So... This SP 75 everyone keeps throwing around.

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  1. Theterriblethunderlizard New Player

    Has it occured to many of the older players that if you were to build a new toon then things like the Bounties are nearly impossible to accomplish since virtually nobody is doing them anymore? Or that things like doing the Toyman mish 50 times is obsolete?

    I think the whole SP 75 comes out of people who have played long enough with one character to reach that number very easily, but if you look at the restructuring of how the leveling process goes it doesn't suit that. I have a 63 CR alt right now with 54 sp, but I can see reaching CR 86-87 far quicker than 75 SP. Now, you may say oh well, go do it. But look at half of what SP is. It isn't leveling in any sense. It's a useless grind by and large that wouldn't be so bad if the player base wasn't putting such a huge emphasis over something that has really very little return.
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  2. Archangel Rafael New Player

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  3. Theterriblethunderlizard New Player


    I'm trying to be polite in assuming that your post wasn't just a rude response, because that would be immature and I'm assuming that people who care this much about doing end-game correctly wouldn't be so immature. I'm seriously trying to point out some things that should be fairly obvious. The game is currently not set up for the leveling of SP vs CR so no matter what you are going to have people, particularly new (or jaded old) people get to a higher CR with a lower SP. The game currently doesn't guide you through the content through a one by one smooth process post 30. And SP matters little in the scheme of things when you consider the point bonus of SP vs some of the very high point bonuses of better armor.

    I hate to say it, but despite what the devs say, armor is how you level in this game. It's not SP. Maybe it should be, but as the game is laid out, it is not.
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  4. IdontDps Committed Player

    see this mind frame is why i see so many t5 dps put out less damage than a t3 please get more skill points they are a BIG help in healing,tanking,dpsing,trolling Everything!
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  5. Delta795 New Player

    I would tend to disagree. Right now my (main alt) is 67 SP. I have never done Toyman, I think I've done bounties a few times at most. The toon is maybe 90 days in total, but just through leveling and gearing up I was able to get to that without feat hunting.

    If I were to start PVPing on this one I would easily have 80 very quickly since PVP has a huge amount of feats tied to it.
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  6. Theterriblethunderlizard New Player

    I think you've missed the point entirely. It's not that I'm not going to get the SP. I did say that I can see getting to 86-87 quicker, but that had more to do with how quickly and easy it is to level the armor. I want the SP for my own benefit of having collected all that crap.

    What I'm trying to point out though is that the game isn't built around gaining SP. The fact that bounties are nearly non-existent should be a clear point in fact there. The devs don't actively care about us leveling SP at all. SP is set up as a grind and when stuff becomes obsolete or left broken by the way side by GUs, nothing is done to change the way SP is given to ensure a clearer path.

    It's not a mind set if the game is laid out in a certain fashion and inevitably you want new players and inevitably those players will hit a brick wall with people complaining at them for something that wasn't their fault to begin with.
  7. Lightful New Player

    I also have an alt I never use who has 64 SP...

    75 SP is a realistic expectation and most importantly, easily achievable.
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  8. krimzonk Committed Player

    I understand what you are saying OP. If you are leveling up a new toon the Central City bounties for example are non-existant. No really they are! The open world bounties in Gotham and Metro....meh! But even without those, just by casually playing you should be able to comfortably gain 75 skill points. Just make sure you do those boring 'Booster Gold" explore my...missions lol, and the races.
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  9. Echephyle New Player

    But every dlc has feats attached, which grant more sp
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  10. Physique Dedicated Player

    My only question is how long have you been playing?
  11. RSL New Player

    are people trying to say that 75 sp is totally a goal? and that it's too high?? so much laziness.
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  12. KidMidnight Loyal Player

    there are a lot of feats in the game that were once challenging that are now much much easier to obtain so while players may not be clamoring to go kill 500 central city bounties many, many feats are there to be popped if you're so inclined.

    i can't see getting a new toon to 100 skill points as feeling that overwhelming.

    i think it helps to try to map out how you want to progress your toon. try to plan ahead.

    players may not be out in droves doing all the grindy feats but they are out there. you dont need an eight man raid party to take down the top or grodd projections. just find a couple of other players. most bounty groups i get myself into want to do them all including the m and o bots. a lot of these things can be done while waiting for raid groups to form.

    if you're in a league try to set up a few hours every week devoted to getting some bounties and all that stuff out of the way.

    with the exception of the race i actually think the toyman missions are fun. they're fast. it would take you fifteen minutes a day for a month to knock that out of the way forever.
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  13. Phantasy2013 Dedicated Player

    I actually agree with you to a certain extent. I think skill points does give some benefit no matter how small, but I think that the level cap should be increased. It amazes me with some of the individuals in the community are anti leveling up the old fashion way like it's something wrong it. Before achievements ever came out for games, you had to level up doing missions, battling foes, which increased your level, not fly through hoops and collect enough itemsand pop 25 feat points. No one can ever give me a legit reason (without sounding like a complete tool) why DCUO should not increase the level cap. Don't you want your character to get stronger? Sorry, but we all are not created equal in DCUO and those who desire to become stronger and more skilled shouldn't be held back because some guy just joined yesterday and feel he should be strong as someone in T4 gear over night.

    I feel that leveling up, earning gear and skill points should be the only ways of making your character stronger. Please don't give me that, oh leveling up isn't needed because blah blah blah blah. Tell me what would be the big huge deal or harm in leveling up characters to at least 60 or 100 at some point. Just because some of you like to feat hunt more? Or some of you are afraid to lose your advantage? Skill points shouldn't be the only aspect of leveling up (next to gear) in this game. I hope devs consider raising the level cap from 30 to 60 and to 100 one day. Sorry to those that don't want to do anything but complain on forums and throw hissy fits in chat in the game, but I want my Villain to get stronger by all means of leveling up, gear and skill points.
  14. Fruity Reaper New Player

    Quite simply, join a league...ours for example has the occasional feat night where we just do whatever feats people need at the time, simple, effective and keeps us running all content.
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  15. SilentTrollerMan New Player

    I have been saying this since late 2012! I'm glad to see other people in agreement.

    The devs have a fix for this and it's called Purchasable Feats (yell that's my name for it)! I can't wait for this to be implemented because then I can farm for SP and just buy more for my alts.

    I do think that Sp is important, but gear and proper modding can supplement the modest gains from SP. I now spec into all the +chance. Since you can't mod for this i find it very useful then just regular might/resto/vit/precision stat boosts.
  16. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    I think a lot of us vets have to remember is that we only we ground out skill points because we were tired of t2 content. It became something to do that was beneficial. Now that new content and feats are dropped approximately every 3-5 months there is more for us to do. For a newcomer , they will almost never reach that point since there is consistently new content and no real droughts like there was going from t2 to t3.
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  17. Mick Nugget New Player

    A buddy of mine went from 70 to 120 skill points in a month, passed me right up lol. like the op says its not that they're so hard to get its that there's generally not a huge amount of reason to feel u need more than a certain amount. I had to step my game up but it was just to catch up with him out of competition lol.
  18. RSL New Player

    it's funny to me that most people who don't want to grind SP totally want to grind more levels. i'm not sure i believe them.
  19. cdicke2 Well-Known Player

  20. Phantasy2013 Dedicated Player

    I am going to take that as a dash against my post.

    Please show me where I said I don't want to grind SP? I stated "I want my Villain to get stronger by all means of leveling up, gear and skill points" Generally to give others more options to get stronger. Funny how people make up what they do not read or see.