So DPSing is hard...

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  1. KrilTsuuroth Well-Known Player


    Quit following me lol..
  2. Ramonater New Player

    There really is no 1 right answer for this, Since launch i have been Gadgets, Quantum and Ice and i find trolling and Tanking to be far easier than Dpsing. So it all depends

    actually i find Tanking easier than trolling
  3. Statman New Player

    As many have said, it's relative to specific individuals. There is no definitive answer.

    I'm only an average DPS, but I do well at Tanking or Healing, even when outside of a familiar environment. I'm average at Controlling, but that's only coz my Controller isn't geared (so power out troubles me), but I have been geared in the past and it's not terribly difficult to do even while doing some CC, debuffing, etc.

    I know others that have complete opposite experiences though.
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  4. MCAZR New Player

    Top tier dps'ing is much more difficult than top tier trolling, especially if you're a secondary troll. Here are some questions for you. If you dps in a pug Nexus run, how do you typically fair? Are you top? If so, by how much? Now if you troll a pug Nexus run, how do you typically fair with the 2:1 ratio? Are you much above the ratio? If so, by how much?

    I suspect that the average troll or dps would find it harder to troll than dps, not because it's actually harder to push buttons, but because trolls have to deal with more negative feedback.
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  5. Akroma New Player

    dps is the hardest power to do well. you can only troll and heal so efficiently. you can always become a more efficient and better dps no matter how skilled you think you are.
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  6. Dazuzi New Player

    You made a topic about the discussion we were having and falsely represented what I said, it's only logical for me to be here to correct what you said.

    EDIT: just to repeat it again: damage dealing requires the most effort if you want to reach the top, as in beat best of the best.
  7. Ice Lantern New Player

    My opinions:

    Hardest role to perform almost optimally: Controller.
    - Being able to consistently extra tick almost every 20 seconds with everything you do is in my opinion the most difficult thing to do in this game.
    - Yes, some of the jump cancelling rotations can be difficult to do consistently on the PS (can't comment on PC). Not every DPS uses jump cancelling.

    Hardest role to perform adequately: Tank
    - Healers just heal without too much delay
    - DPS just has to have a half-decent rotation (if you're Nature you just have to keep casting Harvest after dots are applied)
    - Controllers just have to not let PoT drop for too long and spam instant power
    - Tanks deal with too much garbage (I personally hate Electrostatic Bomb) on their screen, the terrible targeting system and having to know how to "utilize the terrain".
    - None of the above is really that hard. But I suppose something had to be the hardest.
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  8. KrilTsuuroth Well-Known Player

    I didn't misrepresent s***. Simply because it wasn't the exact same thing as you said doesn't mean it was a misrepresentation. What I said was spot on. You made it seem like I was wrong for disagreeing with you. You said DPSing was "harder" because it's more competitive. I cannot say there is anything hard about DPSing. I don't see how anyone could consider DPSing hard because it's competitive. There's nothing hard about DPSing. Like someone else said, all you need is a decent rotation and that's about it. And I simply cannot say(IMHO) that trolling is easier. If you want to be a good troll you gotta pay attention. If you wanna be a good DPS get a decent rotation and do it over n over and you will get numbers. Being top DPS mostly means, pick no one up, never mess up your rotation and voila you're top.
  9. KrilTsuuroth Well-Known Player

    I don't pay attention to my damage out for one. I haven't done Nex. or wave as a DPS either and probably won't until I'm full 90 and AnB damage is beyond irrelevant.
  10. MCAZR New Player

    You seem to already understand that top tier dps'ing is more difficult than top tier trolling but you should try Nexus in both roles and let me know how you do. It's a great raid to practice your craft in any role.
  11. KrilTsuuroth Well-Known Player

    I'll never see DPSing as hard. In any shape or form. Maybe getting to the TOP as a DPS may be "hard" but idk, since everyone says you gotta "prove your worth" in Nex. or Wave. It just seems like either you're top DPS or you're trash. That's what I get from people.
  12. Dazuzi New Player

    I said: "I've been saying that damage role requires more effort than any other role, if you want to do it properly and reach the top."
    You posted: "I just got some news that well...apparently DPSing is harder than any role...?"

    It could be just me, but I don't get the same out of your post.

    Of course I made it seem like you were wrong, I gave you my argument and point of view. It's kind of hard to fight against logical thinking.

    Here's what I said about competition:
    When people are competitive, they try to get better so they can beat each other, and that's been going on for quite a long time, hence it requires a lot of effort to get on the same level with those people. Logical, right?

    You need a good rotation and you need to execute it insane amount of times in the raid. Every time you fail a timing or rotation and every time you don't position yourself perfectly, you lose damage. To reach the top, you need to avoid as many of those little mistakes as you can. Now, keep doing that for 20 minutes and see what you think about it then.
  13. KrilTsuuroth Well-Known Player

    Lol the thing is I've been doing this since day one. That's just how DPSing is, but I got tired of it. The ego's, the nonsense, the arguments all over irrelevant numbers. Like I said, I've ran too many raids and will run way too many more to be worried about my damage in every single run. I could have gotten top DPS 5000 times last year, but what is that to me now? Just some irrelevant numbers that I forgot about. What does my damage out mean to me if I get top tomorrow? Nothing but numbers. Eventually those numbers will mean nothing because you'll be back in that same raid doing the same crap over and over again. I just see it as irrelevant. I've never seen DPSing as hard but then again like I said before you gotta prove your worth in Nex. & Wave blah blah. I just do my rotation and I get numbers. If I get top DPS, cool, if not big whoop.
  14. JonnyD New Player

    I thought the OP "question" was stupid. I thought the entire thread was stupid. And I thought the only logical guy in the entire thing was the so call "he said, cuz he said" dude that made the OP starter type out this stupid thread...then you show up and stood down to his level...

    A role's difficulty highly correlates with the competence of the entire team...there's a reason controllers hate PuG'ing (e.g.), and I'm pretty sure every time a group of people launch orbital strikers and accomplices a tank kills a kitten on his way out the instance.
  15. MCAZR New Player

    Don't listen to those people and who says that type of thing? I've never had another dps talk down to me in any raid whether I was top or not. A lot of dps' enjoy competing but the competitive aspect is not for everyone. There's no right or wrong. It's about finding people you enjoy playing with.
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  16. Dazuzi New Player

    Not necessarily irrelevant numbers, if you know the context, they can tell you a lot. Being randomly at the first place on the scorecard tells you nothing, being first constantly on the scorecard when the other damage dealers are the same tells you quite a bit more.

    Also, the scorecard is not all you can look at, there's also the combat.log, and when you combine that with specific tests, you'll get this:
    Sorcery single target damage:
    Rage single target damage:
    HL single target damage:
    Nature single target damage:

    That's how you see how you, your power and loadout actually competes against others.
  17. KrilTsuuroth Well-Known Player

    I guess you don't realize I asked out of curiosity of how others felt on the subject. I already know that everything is relative but I was hoping, for once, someone would say something different. So far, to my surprise, a lot of people are saying DPSing is the hardest. You can consider the question stupid but it wasn't like "Doiiii, are Dpeshh hardded to usess?" :rolleyes: If only sarcasm could be shown in the form of text.
  18. KrilTsuuroth Well-Known Player

    I'm CR99 full 85 with 3 pieces of Vestments. I usually top 103's in AnB but everyone says AnB damage is irrelevant so... The thing is I'm used to getting top DPS and I'm doing nothing more than I usually do. Idk if I'm just good at what I do or what it is. I've been DPSing for nearly 3 years now but I don't "try" to get top DPS I just do, but there's so many variables that tie into that.
  19. KrilTsuuroth Well-Known Player

    USPS3 Villain side mate. Home of the egotistical DPS'. People will talk crap if you're not high enough for their standards. I know that there is a certain...limit that you should be at as a DPS but some people expect you to be putting out 2trillion dmg as if you're healing(by this I mean, people are constantly getting hit so the healer is constantly healing = non stop healing out, A boss only has a finite source of health and most bosses don't heal so that is all you have to work with as far as damage.) or something. One thing I've come to wonder about DPSing can you be mad at someone for not being able to melt a boss when the boss only has a certain amount of health. You only have so much to work with and if you have 1 or 2 DPS that can burn faster than you your numbers really aren't going to be that high. They're taking more and more health from the boss which equals more damage out for them and less for you. I don't have this problem in particular as I'm usually up top. The only problem I have is hitting adds. Unless I use smite+ weap I'll never get a hit on an add because the other DPS' will clear the room before I get Retrib. or Plague off.
  20. LowFlyingMoon Dedicated Player

    My thought: "hard" doesn't mean anything. Or - to put it differently - it means different things to different people.

    Roles and powersets can be compared to one another in certain categories, like amount of agro generated, viability for playing solo, the competitiveness associated with the role, number of different game mechanics, techniques and strategies needed to master in order to play the role/power to the highest standard, etc. But even in those narrow categories it's often difficult to find an agreement, because the game keeps evolving and things change.

    Asking what's the hardest thing to do in the game is mainly going to provoke emotional responses - it's like asking what's the best music, or most enjoyable sport.

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