So I'm getting that playing this game and it's content for fun is...

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  1. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    I hear ya, just always felt that the things that really promote a RP game are the things you get to choose an either/or on.

    In EQ I could go out of my way to change my factions to use the good city even as an evil race.

    I could do a quest by killing the guy and taking the item I needed, or I could complete that guys sub quest to get it from him without ruining my faction.

    The extent to which i get to make choices in this game is the mentor missions.

    Always said as a villain I should be able to turn on Superman at the end of FoS. End of Trigon, let me turn on Circe and take the power for myself.

    In EQ we had more than enough choices. We even had people play "pacifists" and quested all the way up. The game catered to RP, I just don't see a single thing in DCUO that really promotes RP other than being a superhero game /shrug.
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  2. H.. Committed Player

    Interesting article - I must confess that the early SOLO missions I had a feeling of accomplishment more, so than any instances afterwards.

    I always thought ... instead of having four pre-defined Role classifications - what if everyone started off equal in all stat categories and depending on which path(s) you take, you develop along those lines.

    That type of development would give a more personal character development for a "role play" Avatar, as the character would almost become an extension of you - even more so, with a stronger overall relationship as you interact with the DC Universe ...
  3. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Here's the thing: 99% of all video games are RPGs by nature. You take on the Role of Mario as you try to save the princess. You take on the Role of Pac-Man as you try to eat yourself sick. You take on the Role of Payton Manning and go on to lose the Super Bowl to a dude half your age.

    It's not nearly as immersive as sitting down at a table and rolling dice and speaking in your character's voice, but part of the escapist nature of video games is that you are putting yourself in someone else's shoes … which is the quintessential element of Role Playing.
  4. Whiteroom New Player

    No! it is black and white! You either go all out, or not at all! There is no such thing as grey areas!
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  5. SirMuttonChops New Player

    I love how passive aggressive this post is.

    The first part, I agree with entirely. This is a limit of not just certain rigs, but also internet connections. If someone lives out in a small town where the closest internet connection that is viable is extremely slow, they haven o option but to lower everything to basically looking at a blurry picture, but that doesn't mean we have to cater to them. Same, just because you want ultimate customization abilities doesn't mean we have to cater to you. (you being general public, not any person in particular)

    The second part and the third part go hand-in-hand. This is nothign the developers can do anything about. This is we, the players, at work. We want more DPS. This isn't whatever the developers made or what people are ripping off from YouTube videos. When people do lower level content they want MORE DPS. Why? Because we want to finish content faster. We're not in it to sit and take forever on a boss. Everything ever implemented into the game is responded to by the community with MORE DPS.

    Enrage timers? DPS so that the bosses never reach them.
    One-shots? DPS so that the bosses don't have enough time to pull off that many.
    Large DoT's? DPS so that the bosses are up for less amount of time.
    Puzzles? DPS because they can be expendable with so many in one team.

    What about things that are easier?

    We don't need that many heals? DPS to finish things faster.
    A blocking DPS can survive that hit with a healer backing him/her up? Then no tank. Add another DPS.
    One troller plus a supercharge can power a team long enough to kill the boss? Then give up a troller and add a DPS.

    What about things that DPS need? In order to do mroe damage and make things faster, the DPS need another troller to keep up the power-hungry load outs? Well how about we add another troller so that we can have more DPS? Yup, more DPS.

    Easier content? Make room for more DPS.
    Harder content? Make room for more DPS.

    That's the community that does that, not the players.
  6. SirMuttonChops New Player

    Again, that definition of "role" for the DM is a vague one. Because the DM's "role" now boils down to hundreds of individual roles, not one main role. It's the same as saying that I play a role at my job, but I am not role-playing at my job. The DM is the latter, an can do the former in individual circumstances, but when something has no real characteristics or is defined by the mechanic in the game already, like available attacks and movement (just like in this game), the DM isn't actually role-playing, but playing a role.

    The differentiation between "role-players" and "roll-players" is the differentiation between "hardcore gamers" and "casual gamers." It doesn't mean that we're not playing the same game, and it doesn't mean that we're not role-playing. Quite literally, the only factor that is removed is acting.

    This conversation is really off topic and can go on for ages. I've seen people say that if you don't make your own character, you're not really an RPG'er, or that lite RPG's don't count, and that games like Hero Quest or Mansions of Madness don't count because everything is preset. It's a conversation we don't need to get in to for the progress of this thread.
  7. DaKrushmor Loyal Player
  8. Twilight Man New Player

    You can join my league Mepps "The Variables" it's new, you don't have to beg. Hit me up with a request in game.
    Anything you need homie, drinks, chips, mouse pads, exobits, soders, altoids, fly amazonian hunnies..I got you.
  9. SirMuttonChops New Player

    Thank you.

    I think the only way to really sum up threads like this is the complaints of people looking for the DC-version of Second Life, where you can just go around chit-chat with people, go out to clubs and parties and make friends and never have to worry about being a "good" player because anything you do is viable. Of course, clubs/parties/etc all fall under their expectations of raids/alerts/duos/etc. But for those people, you can't really do anything about it. They aren't looking for a game. They are looking for a virtual world to hang-out in that happens to include their favorite super heroes, and they just kind of want to tag along during the battles.
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  10. Cloud_9 New Player

    I stopped reading at "not many solo things after level 30".

    T1-3 and T5 solo instances not enough? What if we throw in T2,2.5,4,&5 open world solos? No? Weird, cause I thought that nearly all of Home Turf was solo sstuff, so much that they even made 1v1 instances.

    As it stands, you can solo all the way to T5, and then you can get the T5 vender gear to get il90 gear.

    And you have someone to run with you, man. That opens up duos.
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  11. SirMuttonChops New Player

    I think he means that he doesn't have to pay for and gear up for.
  12. Whiteroom New Player

    In a way, this easy gearing up is the most beneficial thing in the game for them. They can gear up quick by playing the effective ways, then throw on whatever powers they want and have a blast with like minded players. Instead we get threads like this. You get people calling the rest of the community a*holes for not wanting to work harder to support their self-induced handicaps. I really cannot see the logic behind it. It is an entirely self-centered and self serving view point.
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  13. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    I've always felt RPG as it refers to Video games in particular basically means "you take your character and progress them making them more and more powerful"

    Mario is the king of platformers. Zelda is an RPG.

    Zelda you get stuff and you keep it for the rest of the game!

    Mario is based on gaining and losing extra attributes, not growing your character.

    /shrug that's just how I've always made the distinction.
  14. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    The last part about DPS.... it's like a fundamental Law of MMOs. You WILL have enough healing, enough tanking, enough support. BUt unless specifically designed to punish more dps... more DPS will ALWAYS be wanted.

    The only real discussion right now between top level leagues is how much support from trollers do you need/want? Some want 3 some 2. Everyone is fine doing 1 tank, 1 heal.

    As for the min/max stuff and it being all players. I actually very much disagree. Look back at any power discussion when they are first introduced on test. "XXXX power sucks, it'll only be used by those who want to use it for fun" You can find dozens of powers like that.

    If it were complaining about us taking something that did 100 damage vs something that did 95 damage... we wouldn't be having these conversations because there would be people who could use the 95 damage one and still put out great numbers.

    What we're talking about though is powers at 100, then the other ones are like a 10.

    Look at Rage.

    Frenzy, no point other than for fun. pointed out while it was on test server.

    Revenge, with outrage being spammable, why use revenge? Sure it's 360 AE instead of conal, but that doesn't make it worth taking a power bar spot for the few situations you might want 360 ae.

    Channel Hate, just not the DPS it'd need to be for it to be worthwhile. The only redeaming quality is the interaction with the Hand HT mod giving extra defense, but that can be done with Retch which is same or better damage, higher modifier, and PI setup.

    There is a lot of tuning the devs could do to make these less used moves more viable.

    It's not all situations of minor differences that really take a lot of parsing and figuring out to decide which is actually better. No, it's quite obvious. Same reason you don't see many if any DPS using Duel Pistols. If they were at all viable people would use them, but they are just utter crap compared to the alternatives.
  15. surge914 New Player

    I agree this game ain't much fun anymore and isn't the game it was intended at launch. At launch it was play your way and make the kind of character you wanted and how you wanted it to be but it's that you have to play a certain way to be effective and good and it doesn't help that the community has a bad rep for a reason and the devs seem to encourage this behavior by the content they bring out. I wish Sony kept the original devs with the good ideas.
  16. Whiteroom New Player

    This point is always lost on anyone making the argument. There are very few time when you hold back on DPS, stuff like if you want to break all the tubes before Hank appears, or glitches, like Circe in TP, were if you burn her to fast Trigon won't pick her up.

    This just highlights my grey area point. From a previous post. there are so many degrees of what people consider their RP experience to be.
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  17. Zuse Loyal Player

    What Mepps said

    find people with same interests and the experience of the game will be changed for you for ever. Trust me it works 3+ years of exp
  18. helvetica New Player

    I agree with this rundown but I don't agree with the conclusion.

    In the end the community has done this to itself, true. But the Devs are able to shape the game and prevent it from happening. Ingame systems promote or discourage player behaviour. The Devs just have to kill off this mindset using gameplay systems. I doubt the Devs want players melting through the content and trivializing it with excessive DPS or gameplay that leads to role discrimination. Eventually this direction means no one is playing their game and people leave. But then this game has always had retention issues and this problem is the basics of "why".
  19. bull425 Well-Known Player

    Here's the deal. I don't care who does what. What I care is that we finish what we set out to do. If that means 1 person has powers all over the place, I Don't Care! I just care we finish and I get my MoTs (right now) and have fun. If those criteria are met, then boom, I nailed it. What I also do is if a vote opens up to kick, I always vote against. Lately I have also been saying, why kick, let's just finish this ish.

    I could care less if someone had freeze breath, heat vision or whatever, if it works and we finish and get some feats and rewards and blah, blah, blah, then I am happy.

    I've been pugging and it's been good so far.
  20. Archangel Rafael New Player

    This post confuses me. It seems to agree with me but does so in an argumentative way. I dont know what this particular quote means at all. It seems to be trying to argue with itself.

    Players and the "moar deeps" mentality is generally at fault for the lessening fun(as per the OP) in DCUO

    Unless the devs do something about the "deeps is all there is" content and the mudflation of stats, we will end up with 5-6 dps & 2-3 trollers as the optimum raid group. That would be a bad thing.
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