So... About that creator program...

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  1. Proxystar #Perception

    No worries, you definitely make quality content and deserve a spot!
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  2. Great Architect Loyal Player

    Shame. He was one of - if not the - best Gadgets players on EU back in the day. But when you burn out, you burn out. Him and Crimson Mayhem both left about the same time, and the League ground to a halt without Leaders :(.
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  3. Alushaun Well-Known Player

  4. Jaelia Committed Player

    Welcome back? Thought you left dc?
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  5. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    I didn't, I'm taking a break because I'm dealing with health issues. :)
  6. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    They saw Ark getting away with it.
  7. Multiverse Creator League

    Too early to tell who they will pick at this point.
    We will know by the and of April I guess.
  8. Multiverse Creator League

    What did Ark get away with??? :confused:
  9. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    In Action Comics #593 Superman and Big Barda almost...

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  10. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    Extreme radio silence, worse marketing breaking record history, biggest flop of a "re-release", and having the community promote and/or basically (and quite literally) make the game for them through mods that they take a large cut of the profits from.
  11. Emoney Dedicated Player

    Sorry, I'm not giving Obsidian a single view or help him get another dollar. Its testers like him that have gotten us to this point in art swapping madness and imbalance. On top of that, he's snarky towards anyone who goes against his opinion. If this is the route the dev team is going, RIP
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  12. Proxystar #Perception

    I want to be very careful about getting involved with this sentiment, but, having been the direct object of a few of his videos in the past, with some rather colorful language used towards me, I think it is important to also share your concern. These sorts of opportunities should be given to people that don't do that sort of thing but rather engage, build and foster positive interactions with the developers, their communities and the wider player base.

    Someone like Trexlight, would be great as a candidate for this, because he's the opposite of that type of behavior, Trexlight and myself haven't always agreed, but I've spent time in Trexlight's streams chatting with him despite all of that, the one thing Trexlight doesn't do is make you feel unwelcome, make personal angry content about you and despite any disagreements he always remains receptive to having you as part of his community.

    Not everyone necessarily likes his content, but he is the definition of a positive, cheerful, professional when it comes to being a content creator, who would be perfectly suited to this type of partnership.
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  13. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    Unless Daybreak is planning to release a major overhaul, I don't know how much this program will help with attracting new players to DCUO. What do you want content creators to promote in DCUO? The Loot Boxes? The bugs? The repetitive gameplay? The lack of new content updates? How about the outdated graphics or the lack of communication Daybreak has with its community? The only thing DCUO really has going for it is that it's the only superhero MMO on the market but unfortunately superheroes are not the draw they were when the game first launched.
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  14. Snowy OwI Devoted Player

    I'm wondering if I can apply with my Dcuo styles.I'm not sure since I almost always do screenshots and not video content.I feel kinda too small to matter when it comes to things like that.
  15. Miranda31 Well-Known Player

    I get from this that you would not be able to call the Dakota crosswalks "woke" and deride them, as some unfortunately have. But could you review the latest Booster Bundle and say it wasn't worth the money? Just want to work out what it means for folk - I won't be involved in this, but people who want to do it need to be clear.
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  16. Miranda31 Well-Known Player

    Pipe dreams probably:( . Dackman was real, but I think RL has him pinned down ATM.
  17. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    I'm bisexual, so you'll never catch me saying anything like that. Though, maybe they'll see it as a issue as Daybreak is pro LGBT from what I'm seeing.

    As for promoting stuff, I don't think you have to, they basically offer it to you. You can choose to promote it or turn it down and get a opportunity to promote it later. I think you might have to put on a face for that if you choose to do it unless you really like it. You can always just say no though.

    They're going to release another article with more information soon, so I'll post here when I know more myself. For someone like me, most of my content is showcases, my podcast, and me streaming and doing community events. I never covered every little thing that was released, so there's definitely a chance I'd decline promoting something.
  18. Miranda31 Well-Known Player

    And other players aren't snarky or downright abusive?
    Just saying that there's a big range to choose from that impacts players on the day to day.

    I do agree that his focus on maximising the potential of each and every powerset does shift the dial in a particular direction. You should still be able to play the game if you do the basics right, even if you are not into the current meta. Even if you want to do a little roleplay in your character building. There's enough flexibility in the game that anyone can do this and they shouldn't be shut out.
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  19. Miranda31 Well-Known Player

    There's a difference between reviewing something and promoting it.
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  20. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    I know. And you can still decline. If you're doing a review to a style idk what negative thoughts you can bring to it only to say you don't like it. If you leave your thoughts on a feature that could be either bad or good and your giving reasons for both while remaining constructive there should not be a problem. Saying you hate it unlikely they'll want it. But you can say why you don't think it's good. I've seen Guild Wars 2 partners doing it. But they bring good and constructive points without making it personal.

    There are also EA Partners that get to share first look at and review upcoming expansions. Not everything they say is positive and they even point out bugs. Never seen them getting kicked for that.

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