
    What does that mean?
    It means a trainwreck of a player experience. The point was to essentially force us to help newer layers and give them a better experience but the opposite is apl but guaranteed to be happening.
    This was always about player expereience and never about old Q’s popping. Old Q’s popping was a side note not the goal.