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  1. Dornish Ale New Player

    Oi mates, I'm in doubt. Currently I'm earth might, I choose the power bc I wanted a viable option to dps and tank, and earth looked good. I must admit that I'm coming back just now to the game, stopped playing just after stats revamp, and back then I was a fire tank, and even now I like the way it works, even when I was running my melee might fire I had a couple of heals to back me up. Maybe that's why I'm having a tad trouble with earth.

    So, rn as I said I'm specing might, but as I'm running end game content (currently on bop) I'll start to fix up my tank build that I left off a while ago. But my issue is that I'm feeling weak as might, I'm doing an ok dmg on raids, but I'm getting killed a hard lot, there was a point that I needed to put totem in my loadout just to keep me alive between sodas cycling.

    My current loadout as might is epicenter + unstoppable + jackhammer + gemstone + crystal + entomb, and artifacts wise I have strategist + urgrund, third slot I'm using manacles from my tank build cuz I didn't know what to get and was already max level. Ik urgrund isn't the most optimal option but I run it to help with power (and I think it has one of the highest might besides solar amplifier) bc jackhammer spam is quite power hungry (even when I run a range with upheaval my power fades way to quick).

    The last artifact I thought of getting grim or trans or even quislet (bc of constant use of a 5k sc) or EoG for helping spam entomb, but I'm not sure. Sorry the big post but anyone has any takes what should I do?

    Note: for tank I'm thinking in run brick + fortify + gemstone + both pulls + jackhammer/hl shield, and manacles + symbol of the 7 + strategist (?). Not sure on the 3rd here too.
  2. TheLorax Unwavering Player

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  3. CHARI EL New Player

    Ok so as with any power it's down to how you want to play and what you want to achieve.. I play Earth myself and i love it and i have played all 3 roles ( yes 3 )
    Dps Tank and Battle tank. Right now im doing the latter and im having a blast..

    Dps arts - Solar Amp, Learneas Amulet, Transformation card
    Loadout - upheavel, pebble blast, sand blast, Crystal, fortify golem, Entomb

    Tank arts - Manacles, Mystic, Everyman ( or Gemini if using a SC )
    Loadout - Earthen grip, brick, fortify golem, gemstone shield, JH, Totem

    I use JH for 2 reasons - great to juggle ads when grouped together and to get stone skin just incase brick dies b4 recalling brick.

    Battle tank -
    A good battle tank will always go full tank gear with dps Arts. Your job is to tank so always go tank gear.. Your damage comes from dps arts.
    Since you're at the receiving end of alot of dmg and don't have tank arts any dps art with a large health pool is welcomed

    Tetra, quislet, scrap etc.
    Eog and grim works great too for battle tanking as Earth

    Arts i run - Scrap, tetra, quislet

    Loadout - brick, fortify golem, unstoppable, JH, gemstone shield, Entomb

    *spec hybrid for the 5% Dom. The rest as usual, critical attack and chance then all to might.

    Augs all might
    Head Augs 1 Dom and 1 Might

    Battletanking is fun but has a bit of a learning curve, not that hard as earth since you got brick.. Keep him powered at all times and you're gucci..

    Tank the raid and dish out the most dmg.. No better feeling..

    Hope this helps.. Again these are my loadouts.. See what works for you and what you like and build accordingly..
  4. Dogico Loyal Player

    You could be dying because of positioning, not avoiding certain mechanics, or being undergeared for the content you're in. Impossible to say why dps are dying without more details or video. Totem isn't helping your survivability since it heals Brick and Crystal, not you. You said you're might but the arts you use depend on if you want to use Crystal or not. With Crystal I'd recommend Source Shard definitely, then some combination of Grim Quislet or Transformation. Without Crystal I'd recommend Transformation Lernaea's Amulet and either Solar Amp, Scrap, or EoG. Earth has good synergy with Amulet because both Jackhammer (best aoe move) and Pebble Blast (best st move) are cheap and quick. For tanking Manacles Mystic and either EoG or Everyman, depending on if you use supercharge.
  5. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Epicenter is unnecessary as a pull. EG is your best pull because it is ranged and stuns adds.

    For tanking, definitely Manacles and Mystic Symbol. If you want to use a SC for tanking, then EoG is a clear choice and you can use it for DPS, if you want. You could also use Tetra or Cog for no SC, depending on whom you run with an providing a buff to your teammates in tank role. I tend to spec health first as Earth.

    For DPS, Trans Card is a safe bet to have. Earth also has a good SC so you want to consider if you want to play up to the strength of the SC with Quislet, EoG or Soul Cloak. But maybe you don't need any of those, depending on how you do loadouts for hallways and single target.

    You can run pet based and go with Source Shard, and you need either Grim or Quislet. The thing about a Source Shard loadout is that it takes up 3 spaces on your bar. So if you want to use Entomb, you don't have many options left for your loadout. Therefore, you probably won't be using a SC with Source Shard. Maybe that can work for you for hallways so you can build SC. So for hallways, probably Source Shard, Trans, and Grim.

    For single target, Earth isn't really strong so you probably want Solar Amplifier which means you will give up Source Shard. So you probably would need 7 artifacts altogether. This assumes that you want to be the best tank you can running 3 tank specific artifact and that you are the best DPS you want to be. If this is your main toon, maybe you want that. If this is an alt, maybe not. I get by with 5 artifacts on my Earth toon because his DPS is just for bounties or soloduo stuff, preferring to tank raids and alerts.
  6. CHARI EL New Player

    I agree with everything Black Jaq said apart from the last paragraph.. Earth dps on single target hits like a truck..
    About a month ago when quislet came out i went for a source shard build and fed my old arts ( trans, solar and amulet ) to shard, grim and quislet and im very pleased with my decision..
    They are all lvl 130 atm but im already doing more damage than i did previously..
    There were so many times i came back to top 2 places as dps when in boss fights and that's the beauty of a pet build.. Even though you have to roll/dodge do mechanics your pets will continue to do the damage.. You just got to make sure to pop fortify and godwave whenever it's off cooldown.. And always pop godwave then fortify golem or crystal will attack b4 godwave is used..
    Figure out your playstyle you want, your rotation next and compliment that with Arts..
    Knowledge of your power also helps.. Just go to your league hall and play around a bit.. The age old saying applies again.. Practice makes perfect..
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