So... About that creator program...

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  1. FluffyCloud99 Committed Player

    Does this mean we will have creators (Obsidian, Multiverse and more should they want too) with a direct line to the devs/team to voice our concerns?
    Does this mean we can be vocal about our needs and wants for the game and actually have them listen should a creator give the feedback?

    Edit: while i have read the page, i am aware that it states the above things. I am seeking an answer from the devs as per usual, we know nothing about what they think or do as of recent.

    With this being said and done, its a perfect idea however if its not executed properly then its going to be a big mess. What does this mean for DCUO, any updates from the dev team regarding this content creator partnership thing? Are your going to listen to them and allow them to be a beacon for the community and a somewhat middle man for our concerns?

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  2. Ghostknight Well-Known Player

    Not sure what you are talking about. Where did you get this info?

    Edit: Never mind found it. Very interesting.

    Peace and DCUO Forever
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  3. Multiverse Creator League

    Tried already.... only result is it got me a time out.

    Nothing we can do at this point.
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  4. BlackGryphon Well-Known Player

    This looks very much to me like an attempt at getting players to do their work for them; much like the "Tell the Devs what you want" topics in the "Developer Discussions"(sic) section of the forums.
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  5. kallader Committed Player

    Not sure all youtuber will join some are really more vocal about the game and they will now look like sell out or everything they will say will feel like been directed by someone else or been filtered .
  6. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    The bigger creators already have the direct line to the devs. This program is meant to connect the community more through events and giveaways given to the creators by the devs of the associated games. Smaller creators will get in touch easier if they got accepted - i assume - but in Dcuo this hasn't really been an issue if you knew who to ask on the forum (green name). So that should be for other games in Daybreaks catalogue.
    Looking at Dcuo, its questionable in its current state if this progam will do anything due to how the game functions and its limitations for creativity in gameplay. (I don't mean the current state of radio silence by the way)

    In the end, its simply a *We give you another incentive to create content while you give us clout by exposing our game to your viewers*. Essentially Word-of-mouth marketing in exchange for help in growth for the creators.
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  7. GhostRyder3000 Dedicated Player

    I just posted on another thread how I thought this was a good thing...

    Reading the details... It seems like an AI generator designed to take in data/ideas from "content creators".....

    Still not saying that it's not a good thing.

    It's a thing... and just the fact that we got a thing is good.
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  8. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    It's exactly what it sounds like. From what it looks like is the developers are not going to try and communicate with people on the forms anymore. Instead we will be communicating with YouTubers like obsidian chill and Multiverse about things we want. They no longer want to deal with the community and I get it we're way too aggressive and want what we want. It's a great way to give money back to the community because people like obsidian chill and Multiverse can do giveaways to their strongest subscribers as well as making money of Their Own for being a creator. It definitely sounds like they are out of ideas and just searching at this point for help they have no idea how to make their games better for the community that play those games. So they're searching for YouTubers for help and want to pay them for the help
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  9. Jaelia Committed Player

    It really sucks because I know some content creators are biased against certain players and will exclude them out,
    So I hope they don’t abuse this power and deem certain players out with this.

    I’m really considering becoming a content creator myself. I’d love to work with the Dcuo/daybreak team.
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  10. GhostRyder3000 Dedicated Player

    I didn't see anything bout them getting paid.... It seems like they are relying user content to provide their own revenue...

    It did mention "in game perks" and contests/giveaways.....

    No actual pay mentioned.


    EDIT: As pointed out... It did mention "Paid campaigns"... I was mistaken....

    (Well.... I, at least, hope that they meant cash)
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  11. BlackGryphon Well-Known Player

    They also say "Paid campaigns", but that's pretty ambiguous.
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  12. Hraesvelg Always Right

    Hmm, I've been thinking about starting up an OnlyFans. Time to show some skin for DCUO!
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  13. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Paid Campaigns, basically. They pay you to promote specific things.

    This is a really good thing, and hopefully it will have a good affect on DCUO aswell. What I've seen from other creator programs, like Guild Wars 2, they don't talk FOR the devs or company, but they work to promote stuff on different platforms like events, merch, in-game items the team wants to sell, etc. It's basically a partnership. It should also boost popularity for said games considering Daybreak has the money and connections to promote. There is no silencing regards negative comments, It's just really as long as you comply with their rules, not harass the devs or say things that are racist, abusive and the such.
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  14. BlackGryphon Well-Known Player

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    Personally, I'd still be very leery of "following their rules". Keep your eyes open. I hope it works out for you.
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  15. Dominic Blue Dedicated Player

    Reading the descriptions of content creators it mentions cooking? Wut? Are people like baking cakes for games or something? Anyways I’d like to believe this will help DCUO but it does make me pause that they never mentioned the list of games this will entail. Just Daybreak Games seems a bit obscure? Does this include EG7 games or not too? I also feel this is again more geared towards EverQuest than us. When was the last time anyone cosplayed or made music to DCUO? Anyways they said it won’t be running till a couple months or so so I guess we’ll see what happens? Still baffling given the time considering the lay offs and such. Again I feel it’s more for the visibility of the EQ anniversary convention than anything else.
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  16. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Contracts can be stingy. Reminds me of a family friend that is a singer and was invited to join The Voice, and when he saw the contract he refused. (Not allowed to even change your apperance, or work with any company, and release music without their permissions for 3 years max, etc). so with that being said, It's really a matters of reading the terms and what they expect, maybe even consult a lawyer, etc. I hope they are doing it in favor of their communities and creators too, alongside wanting to make money. :)
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  17. Aiden_Warren Well-Known Player

    Around 2013 to 2016. It was very limited to certain players that barely did much of dcuo content back then that got interaction and attention and spotlights from the devs and it was very toxic then. Non toxic Players that did alot of content for dcuo was ignored. Caused alot of confusion for the neglected and favoritism and it was toxic advantages they got away with. Which one of the reasons dcuo lost a number of players.

    Now it's a perfect time because non toxic players doing dcuo content do deserve this. And to actually give players actually doing a lot of dcuo content the spotlights they do deserve.
    In DCUO.
    I don't know about the other games.
  18. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    From what I understand, It should be all their games. But it will be different for each game. I think they just mentioned it doesn't matter what you do if you do it alongside their games, I guess. I am sure there will be more information soon, which there should be. DCUO needs a shake up and clear direction - and I am guessing we will see this soon if they plan to even include DCUO creators on their program, as well as keeping the community they have here and grow it, which should be a priority to them, period.
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  19. TheeOwlsTalon Level 30

    Man I sure hope they don’t just listen to people who don’t play the game and haven’t been playing the game in a long time. Obsidianchill and Multiverse are great pioneers because they call out things that are wrong and don’t just kiss up to get benefits like other creators do. Since there’s a new creative director and new devs I hope that means that the old devs favorites aren’t the new devs favorites as well. #DCUO4Ever
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  20. TheeOwlsTalon Level 30

    It sucks because we know for DCUO they’ll pick those same ones that don’t critique and just agree with everything that is done and said, you and Obsidian should be our leaders not some content creator who’s already their favorite.
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