So....we are deserters now?

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    Guess it makes the initial wave here as a massive overreaction then. I dunno. Maybe it isn't fixable. Its disheartening to hear that it can still happen. I thought it would at least allow for the other people to keep up even if they were barely contributing and give some semblance of participation.
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    Can't force but could entice. A voted mentor program that rewards players for receiving commendations or massive amounts of prestige for running clamped. Source is nice and all but since they went no loot locks (still a terrible idea imo) it is not able to entice anyone into less desired content. Take away the no loot locks and I'd bet less cherry picking would already happen. Add bonus prestige, artifact catalysts as a guaranteed drop, even a coin or 3 of relevant currency, some quarks, some bonus nth, some blah blah, anythingggg not useless and bam, less cherry picking. Combine the 2, could be great. But since no loot locks, I'll see you in fos3.

    You're actually a great example now that I think about it. You run bounties for your source. Those are loot locked still. So since you're a smart player, you rotate thru them all. If they weren't loot locked, would you do that or camp at whatever is quickest and has the rare drop chance?
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    All I've done recently is run 31st century bounties because of how active the open world is there. Then run omnibus. I haven't had a full day to try to do raids and alerts I've missed out on yet. I'm sad that flashpoint is so empty.
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    There has been a pretty massive overreaction yes but it goes back to what I said earlier. The game is filled with all types of players. Some, probably the majority really, are the "skippers". The basically noobs that don't consider themselves noobs because they skipped to near end game and ran some raids. Those players get clamped, same as the vets. They have 98 sp, rainbow augs, and 3 79 artifacts amd 2 aren't even for their role. Maybe they even have troll gear on their dps. They get clamped but have no bonus applied really because they don't have any sp or artis. The buffed player may have more sp than them and possibly even higher artis so now the noobs are stronger than the skippers. So sort of level playing field. The skippers are going to complain that the noobs out damaged them. Which is what most of the complaints have been.

    The vets.... well we just stand there doing our rotations. Can mostly ignore mechanics. Can absolutely easily finish with 3 or 4 or really even less if planned ahead. There isn't and never will be a way to stop that that doesn't have an incredibly negative impact on the skippers/ noobs. Even passing out sp like candy like some want will only make it more of a problem because the vets are all already over 500sp. Giving out easy sp just means 600 becomes the norm instead of the chase. Heck, I stopped caring about sp awhile ago because it's not important enough after 510ish. The clamp is as good as it's ever going to be. Stepping it up, well at least the possiblity to carry bad groups goes up. It's not going to do much more than cut a few mins off of completion times.
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    Haha, yeah. Now just imagine how really empty it could be if source was still not in end game. I've been capped on that currency for months but still run it weekly for the source marks and do 1 bounty in legion which I'm also capped in. But it's newer content that I haven't done nearly as much as anything in clamped range so I still enjoy it. If source was gone, it would be a barren wasteland. Still 100% confident that if source had stayed gone, I would have deleted the game for the 1st time in 9.5 years.
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    They don't give you source for these bounties. Just episode marks.
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    If they do, its only for the first time you do it that week. I legitimately can do two whole rotations in like a half hour right now. Saving up for a material sold there.
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    You get the weekly 8s in all content. So you can do the weekly missions in wv/LLL/FP and get near 80 for like 30mins if timed well. I don't bother with WV at all anymore and a few of my toons only do the newest raid and collect the free daily coin but main and lowest alt still do the weeklies in FP and LLL since lowbie isn't capped and main needs more source padding just in case I decide to do artifact #13
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    Flashpoint is empty. Source marks and all. Never even had 3 waiting to do bounties there.
  10. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    So you were never in a raid 'at level' (meaning appropriate CR+ maybe 1 or 2 DLCs above) where a final 3 or 4 people finished it up after some squishies went down? Must be nice. I know several times where I've had to clean up a run in places like HH, LnW, DWF or whatever where a 1 shot and bad pickups can make the group 3 or 4 very fast. It's not impossible and if the clamp makes it impossible it's over compensating.

    I never said 'easily' by the way, but sometimes dead weight is just that....and once it's off your back, it makes things more doable.
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    I'm not talking about 8 people going in, whittling it down, even to half, then half the group wiping and surviving. I'm asking if its possible that you go in, have all but 3 or 4 leave without replacing them and then still be able to finish the content in a reasonable amount of time. The scenario you describe would happen regardless, but what I'm asking shouldn't be doable in any reasonable amount of time as that honestly would lead to people just kicking lower cr players or leaving them by themselves in the first room again, defeating the whole purpose.
  12. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I run the 3 bounties down there on 6-10 toons a week for the quick 24 marks + 'eventual' source tokens. Wait time is almost always under 5 min to find someone doing them...less if you shout in LFG to get things rolling. You might have had a bad phase, but there is generally 1 phase with 15 or more people in it any time I've been looking.
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    I switch from phase to phase. There are people recorded as being there, I just don't see them doing anything. Unlike 31st, where I see a mob going from boss to boss. Maybe its just timing and they are leagues cooperating to do them quickly and they do FP at a different time.
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  14. Proxystar #Perception

    Qwantum I understand you don't like it (the fact they've gone to the effort of creating a front end graphical user interface for it) but you keep saying "should've made omnibus a check box".

    In reality what do you think it already is? It might have a slightly different graphical front end, but that's all it really is, omnibus is already realistically just a check box, you're literally just pressing a button and away you go.

    Doing it the way they've done it and making it some sort of tiny square in the custom on duty menu is no different other than not having the interface.

    It seems like you have more of an issue with the interface than the omnibus itself I can't realistically tell.

    If you take the new interface away though and make it literally a little square box, but leave the journal entries and few additional rewards there, you've literally done nothing other than remove a new user interface the developers are designing to try and spruce up the experience.

    It probably needs some extra work, I'll agree on that, but removing it because you just want it to return to the custom duty menu sounds more to me like you're just not happy with it, because it's different just to look at.

    A few of you also make it sound like accessing the custom menu is painstakingly difficult, it's literally ONE, that's right ONE, click of your mouse button.

    I also know people are still cherry picking, but you should be careful what you wish for, because it almost builds a case to further extend the deserter if you're implying it isn't long enough to do it's job, not the opposite effect of getting it removed.
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  15. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Its different be ause the wasted time an effort that could have went to something that mattered. Thats the point….. all the smoke an mirrors an tool tips that lie (if u havent seen it just wait lol) is all an effort to sugar coat a dog turd. Thats why i say it should have been a check box. Super simple and would have taken easily 1/100 the time to write into the game.
    Maybe your fine with with them wasting time and effort but im not. We hear how we gotta be patient an the team is small an blah blah blah and i defend them. Then they choose to waste all that time on this smfh, its a kick in the nuts for anyone defending them an their understaffed team.
    I mean, theres prob 1,000 things that could have been better use of their time…..

    As referenced repeatedly, my issue is their willful neglect of whats needed while we defend them to the wolves wanting blood……
    And really? “Spruce up the experience”…… so adding a screen over top the already functional an capable on duty tab that they cant even color in a way we can all see it is spruced up? Please spare me.

    And we come to a head, as you just said “it prob needs some extra work”.
    Thanks, your finally seeing what im saying.
    They already wasted tons of time an such on it and you (who are defending it) now admit it needs even more time an effort wasted on it preventing them from now a 2nd time working on something productive……….
  16. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Hmmm....I'm not sure how you have have such a rosey outlook on people wanting to teach noobs, but have such a bleak outlook that they would go out of their way to kick them if they didn't even need them to complete the run....but it's an interesting paradox for sure. Making the clamp tighter would only increase the chances of someone not wanting to teach or get those noobs it's surprising you'd say that it would be an improvement.

    Personally I don't waste my kicks unless someone is actively costing us completing a run or is literally sitting there on their hands camping for the free ride. Fighting and dying...yeah, you might sit outside the room, but you won't get the boot most times.

    To your question...yes, I'd say several runs could be done with 3-4 people from jump. Not all of them mind you, but 'easy' runs like DD, Necro or FOS3 or LAB, I'd say 4 experienced, well equipped people could do them...same as 4 well equipped experienced people could do them back in the day....just slower than 8 could...assuming those 8 were equally experienced and well equipped. People have always been able to 4 man raids while 'current' just takes the right people. There are (or were) tons of videos of people doing just that on youtube....Elites even. People have solo'd raids 'current' as well....but that's more of an exception and not very time efficient. However, as you are talking about 'reasonable' time...that's in the eye of the beholder. I've Omni'd into 2+hour runs several times. There is no reg raid in this game that should take more than 2 hours, yet those players in there chose to keep to them, apparently 2+ hours is 'reasonable'. To me it's not....but a 25 min LAB where I don't once have to say "quit killing the adds" in the poison room, or "if you have the red on you, go clear it in the corners" on last boss because those 3-4 people left and only experienced players were in...yep...reasonable as heck.
  17. Plowed In Dedicated Player

    So instead of looking backward, try looking forward. What could improve the new UI in your opinion?
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  18. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    Thing is, I don't...which is why the carrot and stick are important. Carrot being more important than the stick, ofc. In a game that you can't really tutorial people into knowing what to do... this is a vicious cycle without people being taught. If people are able to complete the thing with 3-4 players...they don't need to wait for the other players. Meaning, there is zero incentive to teach anyone anything. This is what I thought all the feedback was designed to be like. To make harder instances a little easier and to make raids like what you are talking about 4 people completing, a little harder to make it more likely that a group gets through the event together.

    Instead, you are saying this is possible. Certainly not possible for me, but its frustrating on a conceptual level. Because it defeats the purpose.
  19. Proxystar #Perception

    Appealing graphical experiences make the world go around Qwantum a good looking interface is appealing, when I say it could do with some extra work it's probably just some minor things cosmetically, nothing big.

    The reality is also, "time wasting" as you put it is a matter of perspective, the games has numerous "concerns" if we put it that way, but the magnitude of those concerns and how important they are spins subjectively around the weight and importance it might carry with any given individual.

    What you find to be a game breaking bug for example, I might not care less about.

    With that in mind, enhancing the game through other means or working on other beneficial aspects in lieu of fixing other things is never 'time wasting' just because there's a list of other things that could be done, there is always, always going to be a list of things that could be done.
  20. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    For instance, Lobo solo with an atomic character. You can easily get through it in spite of combos if you stand in a couple specific spots. You don't have to dodge/roll if you know those places. A brand new player is going to wipe that solo over and over again if they are atomic dps in particular. In a solo, nobody is there to tell you hey, come over here or go over there, but you have to figure it out to beat it right? Because if you get hit multiple times by that attack, you are going to die eventually even as a tank. So they have to figure it out to complete it.

    People being carried through even a duo... its like skipping the content entirely. Another a newer atomic toon is going to struggle with is the duo with heatwave. You get caught in a combo at the wrong time and you are dead. Its probably going to take you 3-4 times to get what timing it is (dodging plastic man is a little more straight forward). I had the duo finished by an extremely talented DPS after I died the second time, but he was already frustrated. I'm not even new... I just didn't know the flow of that duo and he did. Some of these things aren't even things you can really teach...has to be done. Get what I mean?