So Charon left DI too...

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  1. BumblingB I got better.

    Avair left too.
    They updated the careers job listings. Since this is a new change, I doubt it would be on there yet, but they did readjust the Marvel devs and filled some DCUO ones. Jackster left the game and really hurt the company taking devs with him.

    There are 3 positions that are very needed for a game to function listed on there, though I'm sure they have a few others, Systems, Content, and Generalist. Tools being on there is probably why the new feature they promised got pushed back, it's more for new additions to the game.

    As for the art department, just expect no new assets for a while. The good news, if the DLC in October is Black Adam to go with the movie, then Kahndaq is already a map in the game. So there is that.

    I really detest Jackster. Like really do. He came in. Introduced Time Capsules. Made a ton of empty promises. Then just left taking devs with him. Leaving the game with a void needed to fill.
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  2. Magnificent Loyal Player

    These things happen from time to time. What it seems like (from the outside) is that as Jack left, he made offers to many of the DCUO staff to join him and they took him up on it.

    DCUO is not just the cash cow of DI, it's the cash cow of EG7 (per investor information). I hope whoever replaces Jack is more focused on increasing profits via bringing players back to the game through more compelling content rather than coasting on whales burning through TCs and Replays.

    I was really hoping to see Jack change DCUO's content format from one where the DLCs were so small that story has to be rushed too fast to make much sense, to what we saw with CoX (full-blown expansions with multiple storylines and loads of content). Instead we got Time Capsules, a very poor version of a rotating Rikti event and then luring lots of devs out the door with him. Overall, his tenure made the game more whale focused.

    I hope his replacement does far better.
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  3. ColdFuzion Well-Known Player

    Didn't like him either but i guess he was a necessary evil to keep investors happy.
  4. Hraesvelg Always Right

    It's like that in a LOT of industries right now. Boomers are retiring finally, there were, some, uh, other openings in the past few years, people are finally deciding not to work for awful people or places, workers are realizing their worth...lots of turnover everywhere while people find out a new normal. I'm wondering where a lot of these people who are really worried about this going on right now are working...I don't know ANY field that isn't experiencing a Great Resignation right now.
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  5. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    I work for state government. We’ve been losing a lot of people in my department state wide; and the state’s response was to lower the starting pay and eliminate two levels of time-based step raises.

    I’ve found myself looking at other options
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  6. DCUO Post Loyal Player

    Thanks Jack!
    Introducing TCs and stealing all the devs.

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  7. Brink New Player

    Sorry, bud, but doing something for 30 years doesn't inherently make you an expert. Ever work with someone who's been doing the same job for 30 years and is still a giant waste of space.....yeah....all the F#*king time.

    Without data to backup your claims....they're just.....(objection) hearsay XD

    But again, in all seriousness, without the're POV could just be a result of confirmation bias.
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  8. DCUO Post Loyal Player

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  9. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    Yeah I agree bro as a customer I am at this point worried when you keep having people leave like this it's like wtf is going on. I do know they are short staffed and I'm guessing more work got put on the folks that were there but idk it just doesn't look good and DAMN am I going to miss Charon .
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  10. Multiverse Creator League

    Under the current situation.... that is pretty much par for the course.
    I would not worry just yet.

    When EG7 took over Daybreak.... we had to expect a BIG change in the personnel.
    Pretty sure I mentioned as much in some video at the time.

    The first thing that usually happens is to get rid of all redundancies.

    For example something like the accounting department or the legal department.

    Pretty sure EG7 already had their own accounting department. No need to have 2 accounting departments..... so the Daybreak accounting department was redundant and was probably some of the first people to be let go.

    They might have kept a few people during the transition while EG7 took over....... but odds are most people who were seen as redundant were let go early on.

    For sometime Daykreak has been in a transition stage.... and odds are they will still be in transition for the rest of the year.

    We have been feeling the transition since House of Legends..... and even more lately with Jackster leaving.

    A lot of Devs left recently.

    Did they leave to follow Jackster and work at his new studio??
    Were they just managing the transition while EG7 took over??

    Hard to tell at this point.

    But usually when a new company takes over..... they want to have their own people in place.
    Could be that EG7 want their own people.... their own team.... and the Devs stayed around until EG7 could replace them with their own people?

    Could be they were sticking around hoping EG7 would keep them on the team??

    I have been there..... we had a new director and we knew that she wanted to have her own team.... but after a while.... it looked like she might keep us around. But it was just that it took longer then expected for the new Director to get her own team.... but once she did she let us go. :(

    Sad... but it happens.

    So maybe the Devs stuck around only to help with the transition??
    Maybe they were hoping to stick around longer but EG7 decided to clean house and have their own team??
    Maybe they left with Jackster to set up his new studio??
    Maybe they just got a better offer elsewhere and left??

    At this point.... we can't really know.

    But once thing is sure..... seeing a BIG turnover of Devs/employers after EG7 took over was to be expected.

    So no real surprise there.

    So don't worry about it..... it was to be expected.

    If we do get a few delays... like the next DLC being delayed to October....
    or if we do have a few more bugs then usual.....

    That also will be to be expected.
    There will be lots of new Devs working on DCUO.... and training new Devs.... training new employees does take some time.

    So expect things to be bumpy ride for the next 3 to 6 months while the new Devs are being trained.

    I guess we will have to wait and see. ;)
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  11. Magnificent Loyal Player

    I've been playing for about as long as well so we're both been around for a while. As such, you should understand a couple of things:

    -what a "whale" is
    -the impact of accrued stat inflation over the course of many, many content additions

    What we've seen with DCUO is that it's moved into a position to focus on keeping the whales happy. That's where their money comes from so in order to keep the lights on they want to keep as many of them around as long as possible. Apparently, these whales like the ability to get feats from TCs and they enjoy Elite (and, subsequently, Elite Plus) raid content.

    The problem is that the stat inflation aspect eventually makes that harder content irrelevant to them. Less for them to do means less money for the game soooo... yeah.

    Another aspect of the impact of stat inflation over time is that all of that original, older content we all enjoyed so much? It becomes far less relevant to the majority of the player base. Prior to stat clamping, how long do you think it would have taken for a new, solo player to queue into the Area 51 Alert party? Probably about as long as it would take one to find a party of at-level players to go down into Blackburrow on one of the original EQ servers. Heck, every now and then I log my level 65 Bard in to solo the entrance area to Plane of Nightmares and I might be the only one in the entire zone for weeks.

    Stat clamping doesn't totally fix that, but it, the Omnibus and converting older content to Source Marks has helped repopulate the older queued content tremendously. At least for now.

    What needs to be looked at for bringing people back is more content per DLC (ideally, adding an Expansions model so they can tell deeper and more fleshed out stories, thus more to accomplish) and rebalancing PVP.
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  12. Zneeak Devoted Player

    Jeebus Christ, can you go ONE thread without mentioning the clamp, like for real.
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  13. Tolly Committed Player

    If you found out in private discussion you might not have had to run to the forum to announce it and wait for the person to inform, unless you had their agreement.

    Otherwise with all that is going on with the game and the plans between Daybreak and Dimansionnal/Ink/EG7, personally for the moment I prefer to relieve this studio of my wallet and in the worst case scenario I will get the essentials from the cash shop I am starting to shy away from this game more and more, I don't know if some people have the same opinion, but I see more and more players distancing themselves from DCUO, even though they were very regular players. ..
  14. Jcal Dedicated Player

    There are a good amount of people from D.I.G over at Jackalope Games. Designers, environment artist, producer, etc. It's a longer list than I thought I'd see, and that's just the recognizable employees. I went down the LinkedIn rabbit hole this morning and I've come away quite shocked. I initially thought it was just Loche.

    As for your EG7 remarks... idk. They're just a holding company. They buy game studios and invest accordingly. I don't really think they have specific personnel plans (creative personnel that is) outside of studio heads and/or the people that report directly to them.

    What we're witnessing here is nuclear fallout from the Marvel thing. How could it not be? EG7 pulled the plug, chaos ensued. That's usually how it goes with these things. When Daybreak canceled their first Marvel MMO in 2018-2019, that's when those big layoffs happened.
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  15. Magnificent Loyal Player

    It's hard to notice when it's the person in charge and they aren't broadcasting it. When Jack decided he was leaving, before anyone else knew, he likely drew up a list of DI people he wanted to bring along. The offers would likely all be quiet, private conversations with only those whom he trusted wouldn't spill the beans, thus there was never any way for EG to ever know it was about to happen, until it did. There's no law against it nor him reaching out to other now-former co-workers to see if they too would be interested in jumping ship.

    What it may do though, at least for Jack and others like him, is push the industry into making non-compete clauses (which would specifically block this sort of behavior) in their contracts with newly hired executive staff.
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  16. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

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  17. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Charon had no issue with that, only thing he asked was to wait until his last day at DI is over.
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  18. Tolly Committed Player

    agreed ^^
  19. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    I don't think the ship is sinking. It seems that right after the Pandemic hit a lot of companies across the board have been seeing turn over at an astonishing rate.

    The fact that he was still interacting with us (as I saw in he costume contest thread) on his last day here leaves me with the impression that he's likely moving on to something better. Comfort and loyalty are good and all, but when something better comes knocking, we'd be foolish to turn it down.

    Having said that, I can understand everyone's natural concern seeing so many of them leaving here in such a short order. I personally am not worried too much because we haven't seen any actual sign that this is end for DCUO. Plans have been laid out, others have been stepping up for a while now, people from the canceled project have been absorbed to here, and Mepps still rules supreme so I guess we'll be good for now. ;)
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  20. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Panderus!!! :)
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