So I can't use my armory

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by iMadnez, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. iMadnez New Player

    So I been trying to Imprint my style in the armory but it keeps saying "Error. At least one or more aspectd of this build requires DLC: Last Laugh". I was able to set my style on my other character but not on the one im using right now.
  2. Drathmor Devoted Player

    do you have on a shield on that toon but now that you arent legendary you dont have last laugh dlc now so dont really have the use of the shield just are still speced for it on that toon? just trying to help you troubleshoot
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  3. Solmes202 Loyal Player

    Great observation but if that's the case it should be corrected. Armories are available to premium players and should accept any gear that they ever got regardless of whether or not the currently own the DLC related to that gear.
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  4. Jurgen Blitz New Player

    Im guessing that... he might have gone Legendary for a while, use skill points to get the innates of the Shield Tree, then back to Premium. That´s the most logical explanation I can come up with. If that toon could already use a Shield, he´d be using Last Laugh already.

    It´s still nasty tho, armories should accept whatever you throw into them. iMadnez, submit a ticket.
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  5. cork71 New Player

    I have 2 armories set up and both of them display my character with no hair even though my character is not bald.
  6. Drathmor Devoted Player

    your right that premiums have use of the armories also i was going off the fact he said his other toons could imprint just fine but this one wasnt working. the only reason i can think of is if he lost the use of something but because he still has it equipped its blocking him. much like if you respec you still have your weapon on even tho if you take it off you cant put it back on untill you put a point back in that weapon. and the only thing really added in the last laugh DLC was the shield it was just my best guess because once you try to respec and dont have the last laugh you can no longer spec down the shield tree its just greyed out.
  7. Walterlight New Player

    ive just tested my armories on test and when i have a vita cola in my troller build and a flex cola in my dps build, when i switch from troller to dps the cola icon looks like a bug zapper icon and my trinket icon looks like a face with a blob on it ....
  8. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    You must have the Last Laugh or Legendary to imprint Shield into Armories.
  9. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    Sorry, but that doesn't make sense.
    We don't lose a char with a powerset, which is from a DLC, when you end your sub. Then we should also not lose a weapon, which we created a char with, when we had the DLC.
    Or can't we imprint the powerpoint-spec of a char either, if it's a DLC-pwerset and we don't own the DLC anymore?

    As I posted here before I was absolutely sure, that this could only be a bug, because a disadvantage for people with shield compared to those with powersets is unfair in my PoV.
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  10. Drake_DuCaine New Player

    Until I'm legendary again? I have skill points specced into the Shield and this is keeping me from being able to use the armory since it requires a DLC? I had a hand of fate utility belt equipped which I unequipped, but it's still saying it requires one or more things from the Last Laugh DLC. Only thing I can think of is I have points specced into the Shield weapon. Is this really causing me to not be able to use the armory? If so, that's a really cheap tactic. SOE Pushed so hard about the armories and half the people who play this game can't even use them.

    I know buying the DLC is an option but I don't want to do that. I'd rather just become legendary again.
  11. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    man i would hate to have to buy "The last laugh" for armories to work
  12. VIRALITY Dedicated Player

    I guess that's one of the downfalls of only letting legendary members use the test server...they would've never been able to see this bug.
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  13. Jamie New Player

    I'm not laughing at you but at the situation. This is too funny. SOE talks up how great the armories are and that they are generous enough to give every player a free one and then people find out that they aren't free. Free armory (in very tiny print) only usable if you have access to the Last Laugh DLC.
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  14. TheCasual New Player

    Sadly I just found this out myself not too long ago. I tried to imprint my build but said I needed the Last Laugh. So I respec and removed the sp from the Shield tree and boom. It worked.

    I guess I shouldn't be surprised since I don't believe armories stores your powers upon respecing them as well.
  15. Drenyn New Player

    You can still use tge armory, you just can't save a spec with a weapon you don't own the dlc for. Why would they let you save something you technically don't have access to?
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  16. farm3rb0b Committed Player

    I think the main purpose of armories is to act as a respec convenience. Instead of doing a full respec and redoing all your skill points, you swap armory builds. However, swapping armories is clearly being treated as though you did a full respec. That's the key, I think.

    When you respec without DLC4/Legendary status, you cannot put any SP into the shield tree. Even if you just came from Legendary and dropped subscription for a month and decide to change your build, you'll lose out on that particular tree. Since armories are being treated as a respec, you can only allot points to the shield tree if you meet the requirements for being able to put points into the shield tree from the respec station.

    Makes sense for those using this to swap builds, but not so much for those that were using this just for gear changes or style swaps.
  17. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    possible solution?
    so just leave a few extra SP, when u use ur armory, u will just have to spec into the shield tree each time u use ur armory for the Shield tree right?
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  18. Drenyn New Player

    I don't think you can spec into the shield tree unless you legendary or own the dlc. The player in question was at one time legendary so they had acres to the tree, but when they went to premium they lost the ability to do so.
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  19. X-zero Loyal Player

    Wonder if that is the reason they came out the day the free month of legendary ended. It is probably a consequence but I pretty sure it won't look like that.
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  20. El Presidente Well-Known Player

    They don't base what you have access to on the test server on what you have on live. If non-legendary members had access to the test server they would have the access to the same things as the legendary members.

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