So, About the Lasso Style...

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  1. Skhylar New Player

    I think it looks great and the fact that we can add a material to it is even greater, however... wouldn't it be more fitting if it was an accessory instead of a waist style?
    I'm not sure if that switch is able to be made, but I'm sure there are others who don't appreciate the fact that the belt/other waist style being worn gets removed upon equipping the lasso

    The other thing is, now my character's pants aren't being held up by anything xD and it isn't logical for the lasso to be held up either since that clip aint holdin on to anything

    the WW avatar seems to have it as an add-on accessory
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  2. Skhylar New Player

    Edit: I'm not sure if I posted this in the right place. Sorry
  3. Jcal Dedicated Player

    It is what it is. For the moment, it's a very dissapointing style. I thought my character was going to wear the Lasso with the Ancient Amazon Noble legs or the Gorgon Slayer legs, but wouldn't you know it, the Lasso clips horribly with those styles. And I won't wear it with the other styles I like since I can't sacrifice the waist slot for some little thing clipped on the side.

    Sigh... I can accept the devs' decision to make the Lasso a waist style. Fine. What I don't understand is why weren't two versions of the Lasso created?

    The Lasso of Truth Cache - comes with both the Lasso style that we got AND a variant with a proper waist style. Could have been some new elegant waist style, or another reskin of the Hera's Strength waist style, or any other Amazon waist style reskin. It's a no brainer, imo. Like they must have realized that the playerbase was going to voice this complain; they know us so well lmao! Just look at the Crown of Solomon accessory. There is a precedent of providing two versions of a Time Capsule style.

    But on a positive note, going foward, you would hope that the devs keep the Lasso in mind when they're designing any iconic Wonder Woman or Amazon styles that might come our way.
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  4. Stardazer Committed Player

    I agree that the Lasso of Truth should have been an accessory style instead of the waist style. I'm so grateful that we finally have the lasso style, but it does make it slightly difficult trying to find a style that works now without a belt. Right now I'm using it with the Dystopian Amazon style because the leg style comes with the belt on it. I think they may have made it a waist instead of an accessory because they couldn't get the accessory piece to be attached to the character model, like right now I believe all the accessory items float around the character. Like Jcal mentioned it should have had two variants one which comes with a belt attached to it to make up for it.

    Nevertheless, I'm excited the devs are finally recognizing that players want some WW iconic styles. Fingers-crossed for some bracers, gladiator skirts, and more in the future.
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  5. Skhylar New Player

    yea I wanna be greatful, but the amount of money i spent on those darn capsules just to get a clip on belt remover is very underwhelming xD
  6. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    Hey you got the lasso in the game tho ;)
  7. Lara Committed Player

    The idea is great