So, I'm about done...

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  1. razor Red New Player

    the man just wants to vent and i for 1 appreciate it.
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  2. Mick93 New Player

    Some random jerk ninja invited me to an instance while I was trying to trade Qd into a crappy group decided to talk crap to the group till they kicked me, thing is it took me like an hour lol should of just left.
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    Funny whole post seems like one big QQ about how no one understands what the OP was trying to say calls everyone who doesn't agree a troll.

    The issue with the deserter penalty is ok but there is a work around for it and when that doesn't work simply live with it and move on. If taking 10mins out of your gameplay to do something else is that hard then take a break from the game.

    The problem with the forums is the community is tired of the "Hey look at me I want attention but I am not QQ'ing" threads that pop up when someone has a bad gameplay day.
  5. deltablues New Player

    I like to queue into raids and see if I can make it work. I like the challenge. Plus you get to boss noobs around!
  6. Objeckt Well-Known Player

    Dont listen to the people giving you crap in the thread. You're right and a lot of people are tired of the changes they're making and think its taking all of the fun out of a game we once liked. These forum dwarves are all about catch words like "QQ", "Crying", etc, they'll realize soon enough when they're queuing up for raids with everyone screaming at eachother and no one knowing their role because all of the good players that helped eachother went onto other games.
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  7. Deepeess New Player

    A lot of people are leaving or thinking about it.
    for the marjorite the new t5 raids are hard to beat it;
    The ones that are able to beat it aren't happy either, crap loot table etc...
    T5 ops are boring, and have the crap loot table problem as well, after the first 2 weeks i have yet to see a blue gear/weapon there.
    solos are great fro gearing up, and they are fun too.

    you have almost no incentive to run older content, when you can get all the marks you need from the 2 man ops,gates and prime,
    and for those, people are asking for cr 88~90, making hard to people who are fresh 70, they are stuck doing t4ops to get gear.

    there has been a increase of "im leaving" threads, sure 1 or 2 people leaving isn't to kill the game, but the people who
    come to the forums are what? less than 10% or the player base? how many are leaving without posting?

    The truth is the Dev's are making horrible mistakes, and if you can't see that you blind, i for one are not going to
    stop playing anytime soon, but if the devs keep implementing thins no one asked for and ignoring the things
    that needs to be implement or even fixed, my play time will drop even more.
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  8. One_Man_Army New Player

    You do realize that your FoS 2 story proved WHY there's a deserter penalty to begin with, don't you? Don't want the penalty, don't desert. Plain and simple. While yes there definitely are a few problems with it, such as freezing and DCing, it is there to prevent stupid players from queing in only to leave when the instance doesn't go their way. If you get a bad group and don't want the deserter penalty, either stick with the group or ask the group to kick you. Getting the deserter penalty was YOUR OWN FAULT in this case for deserting. You desert, expect it.
  9. ObsceneBoy Committed Player

    *sits in corner with popcorn*
  10. One_Man_Army New Player

    Nope. There happens to be another way around the deserter penalty. It's called STICKING WITH THE INSTANCE, lol. Seriously, an instance gets a bit tougher for some of you weaklings or you wipe once and all you want to do is leave? Come on. Man up and at least try to finish the instance. It's ridiculous some of the complaints some of you guys have, lol.
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  11. Hallows Eve New Player

    I don't play at all, I just come on here every now and then to troll sad little fanboys that are so addicted to this game they cannot even see just how mediocre it really is.
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  12. Minnion Devoted Player

    Pretty sure QQ means "Quit" rather than "crying for sympathy" at least in the context of this thread....
  13. BigAl Devoted Player

    See how mediocre what is? The game, or your life? If you don't like it, move along. Run upstairs and ask your mom for money cause the ice cream truck is coming....
  14. Logroe New Player

    Can't vent without the obvious A+ community hopping on the hate train

    To reply to a guy above, if the community is so tired of these ''qq'' threads then why don't they just ignore them and let them die instead of looking for one word post +1s?

    I agree this game does have its bad kinks, but stay strong this is your first ps3 MMORPG and you should enjoy it as MMOs are a great experiance.

    However if you're on Pc there are many other MMORPGs out there and if you're bored and or tired there is no reason to stay.

  15. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    i wish i could be done but this is the only mmo that appeals to me. No matter how much it hurts me i have to keep coming back.

    no other mmos touch this one or even come close for my needs of action gameplay and acheivement hunting.
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    IIRC, the official statements have all been that the Deserter Penalty was meant to punish people for leaving PvP lair battles and stuffs. It impacting PvE like it has is a side effect that very few are happy with and others feel some weird need to defend.
  18. One_Man_Army New Player

    Actually, the official statements have all been that the deserter penalty was meant to punish people for leaving, period, whether that be from lair battles or pve instances. Lair battles just forced them to lengthen the punishment is all.
  19. Faust74 Loyal Player

    Then stop Pug'n.
  20. LootNinja New Player

    I'm glad I don't care about bein the most geared super elite player in the history of forever. I might actually care instead of long pressing that PS button and quitting the game.