So, I'm about done...

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by MrFunktaztyk, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. YodaDog New Player

    Oh to the contrary, sir, some of us love these types of threads.

    ALL a-BOARD!!!! Hoppin on the hate train!!! TOOT-TOOT!!!

    Ok, don't mind me, carry on...
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  2. Singlemaltkiller New Player

    So you DESERTED an instance and got hit with a DESERTER penalty and now you're upset? We'll see you in a week or 2 QQing about something else.
  3. WorldsDown New Player

    Excellent. Another "I'm done" thread.

  4. Hallows Eve New Player

    Why move along when I can annoy you instead because you know everything I say is true.
  5. Joykiller Dedicated Player

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  6. nowburn4it Loyal Player

    Someone who can think on the bright side! I love opportunists...
  7. Corrupted Ertai New Player

    And you are giving it to him, like a fool. Who is more ridiculous here? Why troll if all he wants is a response of any sort?
  8. nowburn4it Loyal Player've stated you don't want've called people trolls...What exactly did you expect to come out of this thread?
  9. YodaDog New Player

    For fun?
    You're such a kill-joy.
  10. Abstrakt Loyal Player

    Wow do ive had my morning coffee read my news feed all i needed was a good laugh to start my day...thanks for providing that.
    Soo let me get this straight
    1. you q into fos 2 (really who does that) thats just silly
    2.they fail you quit
    3. you get the deserter feat
    4. your done with the game now and will go back to cod or whatever
    im sure youll be missed good luck
  11. BigAl Devoted Player

    Lol, that's where you're wrong. You aren't annoying me, just giving me a good laugh. Thanks for that, by the way.
  12. TroEL Dedicated Player

    Rage on brah
  13. Pop a Trinket dey sweatin Dedicated Player

    I still kind of enjoy playing the game. It's gotten kind of stale here over the past couple weeks though.

    I'll give it a little while longer, but I could see myself moving on from DC. There are better things to do.
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  14. Redhot Well-Known Player

    Pug life will enrage most people if you want to get things done Que up with your league if you just want to do it for the luls then you have no right to QQ that said group is failing. for all you know its there first time in there in t1-2 gear why not instead of raging then leaving the raging some more because of deserter stay explain fights, strats all that its your life do what you want with it just know that QQing because you pug is a stupid reason
  15. DrewCheech New Player

    It can be frustrating. I Q into everything, duos/alerts/raids.
    I have very few friends in game, and a most of them gave up on DCU.
    I've had no luck with leagues. One or two worked for a while, but they never got serious.
    I've posted league threads but never get much response.
    So yea elements of the game can be annoying, but it never stops me.
    I have fun playing and will continue to.
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  16. Maxx_Watt Loyal Player

    Prior to the PvP update I usually logged on as soon as the kids were in bed, now most of the time when I go to turn it on I ask myself why, is it going to be worth the frustration, then i remember that i completed all my pvp boxes on thurs so there really is no reason to log in. I think my sub renews today, but most likely this will be the last cycle for me, hard to support a game when all the evidence points to the team trying to alienate players.
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  17. Joykiller Dedicated Player

    Okay, I can sympathize a little (even after posting ScarJo's HARSH eye roll) with this. Once again, something the Devs implemented to satisfy the PVP crowd (deserter penalty) ends up having unintended/disproportional consequences on the PVE crowd. This is just the latest in a long line of PVP changes that have affected the PVE experience for the worse.
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