So it looks like the devs want to give us a "happy" new year... will the fans support them?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by ChowlinShicken, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. ChowlinShicken Active Player

    During the anniversary event announcement, the devs seemed to be hinting at lighter, happier content for 2020, and after JLD and 2 episodes of Metal (all of which I enjoyed, btw), I'm absolutely onboard with that.

    My question is - how does the community at large feel about that? Will they accept lighter content?

    Will a Legion of Superheroes episode draw in fans, or should the devs start working on DCeased?

    Just curious :)
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  2. Mobius Twist Active Player

    <starts creating a Legion of Superheroes alt …>
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  3. MsTickle Fate Loyal Player


    Legion for the win!
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  4. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    At this point I don't care what the source material is for the content as long as the Elite content is challenging, engaging, and makes me want to stay logged in for hours at a time running it. JLD had this effect on me but sadly the Metal content lacked...ESPECIALLY Part II. I can't wait until this episode is behind us and that is coming from a fan of the Metal comics.
  5. Zoe· Loyal Player

    I was really happy with Thanagar open world and raid so I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Episodes. I really hope we get Wonder Woman & Birds of Prey related content since both of their movies are coming out this year. Maybe more Flash content too.
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  6. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Hey new content is always welcomed. Let's be realistic after a while, you complete all the "new" feats and obtain most if not all of the new style of armor even the latets missions get to be just a grind so any time a new DLC arrives for the majority its is well received.

    Of course there will always be those few that have issues no matter what. Classic examples?

    1. They (the devs) are just using the same maps over and over. Gee we have a fairly small DEV team these days lets take 8 or 10 months between new content just to create all new maps for every single mission
    2. Back in the day... When we will get some content that does not involve Wonder Women, or Green Lanterns or Batman. This was always a favorite to me.. I KNOW LETS PLAN AN ENTIRE DLC AROUND PLASTIC MAN! LOL

    Now on a more legitimate side.. As always there will probably be some glitches and such that need to be fixed and get complaints. These are annoying but typical and not just of this game. The Test Server helps but the much larger live server has a lot more players creating a lot more lag and some stuff just doesn't show up until after it is live.

    Hey I LIKE new challenges so bring it on! Can we get that DLC about Plastic Man? LOL:p
  7. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Oh yeah I could really enjoy a Birds of Prey DLC and with the new Harley Quinn movie due in February that would be a great idea. Now while some have complained about too much Wonder Woman content I have always liked the character and enjoyed the Gal Gadot movie. With WW 84 due out later this year in the theaters a new Wonder Woman DLC would not be a bad idea either
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  8. Walvine Well-Known Player

    Raids with 80 disco dance offs .3 wrong dance steps and entire group KOs to wrath of lighning and thunder.
  9. Controller Loyal Player

    Well......can't say that DCUO doesn't give out NICE GIFTS....the Anniversary chromas are COOL............

    I rarely change my Lantern Styles but I did for THESE chromas.

    As for upcoming events - while I'd like a LOSH DLC my guess is that they do something with the Birds of Prey movie coming out. With THAT being said I'd love an APOKOLYPS cross-over somehow..



    Throw in a mind-controlled Supergirl that is now a Female Fury and you'd have THREE TOUGH bosses to deal with - with a New Gods Harley Quinn being QUITE THE LOAD...

    Could let Darkseid's daughter - Grail - be the FINAL boss:


    We also have the Wonder Woman 84 movie coming well as supposedly the Green Lantern movie coming sometime this year...

    "IF" they do a new GL DLC I hope they have the usual suspects but include the NEWEST Green Lantern:


    Sojourner "Jo" Mullein - from the Far Side of the DC Universe.

    If not these then I'd be open to a LOSH DLC but it would have to be a two many Heroes to consider.
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  10. Brit Dedicated Player

    Doomsday Clock, introducing Watchmen into DCUO and giving us a Rorschach Mask face style.
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  11. FoolsFire Loyal Player

    Just not the same run, right? :D
  12. FoolsFire Loyal Player

    Unfortunately when they reorganized the styles they made Dr. Manhattan impossible.
  13. Dark warlorck New Player

    For the year 2020 I am thinking of the publication of an episode on a return from the Crime Syndicate. I also hope for an episode on the fantastic world of Skartaris or on Legion of super heroes which will allow us to explore space. I also expect that will we have no mythological with characters very neglected in the game like the Doctor Pyscho and Veronica Cale, hold as well as Grail the daughter of Darkseid as new villain.
  14. Dark warlorck New Player

    I'm talking about an episode on Wonder Woman when I quote the villains Dr Pyscho, Veronica Cale and Grail.
  15. nawanda Committed Player

    Number one priority is the quality of the content, Fun, the right difficulty level and not strewn with bugs. If they deliver that, it could be Sesame Street or Care Bear themed as far as I’m concerned.
  16. willflynne Unwavering Player



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  17. Mobius Twist Active Player

    These chromas are so awesome I want to BUY them! They should put individual colors up on the Marketplace for the duration of the anniversary only.

    And +1 for Super Grover.
  18. Irvynnge Committed Player

    what I want is something new. what I want is something we haven't seen before. so, no Superman, no Batman, no Amazons, no Flash, no Lanterns, no New Gods. so, yeah, the Legion would be nice, but, sadly, that's going to involve Superboy / Superman, & probably Darkseid ( I'm assuming they'll do the Great Darkness Saga? or something based around it ). I want the Doom Patrol. yeah. that's what I want. or the Endless. how about the Charlton heroes? that would be cool.
  19. ChowlinShicken Active Player

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  20. Irvynnge Committed Player

    oh, yes. oh, very yes.

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