So... About that creator program...

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  1. TheeOwlsTalon Level 30

    okay so for you it’s personal that he’s not one of the creators chosen… copy glad to see there’s still toxic people in here :)
  2. Proxystar #Perception

    You've got the intent of this thing wrong.

    These content creators aren't about promoting us the community they're about promoting the game to the players.

    It's about getting some special access so as to promote the game.

    They're not going to have some undue level of disproportionate influence on development.
  3. TheeOwlsTalon Level 30

    Some people can’t see it when they’re put on a pedestal
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  4. TheeOwlsTalon Level 30

    it’s about promotion wouldn’t you want the biggest creators? I mean on a business point of view not a personal one ;) or :(
  5. Proxystar #Perception

    Not at all, I didnt choose to make the content, he did. You'll note i don't ever bother commenting on his videos, I don't frequently talk about it here, I still even talk to the individual in question.

    His insulting of me doesn't affect my day to day life, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to make an observation when the topic relates.

    If you're going to get a professional partnership with a dev team then you should behave professionally and probably have a track record of having done so.

    If you want to recommend giving the guy a chance then perhaps you could, but given his track record, I think it's entirely fair of me to highlight some entirely legitimate concerns, because no matter how hard leopards try they usually don't change their spots ;)
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  6. TheeOwlsTalon Level 30

    You keep commenting about him, we don’t care what beef you have or what beef you think you have that brother is 1 of the 2 biggest DCUO creators and if they want to keep this game alive they won’t care about the past and focus on the future because currently that future seems to be going away
  7. Proxystar #Perception

    Absolutely, but size doesn't automatically equal qualification, this isn't a bedroom (haha).

    There's other factors that should and always need to be considered, because it's called being objective.
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  8. TheeOwlsTalon Level 30

    yes let’s not allow the arguably biggest DCUO content creator to promote for us because a forums cheerleader got their feelings hurt :(
  9. Proxystar #Perception

    No, I'm only continuing to comment because you are, I've made it pretty clear what my objective concerns are, while also acknowledging, yes he is a big channel, yes he has a following, but theres also a track record of less than desirable behaviors, that doesn't just magically go away.

    You on the other hand are for some random reason trying to tell me I'm wrong.

    You're being an over zealous fan, take a step back, have a seat and breathe, you're acting like I just attacked Taylor Swift, my goodness.
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  10. TheeOwlsTalon Level 30

    Brother got his feelings hurt :( sorry I don’t agree with the way you cheerlead and have cheer-leaded through these dark times of DCUO, let’s get mad about obsidian insulting us and proceed to insult others :( . Let’s make Proxy a discord mod now that he’s qualified :)
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  11. Proxystar #Perception

    You yourself are cheerleading, actually take a look at yourself lol, you're not being objective.

    It's not about my feelings, it's about telling you an objective fact.

    If you have a professional athlete get sponsored by someone like Coca Cola and then that athlete goes on X and proceeds to rant about someone or something with expletive language what is Coca Colas likely response?

    It's the same thing here, when you're tied in to a development partnership of some nature you start to at l see least partially be seen as representing that brand or company as an ambassador. If you go around swearing about things or swearing at people you start to bring your sponsors into disrepute.

    I'm not the one who's feelings are hurt, yours are, because I didn't blindly endorse your boy and instead dared to be objective and tell the truth.
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  12. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I was planning on not commenting on this since I thought common sense was a thing. But here we are.

    You accuse proxy of “cheerleading through these dark times” when he’s actually been critical of the current state of the game lol.

    Cheerleading means to cheer for the subject regardless of what said entity says or does. Proxy has been critical of the game in its current state. You however cheerlead for your favorite content creators regardless of what they say or do. Seems pretty clear who the cheerleader is here.

    That being said. If you had even the slightly idea of how businesses operate than you’d know that companies try to avoid going into a partnership with someone individually or groups that promote toxicity. This is extremely basic business practice. If a content creator goes out of their way to make personal attack content then they themselves are disqualifying themselves from becoming a partner. If a content creator promotes toxicity within their community than they disqualify themselves from becoming a partner. Anyone who engages in these types of behaviors only have themselves to blame.

    That being said, I personally think OC could potentially be a candidate. He has at times shown some level of not being able to take criticism while other times he has. I probably only agree with a fraction of what he says lol. But some of his videos are structured very well with a lot of useful information. Metanite would be another good choice for their structured base items and style videos. And trex is just a good overall guy who promotes positivity.

    Whether you like it or not. Companies look for specific traits when evaluating if someone is worth getting into a partnership with.
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  13. TheeOwlsTalon Level 30

    “Im not the one whose feelings are hurt” someone send the crying face hidden behind the happy mask meme, let’s just make you mod everywhere at this point bud. You think companies care? lol, they only care about making $ which is something daybreak wants to make and they don’t care about your personal feelings lil bro ;)
  14. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    There is another up and coming YouTuber called Starry Guides who has recently started making walkthrough videos for recent endgame content, with mechanic names/descriptions etc.

    I would personally also consider it but I haven't done much DCUO content in recent years (my Ice Might videos in 2022 were the last notable uploads), and I don't know if my channel is big enough to go for it. If I'm getting paid for it I would give it serious consideration though.
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  15. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Exactly. How many times have big name athletes been cut from professional teams over things they’ve done off the field. Same with actors from films and so on. When entering a partnership you are expected to act a certain way. This doesn’t mean “cheerlead for us or we won’t accept you”. It means don’t act up and cause us to look bad for working with you.
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  16. TheeOwlsTalon Level 30

    Took me 2 seconds to scroll down you page to realize what and who you are lol, thanks for your opinion as everyone’s opinions are valid unless they go against what proxy thinks :)
  17. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Not many people do walk through videos for dcuo anymore. So that could lead to them getting a spot too
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  18. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Sure.. keep showing your bias lol. I literally recently had a disagreement with proxy myself lol
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  19. TheeOwlsTalon Level 30

    My bias is very important that it’ll change the course of DCUO forever, I will this lead creator program that will revive the game (that kids is called sarcasm) let me join the 90% of players that don’t use the forums and discord in telling you that more people watch YouTube thus making it very obvious to want to “hire” the biggest creators available to promote dying games. Then again I doubt they’d want to promote something if they are to sign agreements telling them to shut it
  20. Ghostknight Well-Known Player

    Go for it.:)

    Peace and DCUO Forever
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