So Since Dimensional Ink Is Born...

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  1. topflow619 Well-Known Player

    Is there a slither of hope that pvp will be re amped or fixed?You can monetize it,as long as I get to kick butt and get and get stuff it doesn’t matter to me.

    If pvp gets revived,a lot of people who left because it died would probably return,Just fix what broke it and those speed hackers and we are in.

    To monetize it,you can put specific styles,accessories,auras,materials and etc exclusively to pvp that can be gotten by doing it and put a new mark there or something to get those sweet rewards.These marks won’t be tied to pvp gear since it’s a pain to get em.

    What other possible ways do you think they can make money out of pvp?
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  2. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    When they tried to monetize PvP we got Last Laugh.

    That was a Last Laugh alright.
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  3. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I"m fine with them adding whatever coolio styles or features they want to PvP if it helps it get back to a viable part of the game as long as there are no feats attached. If they stick feats in there to force people into it though, that's BS. It should remain optional...if it gets fixed, fine...people will play it because it's fixed. Jamming feats in makes it mandatory (for most). The hardcore PVPrs will continue to play it as is (many probably like it broken as they can capitalize on the OP and out of balance stuff the most) and likely won't spend the money anyway.

    If you go with the 'new mark' idea for the spiffy things, you could tie that mark to a loot lock schedule like the vault...F2P have a longer lockout, Premiums have a shorter one, Members get that loot daily. That might encourage some strictly PvPers to sub or buy replays. If you put it in like the MoV you can just team up and spam the marks 'trade win' style and knock it out in a few hours at a go...spending nothing.

    As far as straight up monetizing things, I don't think that ever least the way we want. If they create some sort of OP PvP sidekick or turret or something...sell it in the MP...and people actually buy it in droves, it just tells them that they can create another and we'll buy it too...or raise the price on the next one. Sure the people who spend the cash will be further OP, but it doesn't 'fix' anything and might actually drive people away from PvP more if they are not willing to buy the items to keep up.

  4. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    I played pvp and lpve for pretty much the 1st time last week. Wow. Just terrible. Forget fixing it, throw it in the trash. Feat points should be taken away for playing lpve. Pvp, just stun. Stun again. Maybe attack? Nah, stunna time boiiii. I do not understand the draw to pvp. Just duel if that's what you're after. As far a skill points attained from it, personally I say trash those too. That's going to anger a lot of people but they shouldn't have been a part of the pve stats anyway. Seperate for pvp areas.
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  5. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    They are done with revamps. The only way to revamp PvP pve and lpve powers and weapons is dcuo 2 for next gen. Dcuo one is done live with it. This revamp really killed the game adding artifacts was it's last hope to save money for dcuo 2. If u don't think that's true just look how quiet they are about balance PvP lpve weapons and powers. While we wait for dcuo 2 there will be no fixes for anything at all going forward to next gen. Ì say that because no fixes have been done for months/years after revamp. If there was I didn't notice did U? My point is u need a much much bigger team working on a game like this. As I see it they are hiring 15 devs to push a dcuo 2 beta in before next gen. Dcuo devs will work with dcuo 2. And try to get it right for once. After that close dcuo 1 that's what I see happen for sure
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  6. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    1.) Fix PVP with a massive balance pass (Legends and Arenas) and during this balance pass bring back Rock, Paper, Scissor game play for Arenas, make counters actually matter by increasing the damage of a successful counter slightly, put the counter immunity window back to 2.75 seconds (just the counter immunity window not the damage immunity thing), etc...

    2.) Implement Season cycles.

    3.) Restructure how gear works where gear is literally nothing more than unique styles tied to each season. No stats, no bonuses, just styles. While in an Arena match your stats are set to a certain amount based on the role you are in. This grants a more even playing field for all involved from the very get go.

    4.) Have maybe 10 or so Feats for each Season, however, these Feats just grant unique titles and no Feat Points (Similar to what SM had).

    5.) Seasons last 6 months and during that time you can buy unique gear styles, weapon styles, and accessories with the PVP Season currency from a vendor.

    6.) PVP Season access is a perk of Membership. If you do not have Membership, you can buy access for $9.99 from the Marketplace.

    7.) Release 2 new Legends each Season based off the Seasons theme. One hero. One villain. These Legends cost 250 Marks of Legend a piece if you have Membership or have paid $9.99 for the PVP Season access or you can buy them directly from the Marketplace for $9.99 a piece if you do not care about the styles incorporated into the PVP Season or you just can't wait to grind out the marks for the Legend.

    Is my idea flawless? Of course not. I'm sure there are issues within it but that is the skeleton work for how I would go about trying to monetize PVP in DCUO.

    As for LPVE, just lower the feat counters DRAMATICALLY.
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  7. Awsome Well-Known Player

    I'm in favor of like 90% of what you said. And even if they implemented 100% of this, I would be 200% happy.

    I would say that for LPVE they do need to do more than just lower the counters dramatically (yes, this does need to be done). They also need to make the legendaries feel more legendary. This can be done by simply raising the damage output. Balance it by raising the damage output of the NPCs.

    I hate LPVE because when all my toons can blow through at level adds 2-3x faster than Superman, it makes Superman feel weak.
  8. topflow619 Well-Known Player

    You’re a genius,I agree with these ideas.You should’ve made a post around these ideas cause damn
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  9. Pinky Well-Known Player

    To fix pvp, I think Dimensional Ink can take a leaf out of WoW's book.

    Implement this by having leaderboards for each PvP Season and bracket eg: 8v8 and smaller team sizes

    Have PVP seasons which last for a certain time period, which also award unique Feats and Styles earned by PvP Marks.

    The top few percent of players/teams on the leaderboards will get unique feats and titles only particular for that Season.

    Have leaderboards not only for PVP, but PVE as well.

    Have Leaderboards for Elite raids and SM Seasons, noting the time for speed runs, number of bosses cleared, and feats obtained.

    There are many possibilities with the implementation of PVP/PVE Leaderboards and PvP seasons.

    The required tech for this would be a Matchmaking System for Rated play.

    Xbox uses the Trueskill matchmaking algorithm developed by Microsoft themselves.

    Maybe DCUO could follow suit.

    DCUO could easily have the potential to be the next PUBG or Fortnite.
  10. Brit Loyal Player

    One thing I have long encouraged in regards to Legends characters, in order to successfully monetize PvP.

    Sell Legends skins. So many games make money with skins that provide absolute zero combat impact. It's just a cosmetic. Instead of Bizarro, you can get Bizarro#1 or Bizarro-Forver Evil. Instead of Superman, you can get skins for Earth-2 old Superman, or Kingdom Come-Superman.

    Then, with the purchase of a skin, also include one exclusive style piece only available by buying the skin. For example, buying the Bizarro skin gives you a Bizarro emblem. Or buying a Burt Ward skin for Robin comes with a "Biff, Bop, Pow" Accessory.

    Even players who have little or no interest in PvP will buy the skins for the cosmetic purposes then, and as long as PvP actually is making money, then they will keep working on it.
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  11. DemonLordMomo New Player

    I can't see how anyone can disagree with this. You pretty much gave the Devs plenty of monetization ideas. Now we wait for the acceptance.
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  12. Hraesvelg Always Right

    I would be fine with this. Let people smash their faces in for some titles and styles and I won't feel compelled to join in to get feat points...unless I want a particular style or title. I never really enjoyed PvP or Legends (PvP or PvE).
  13. Solarbound Committed Player

    I always felt every DLC should've included a small dose of PVP content. It's something they should've done from the very beginning if being lost after all of these years on how to monetize it is the real issue for why they're so negligent towards PVP development. Hm, maybe bringing some new Legends characters into the marketplace would be a great way to monetize PVP. Like, the Gorilla Grodd we were supposed to get back in January of 2015. I mean, isn't that kind of what worked before towards the monetization for this aspect of the game? Can you sense the hint of sarcasm in there? Either way, I'm tired of them feeding that tired BS excuse and the amounts who actually buy into that nonsense.

    Sure, Dimensional Ink is a newly opened door for new beginnings. Given how Jackster stated in the original thread of the new company letter that they're looking to focus on EVERY aspect with this new chapter, that would also mean PVP included. They should already have enough intuition of their own for which direction to take this moving forward. Especially, as we've spoken up enough on what should be done to get PVP out of its rut. Just patiently waiting in the meantime. So, we'll see how they look to improve under the new name.