So... About that creator program...

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  1. VasquezR Active Player

    Something tells me that this is more of an attempt to promote everquest than DCUO... because our game we don't even know what to expect in 2024, the game is full of bugs, full of bots in lfg, unless they really have a surprise update along with the next gen client that fixes this situation along with a new dlc, so maybe you can maintain a player base when you attract them.
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  2. Miranda31 Well-Known Player

    Have people here played Everquest? Because I popped onto the game last night, created a character and... that's about as far as I got. Too many pop up windows, no clear gameplay direction, bad bad bad graphics...
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  3. Dominic Blue Dedicated Player

    Haha I’d make a joke that sounds like DCUO but I won’t. ;) That’s too bad about EverQuest, I know myself I always wanted to try it out but now I’m a bit understandably soured on it.
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  4. FlyingFingers Well-Known Player

    I respect him as I respect most people but when it comes to that oh man that leaves a bad after feeling that turns me off because it shows his ego can't take it when someone disagrees with him. But I hope this doesn't make the game worse then it is currently.

    I think Trexlight would be a excellent choice he's bursting with the jolly and sweet positive nature that I respect. It leaves a bad taste when I see someone like OC get a little sensitive when it comes to disagreement against anything he says. I personally wouldn't want someone like that because it feels like it's his way or NO Way lol.

    I've also seen you mentioned in OC videos Proxy and I didn't like that one bit no no. But as I stated before as I've seen anybody who doesn't agree with him is wrong and they should burn in hell for it lol
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  5. FluffyCloud99 Committed Player

    Said it once before:
    Artifact reviews i go to obsidian. Anything else? I go on test or the forums.
    Beside multiverse, there is no other people making content for DCUO that really makes an impact for the reasons below.

    I dont consume DCUO youtube, theres no point, theres nothing changing in the game, barely anything new. I was thinking of making my own indepth guides for powers i have frequented a lot to help newer players cover every basis that they need as well as guides on multiple feats/content and also how to min max to the fullest.
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  6. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

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  7. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    Never played EverQuest 1, but I played EverQuest 2 for years and it was always great. The very elaborate raids and fun mechanics always brought me back over the years (not limited to only that, whole game is great) no matter how many MMORPGs I've played to end-game (a lot). Plus the graphics were ahead of their time for many years and just looked beautiful, especialy the huge open worlds that were unique in every way each and every DLC release.

    DCUO was supposed to be my "retirement" to MMOs because it is uhh... Simplified and on console.
  8. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

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  9. TheeOwlsTalon Level 30

    I would like to say as respectfully as possible, it seems what you want is cheerleaders which what we’ve had for the past 4 years on this game… you know who they are
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  10. Multiverse Creator League

    Everquest is one of them Old School games that does not hold your hand at all when you start playing.
    And there is a lot that does not get explained because they expect you to already know that.
    There is a lot they consider self evident..... that may not be that self evident if you never played Old School games.

    So can't blame you for not going any further.
  11. TheeOwlsTalon Level 30

    I personally wouldn’t want creators who just post base, style videos to represent us, I’d preferably like people who actually play the game which is something we’ve been missing ever since last team picked their favorites and casted out the actual DCUO creators. Respectfully #DCUO4Ever
  12. Kuno Loyal Player

    City of Heroes back in the day had the mission architech which gave the players tools to create their own missions and arcs using existing maps, enemy groups, or even customize them. Mission objetives and all, the text...
    Then you posted and other players could play your missions and storyline arcs.
    In the end many used as a fast way to powerlevel and farm characters but the option was amazing and super original.
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  13. Dominic Blue Dedicated Player

    I mean according to their promotional blurb they’re actually looking for people who do things like play music and cook. I get it, do you really want the person who makes cakes on social media designing your Raids? Which again makes me think they care more about promotions in this new project than actually improving the games but that’s just my opinion we won’t know yet till we see? But again they wrote this up but couldn’t give us an update on here? Sure the persons available for the EQs roadmaps and this Creator Project could’ve drafted one up even if it was a flimsy one surely? Poor ol’ Mepps must’ve wondered too when Daybreak either told him not to worry about giving us an update that surely he could’ve just drafted up if it was just “business as usual folks” and if so when he realized they didn’t need him either the writing was on the wall? Sorry l don’t wanna rain on the parade of Creator promotions but this is the biggest news in months but again it feels off and tone deaf as per usual for Daybreak.
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  14. TheeOwlsTalon Level 30

    I agree with your perspective #GiveUsTheGizmoBodyType
  15. Warped Discord Moderator

    I think the purpose of the content creator program is to have a variety of content creators - not just in one specific area. So players who like to make bases or prefer styles over actual gameplay will have that chance to follow content creators who do just that. And I’m sure there will be content creators who specifically focus on gameplay as well. As you stated, it’s your personal preference as to which content creators you follow.
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  16. TheeOwlsTalon Level 30

    I’ll believe it when they themselves specify this program otherwise it’s looking like another bait and switch to give their favorites more privileges, which you know just as many other member know ;) #DCUO4Ever
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  17. Warped Discord Moderator

    Yeah, not sure if I agree with the “favorites” sentiment, so we can agree to disagree there. But I am curious to see what will come of it. By the sound of it, we should know more sometime next month.
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  18. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    Speaking of "favorites"... That reminded me and I was gonna mention... Every time someone even remotely talks about "favoritism" on the discord, their messages get deleted... Then I saw your title "Discord Moderator". That explains a lot. Keep covering up all the nonsense, you're doing great!
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  19. Proxystar #Perception


    What I want is a person or persons that don't go around making hateful content about other players who might've said something or expressed an opinion like or dared to critisize the content creator.

    If you want to enter into a formal development partnership then you need to act professionally and that usually doesn't involve making videos or having made videos before calling other players "c . . ts who don't deserve an opinion", because it's not a good look ;)

    You can be critical, without being insulting, hateful or abusive towards the individual on a personal level and this includes the developers, of which he doesn't have a good track record of either I might add.
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  20. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    , said one of the "favorites".
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